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About the Business

Company Name: ASPIRE CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING LIMITED Company Number: 08097461
Business Type: EDUCATION Years Trading: 3-5 years
Business Location: Lymm

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Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Jeremy Payne

Est. Equity: 0.00

All Assets Debenture - First priority fixed and floating charge over all business assets

Est. Equity: 14400.00

Property Charge - Equitable charge over a property

Est. Equity: 79503.00

Personal Guarantee - PG for 25% of the debt from a third party

Est. Equity: 17500.00

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Losses Identified
This business has recorded losses in at least one of the last two financial years. See the finances tab for more information
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Who are we?

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The Company has traded, since its formation on the 8th June 2012, as Aspirations Apprenticeships and Training Limited before changing name on the 17th October 2018 to Aspire Consultancy and Training Limited. The Company was acquired by it’s present ownership in November 2017 and, following a period of review, a change of management and emphasis was initiated in May 2018 culminating in the change of name in October 2018.

As Aspirations, the company focused on providing specialist care training under government funding initiatives, particularly in relation to the Apprenticeships scheme. Our internal review highlighted a limitation to future growth opportunities based on a core client base that comes from an Industry operating on low margins and tight manpower resourcing.

As ASPIRE, the company is now focused on mainstream Business Consultancy services with an emphasis on the property Development and House Building Industry in the UK. The property development market, which has been reacting to the Government’s drive to stimulate new housing in response to a documented and projected shortfall in housing, has a much greater scope, and offers much better margins, for Aspire’s services.

Aspire’s new management has extensive contacts with professional services companies (Chartered Surveyors, Project Managers, and property investment companies), House Builders, finance houses and brokers which enables us to curate a full suite of services to be delivered by Aspire and our partners. Our clients now include SME Developers, Investment Funds and Professional services companies.

Through these relationships we now have access to expertise and a market reach that was not previously available to the company.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

We are looking to drive forward with significant opportunities for growth of Aspire’s business and our Business Development Plan reflects this. We need working capital to maintain our current cash-flow requirement in order to deliver our strategy to significantly expand the company’s income and profits. Our main clients are Chartered Surveyors, Brokers, Joint Venture funders, equity funds and property developers who deliver mid-market stock, thereby addressing the housing shortage in the UK. We also provide services for urban city mid to large-scale developers who are delivering property mainly to the private rented sector (PRS).

Our principal requirement for additional capital is to adequately resource and deliver major contracts that have been realised following the acquisition of the intellectual property from another consultancy firm. These major contracts give us the opportunity to deliver our full suite of services. As well as fees charged for these services, we will also benefit in some cases from a profit share agreement on completed developments.

Our secondary requirement is to improve the marketing of our expertise and approach to prospective and current clients to further expand our client base.

Our immediate opportunities include;

 Client A, for whom we are contracted to source and appraise potential Development opportunities, is a property development company who also owns a chartered surveying firm and partner with the Housing Growth Partnership (HGP) – a government initiative to ease the housing shortage. (The Housing Growth Partnership is funded by the Government and Lloyds bank, and co invests their equity alongside SME property developers, in order to deliver mid-market housing stock). In addition, they also joint venture with very large property investment firms who co invest with the development company on larger projects. For projects of this scale we work closely with major agents such as Savills for their valuation and research services as well as their investor and property fund contacts to arrange future commit and pre-sales agreements, as exit routes for development funding that mitigates ‘sales risk’.

 Client B. We deliver fully appraised projects to a new Northern Power House based Development company under a JV with a Fund Management company and Taylor French, an award-winning House Builder for social housing and mid-market private sale properties. We receive monthly retainers for this appraisal service along with sourcing fees and finance broker fees at completion.

 We are finalising the launch of a property bond on a major P2P platform for one of our clients. The first issuance is £5m with the intention to issue another two bonds to follow on at £10m and £15m. Aspire will hold a seat on the board of the Bond co and act as one of investment managers to the bond, for which we will draw a fee.

 We are in advanced discussions with a large investment fund to source land for their Development partner that fits their specific criteria but that has no planning permission. Aspire will earn a fee for the sourcing and a further fee for our services to put together a professional team that will deliver the projects.

 We are developing a dynamic database on the UK property market which will have real-time GDV values across the UK, which as well as being an essential tool for our operation, is also a very valuable data asset to hold.

 We aim to offer and market training to developers on JCT contract formation and writing and essential understanding of how to mitigate (through the JCT contract) future disputes and claims. And to sourcing agents and brokers on identifying and appraising prospective projects that can be plugged into our developer and funder network.

Why consider investing?

Aspire is focused on mainstream Business Consultancy services with an emphasis on the property Development and House Building Industry in the UK. Aspire has extensive contacts with professional services companies (Chartered Surveyors, Project Managers, and property investment companies), House Builders, finance houses and brokers which enables us to curate a full suite of services to be delivered by Aspire and our partners. Our clients include SME Developers, Investment Funds and Professional services companies. We have identified that we can drive significant opportunity in the midscale residential housing project space, which is typified by projects that are too small for the big PLC house builders and too large for the myriad of smaller Developers. Many of our current live opportunities, detailed above, are focused on this gap in the market.

Finally, we have a talent for identifying opportunities that exist through Joint Venture collaboration and have been instrumental in introducing parties to each other in order to realise greater potential for all, whilst in some cases also positioning ourselves as a minority stakeholder to drive exponential gain.


