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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: ASTRA RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS LIMITED Company Number: 07332828
Business Type: Recruitment Years Trading: 4-5 years
Business Location: PLYMOUTH

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from director and majority shareholder

Est. Equity: 0.00

2nd Charge on Residential Property - Second priority legal charge over personally-owned residential property

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

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Astra Recruitment Solutions Ltd was established in 2010 by an industry professional, Donna Barnes.

Astra supply permanent and temporary staff in the Plymouth area and have developed a strong reputation.

In the race for talent, employers need a recruitment partner that can help them target, test, secure and retain the best people for their business. Specialising in permanent, temporary and contract recruitment Astra’s industry knowledge and market insight puts us in front of others when it comes to giving employers a head start.

Astra prides itself on the high calibre of its candidates; and to give employers absolute piece of mind, we use thorough screening and competency based interviewing techniques to fully understand their strength, suitability and individual skill-sets. This ensures our clients enjoy the benefits of skilled and motivated employees.

With our finger firmly on the pulse of market news and legislative changes, we provide clients with up-to-date industry knowledge and offer informed advice on how to deal with the impact of these movements.

We work hard to understand our client's individual requirements. In order to give the best possible service, we have hand-picked the best consultants for their in depth knowledge and understanding of the sector they are recruiting in to ensure we deliver the right solutions.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

Astra Recruitment is a dynamic, highly creative recruitment company that is led by a respected, experienced recruitment professional and strong management team who have over 50 years of industry knowledge between them. Since its inception we have consistently grown and almost doubled our turnover YOY to finish last year on £669k.

We have grown to a team of team of 7 billing consultants who are all specialists in their industry covering both permanent and contract recruitment servicing the UK market.

Our projects division delivering complex large scale permanent solutions is growing through retained assignments with some very large high profile clients and is attracting attention from more interest parties.

The recruitment market is now in now stronger position than it has been since 2008 with a 7 year window of opportunity to really capitalise on the current market conditions.

We are looking for funding to enable growth across our divisions through strategic staffing. Each consultant takes 3 months minimum before they cover their costs; our plan with this funding is recruit three more consultants that we can train and grow into profitable assets for the company. At the moment we are attracting more work that we can effectively service due to lack of trained talented staff.

Once the three consultants are trained together they will add a further £20k per month to our bottom line.

Why consider investing?

The business is well established and now consistently profitable.

The business has grown organically and has been profitable since July 2014 (see attached Management Accounts showing 2015 performance). They incurred a bad debt of £32,329 in 2014 and changed operating processes to stop this being repeated.

The business has also repaid a directors loan of £19,600 in the period giving affordability to take on a commercial loan.

Experienced Team

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Donna Barnes

Meet our Operations Director

I am an extremely passionate, focused and inspirational business owner and recruiter who believes in giving exceptional customer service. If you want a bespoke personal recruitment solution then look no further. As our company ethos supports I am continuously striving for Mutual Success.

Having started Astra Recruitment 4 years ago I have now grown it to a 2 company group with 11 staff. My vision is to continue with this aggressive growth strategy to enable us to offer a truly total recruitment package to all of our clients.


There is a loan to a connected party of £18420 at 17 July 2015


The loan is to be secured on a Directors Guarantee and a 2nd Charge on property.

The director has an estimate net worth of £175k. This is through ownership of 3 properties with a combines estimate value of £762k and approximate combined equity of £177k

The second charge will be on a property with an estimate value of £145k and has approximately £32k equity.

17/05/2017£587.56£364.01£223.55 (13 days late)
17/08/2017£587.56£377.32£210.24732 days overdue
17/09/2017£587.56£381.86£205.70701 days overdue
17/10/2017£587.56£386.46£201.10671 days overdue
17/11/2017£587.56£391.11£196.45640 days overdue
17/12/2017£587.56£395.82£191.74610 days overdue
17/01/2018£587.56£400.59£186.97579 days overdue
17/02/2018£587.56£405.41£182.15548 days overdue
17/03/2018£587.56£410.30£177.26520 days overdue
17/04/2018£587.56£415.24£172.32489 days overdue
17/05/2018£587.56£420.24£167.32459 days overdue
17/06/2018£587.56£425.30£162.26428 days overdue
17/07/2018£587.56£430.42£157.14398 days overdue
17/08/2018£587.56£435.60£151.96367 days overdue
17/09/2018£587.56£440.85£146.71336 days overdue
17/10/2018£587.56£446.15£141.41306 days overdue
17/11/2018£587.56£451.53£136.03275 days overdue
17/12/2018£587.56£456.96£130.60245 days overdue
17/01/2019£587.56£462.47£125.09214 days overdue
17/02/2019£587.56£468.04£119.52183 days overdue
17/03/2019£587.56£473.67£113.89155 days overdue
17/04/2019£587.56£479.38£108.18124 days overdue
17/05/2019£587.56£485.15£102.4194 days overdue
17/06/2019£587.56£490.99£96.5763 days overdue
17/07/2019£587.56£496.90£90.6633 days overdue
17/08/2019£587.56£502.89£84.672 days overdue
17/09/2019£587.56£508.94£78.62Not Due
17/10/2019£587.56£515.07£72.49Not Due
17/11/2019£587.56£521.27£66.29Not Due
17/12/2019£587.56£527.55£60.01Not Due
17/01/2020£587.56£533.90£53.66Not Due
17/02/2020£587.56£540.33£47.23Not Due
17/03/2020£587.56£546.84£40.72Not Due
17/04/2020£587.56£553.42£34.14Not Due
17/05/2020£587.56£560.09£27.47Not Due
17/06/2020£587.56£566.83£20.73Not Due
17/07/2020£587.56£573.66£13.90Not Due
17/08/2020£587.56£580.56£7.00Not Due