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Company Name: Architectural and Management Services Ltd Company Number: SC161953
Business Type: Building Services Years Trading: 6-10 years
Business Location: 26 HOWE STREET

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1st Charge Residential Property

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Who are we?

Architectural & Management Services Limited (AMS) provides design and project management services within highly technical environments. The company specialises in:

•Data Centres and IT Equipment Sites

•Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) design and project management services for specialist resilient installations such as generators, dc power and UPS systems

•Project management services and architectural design for commercial property; generally in tight programme and difficult projects

AMS acts on behalf of its clients to define their brief, develop/design the specification to meet their requirements and then manage and deliver the projects using specifically prepared contracts which are then binding between contractors, specialists and the client. Occasionally due to fast track client requirements AMS will act as managing agents to procure specialist suppliers on behalf of clients to deliver as required by the client.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan is to fund an anticipated shortfall in cash flow in the period of time between projects finishing and new but delayed projects starting.

Why consider investing?

The last filed accounts show a turnover of £3,669,848 and a profit of £44,583 and shareholders' funds of £454,130.

AMS Limited are a Project Management and Design Consultancy who were established in 1995. Over an approx. 20 year period AMS have provided essential expertise to a host of major companies (British Airways; O2; C&W; JCI; BT; RBS; BskyB; Genesys; Dallah; Royal Mail; CBRE; MITIE; etc.) when they failed to find the desired solution from the more established consultancy’s.

AMS have never yet failed to post a profit and have never defaulted on loans or payments of any sort. The forecasted turnover for this current financial year is approx. £1.7 million which includes the following order pipeline :-

JCI – GSK PM consultancy = £700k

TEF/O2 – PM consultancy = £500k

BskyB – M&E design consultancy = £200k

Genesys – PM & Design consultancy = £100k

MITIE – PM consultancy = £150k

Dallah – PM consultancy = £80k

This small, dynamic and well respected consultancy has always maintained a solid and meaningful relationship with both its staff and clients, but has had to endure a delayed financial commitment on several projects from several clients all the same time hence the current challenge on cashflow at this period and the request for supportive funding. Happily the bulk of the delayed projects have been given the go-ahead, so repayment will not be an issue at a later stage.


The loan is to be secured by way of Directors guarantee. The directors have a combined estimate net worth of £484k.

Director 1, has an estimate net worth of £167k, this is through co-ownership (with his spouse)of a single property with an estimate value of £375k with approximate total equity in the property of £335k.

Director 2, has an estimate net worth of £317k, primarily through co-ownership (with his spouse) of 3 properties, with a combined estimate value of £1.3m and total est. equity of £635k