The property charge that we will take will be an equitable charge, not a legal charge. This is because the second chargeholder will not provide the required consent to complete a full legal charge. An equitable charge functions largely in the same manner a legal charge would and holds similar rights in relation to securing the debt against the charged property. However, there are a few differences that lenders should be aware of. Firstly the charge will not be registered at the Land Registry. This means that our consent will not be required should the owner look to take an extra mortgage or remortgage the property. Secondly, we would not have a direct power of sale or possession but would instead have the right to apply to the court to obtain an order for sale based on the existence of the equitable charge. Thirdly, in insolvency, it would be up to the Official Receiver or Bankruptcy Trustee to verify the creation, application and enforceability of the equitable charge.


This loan will be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee, a Debenture and an Equitable Property Charge.

A PG will be provided by the sole director, Jeremy Payne. Jeremy is not a homeowner, having recently returned to the UK having spent more than 10 years living in Dubai.

A Debenture will be taken over the business. This will create a first priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of the business. These mostly consist of a debtor book which is currently £72,000 and the intellectual property that was recently acquired from the purchase of a consultancy firm.

An equitable charge will also be taken over a property. The charged property is a 2 bed bungalow with a recent estimated value of £230,000 and a current mortgage of £120,000. A second charge exists with £32,750 outstanding. Our charge will be an equitable charge as consent for a legal charge will not be possible from the second chargeholder. The equitable charge will capture an estimated £79,503.00 of equity in the property.

To complete the security package, a Personal Guarantee will also be provided by a business associate of Mr Payne, Ms Lisa Lalley. Ms Lalley is a homeowner and owns a residence with an estimated value of £145,000 with £30,000 estimated equity. The debt liability under this Personal Guarantee will be limited to 25% of the loan amount (£17,500.00).

07/08/2019£1,123.97£0.00£1,123.97Interest only
07/09/2019£1,849.35£725.38£1,123.9710 days overdue
07/10/2019£1,849.35£737.38£1,111.96Not Due
07/11/2019£1,849.35£749.59£1,099.76Not Due
07/12/2019£1,849.35£762.00£1,087.35Not Due
07/01/2020£1,849.35£774.62£1,074.73Not Due
07/02/2020£1,849.35£787.44£1,061.91Not Due
07/03/2020£1,849.35£800.48£1,048.87Not Due
07/04/2020£1,849.35£813.73£1,035.62Not Due
07/05/2020£1,849.35£827.20£1,022.15Not Due
07/06/2020£1,849.35£840.89£1,008.46Not Due
07/07/2020£1,849.35£854.81£994.53Not Due
07/08/2020£1,849.35£868.96£980.38Not Due
07/09/2020£1,849.35£883.35£966.00Not Due
07/10/2020£1,849.35£897.97£951.37Not Due
07/11/2020£1,849.35£912.84£936.51Not Due
07/12/2020£1,849.35£927.95£921.40Not Due
07/01/2021£1,849.35£943.31£906.03Not Due
07/02/2021£1,849.35£958.93£890.42Not Due
07/03/2021£1,849.35£974.80£874.54Not Due
07/04/2021£1,849.35£990.94£858.41Not Due
07/05/2021£1,849.35£1,007.35£842.00Not Due
07/06/2021£1,849.35£1,024.02£825.32Not Due
07/07/2021£1,849.35£1,040.98£808.37Not Due
07/08/2021£1,849.35£1,058.21£791.14Not Due
07/09/2021£1,849.35£1,075.73£773.62Not Due
07/10/2021£1,849.35£1,093.54£755.81Not Due
07/11/2021£1,849.35£1,111.64£737.71Not Due
07/12/2021£1,849.35£1,130.04£719.31Not Due
07/01/2022£1,849.35£1,148.75£700.60Not Due
07/02/2022£1,849.35£1,167.77£681.58Not Due
07/03/2022£1,849.35£1,187.10£662.25Not Due
07/04/2022£1,849.35£1,206.75£642.60Not Due
07/05/2022£1,849.35£1,226.73£622.62Not Due
07/06/2022£1,849.35£1,247.04£602.31Not Due
07/07/2022£1,849.35£1,267.68£581.67Not Due
07/08/2022£1,849.35£1,288.67£560.68Not Due
07/09/2022£1,849.35£1,310.00£539.35Not Due
07/10/2022£1,849.35£1,331.69£517.66Not Due
07/11/2022£1,849.35£1,353.73£495.61Not Due
07/12/2022£1,849.35£1,376.14£473.20Not Due
07/01/2023£1,849.35£1,398.93£450.42Not Due
07/02/2023£1,849.35£1,422.09£427.26Not Due
07/03/2023£1,849.35£1,445.63£403.72Not Due
07/04/2023£1,849.35£1,469.56£379.79Not Due
07/05/2023£1,849.35£1,493.89£355.46Not Due
07/06/2023£1,849.35£1,518.62£330.73Not Due
07/07/2023£1,849.35£1,543.76£305.59Not Due
07/08/2023£1,849.35£1,569.32£280.03Not Due
07/09/2023£1,849.35£1,595.30£254.05Not Due
07/10/2023£1,849.35£1,621.71£227.64Not Due
07/11/2023£1,849.35£1,648.55£200.79Not Due
07/12/2023£1,849.35£1,675.84£173.50Not Due
07/01/2024£1,849.35£1,703.59£145.76Not Due
07/02/2024£1,849.35£1,731.79£117.56Not Due
07/03/2024£1,849.35£1,760.46£88.89Not Due
07/04/2024£1,849.35£1,789.60£59.74Not Due
07/05/2024£1,849.35£1,819.23£30.12Not Due