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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: APEX SOLICITORS LTD (AXIOM SOLICITORS ) Company Number: 07634003
Business Type: Legal Services Years Trading: 4-5 years
Business Location: BRADFORD

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All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge created over all assets of applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from director and majority shareholder

Est. Equity: 25000.00

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Who are we?

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Axiom Solicitors Limited was founded in 2007 by Nasreen Hussain. The firm currently specializes in the following legal areas; Personal Injury, Immigration, Landlord Legal Services, Education Law, Mis-sold PPI, Personal Injury.

The firm recently set up a Rapid Response Accident Team to grow their personal injury service and to provide an excellent service to their clients. This service is a no win, no fee service. The team are all fully trained to deal swiftly will all claims arising out of road traffic accidents, accidents at work and accidents in public places. They provide all clients with access to renowned medical experts in order to ensure that the best advice, treatment and rehabilitation can be provided following an accident. An accident management service is also included which offers help with vehicle recovery, storage and hire car. With nearly 10 years experience of providing immigration advice, Axiom Solicitors Limited offer a comprehensive and personalized service to individuals seeking British Nationality. The service includes assisting with visa applications, spouse applications, dependant & relative applications, work applications, student applications, applications for highly skilled migrants, appeals and applications for naturalization. The company also specializes in business immigration and assists small and large clients to find the right solution from preparing sponsor licenses to obtaining work permits. The firms wealth of experience and excellent success rate has really seen this side of the business grow. A high amount of word of mouth business continues to be generated due to the service the company provides to their clients in this field.

Landlord Legal Services, Axiom Solicitors offer the following landlord legal services; Tenant Evictions, Property Possession, Rent Recovery. Following many years of experience in this field, the firm has introduced a simple three step process at a fixed price giving all landlords piece of mind that they will re-gain possession of their property and recover lost rent without spending thousands of pounds. Education Law. The firm offers advice and action on all educational appeals such as discrimination, special needs and exclusion. Mis-sold PPI. This service is offered on a no win no fee basis. The firm has won thousands of pounds for their clients over the last few months.

Axiom Solicitors Limited are members of The Law Society and have a Lexcel Accreditation. This is The Law Society's international practice management standard. It provides professionals with a flexible, supportive management framework to help develop greater operational efficiencies, manage risk effectively, reduce costs and promote profitability. The Lexcel practice management standard is only awarded to solicitors who meet the highest management and customer care standards. Lexcel accredited practices undergo rigorous independent assessment every year to ensure they meet required standards of excellence in areas such as client care, case management and risk management.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

Due to the continued growth of the business, Nasreen is looking to raise 50,000. This will enable her to move into larger premises and take on 2 new immigration lawyers and a legal secretary. 26,000 from the loan proceeds will be used to redeem the loan with Funding Circle and the remaining 24,000 will be used to grow the business. The growth of the immigration side of the business will result in a significant growth in the business turnover.

Why consider investing?

The accounts show growth in the last few years even though the company has had to drop residential conveyancing due to the current market. The continued increase in turnover demonstrates that Nasreen Hussain has the skills to manage and grow the business by targeting revenue growth areas for the business.

Nasreen has over ten years’ legal experience and expertise in Immigration Law. She has attended the British High Commission in Islamabad to preside over Immigration cases and to obtain an overview of the workings of the British High Commission. This invaluable experience has assisted her in many ways including how to avoid the pitfalls in Immigration related issues. She has achieved a very high success rate and is regarded as one of the most formidable lawyers in the areas of Immigration Law. She was runner up as businesswoman of the year for her area a few years ago.


This loan is to be secured by way of Director's Guarantee (supported by Personal Guarantee Insurance) and a Second Ranking All Assets Debenture

The Director owns a residential property with an est. Value of £130k and has approximately £25k equity.

28/02/2017£432.90£0.00£432.90Interest only
28/03/2017£432.90£0.00£432.90Interest only
28/04/2017£432.90£0.00£432.90Interest only
28/05/2017£432.90£0.00£432.90Interest only
28/06/2017£432.90£0.00£432.90Interest only
28/07/2017£432.90£0.00£432.90Interest only
28/08/2017£432.90£0.00£432.90Interest only
28/09/2017£909.27£476.37£432.90690 days overdue
28/10/2017£909.27£483.94£425.33660 days overdue
28/11/2017£909.27£491.64£417.63629 days overdue
28/12/2017£909.27£499.45£409.82599 days overdue
28/01/2018£909.27£507.39£401.88568 days overdue
28/02/2018£909.27£515.45£393.82537 days overdue
28/03/2018£909.27£523.64£385.63509 days overdue
28/04/2018£909.27£531.96£377.31478 days overdue
28/05/2018£909.27£540.42£368.85448 days overdue
28/06/2018£909.27£549.00£360.27417 days overdue
28/07/2018£909.27£557.73£351.54387 days overdue
28/08/2018£909.27£566.59£342.68356 days overdue
28/09/2018£909.27£575.60£333.67325 days overdue
28/10/2018£909.27£584.74£324.53295 days overdue
28/11/2018£909.27£594.04£315.23264 days overdue
28/12/2018£909.27£603.48£305.79234 days overdue
28/01/2019£909.27£613.07£296.20203 days overdue
28/02/2019£909.27£622.81£286.46172 days overdue
28/03/2019£909.27£632.71£276.56144 days overdue
28/04/2019£909.27£642.76£266.51113 days overdue
28/05/2019£909.27£652.97£256.3083 days overdue
28/06/2019£909.27£663.35£245.9252 days overdue
28/07/2019£909.27£673.89£235.3822 days overdue
28/08/2019£909.27£684.60£224.67Not Due
28/09/2019£909.27£695.48£213.79Not Due
28/10/2019£909.27£706.53£202.74Not Due
28/11/2019£909.27£717.76£191.51Not Due
28/12/2019£909.27£729.17£180.10Not Due
28/01/2020£909.27£740.76£168.51Not Due
28/02/2020£909.27£752.53£156.74Not Due
28/03/2020£909.27£764.49£144.78Not Due
28/04/2020£909.27£776.64£132.63Not Due
28/05/2020£909.27£788.98£120.29Not Due
28/06/2020£909.27£801.52£107.75Not Due
28/07/2020£909.27£814.25£95.02Not Due
28/08/2020£909.27£827.19£82.08Not Due
28/09/2020£909.27£840.34£68.93Not Due
28/10/2020£909.27£853.69£55.58Not Due
28/11/2020£909.27£867.26£42.01Not Due
28/12/2020£909.27£881.04£28.23Not Due
28/01/2021£909.27£895.04£14.23Not Due