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About the Business

Company Name: BAH FINANCIERE MANAGEMENT LIMITED Company Number: 09087889
Business Type: Years Trading: 3-5 years
Business Location:

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Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Arnol Bah

Est. Equity: 150000.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Marginal Growth
This company has shown low levels of growth over recent financial reporting periods
Decreasing turnover
Recent financial reports indicate that this business has experienced declining turnover
Satisfied CCJs (personal)
One of the loan guarantors has incurred County Court Judgements in the past which have now been satisfied
This listing contains disclosures from ReBS. Lenders are encouraged to read them in the profile tab

Important Files

Who are we?

Bah Financiere Management Limited ( BFML ) is owned and run by Arnol Bah.

Post Graduation in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Sciences from the School of Mathematics and Computing Sciences (CMS) of Greenwich University, Arnol has developed a career as then a business in the Transport analysis focused on Traffic Modelling and Policy Planning. Pre the formation of Bah Financiere Management Limited, Arnol worked on schemes including the London Bus Initiative to improve bus journey times, the upgrade of the Jubilee line for London Underground, Eurostar / The London Cross Channel and Eurotunnel delivering a major Logistics solution for the development of Freight carriage.

On the international scene, Arnol has worked on the development and improvement of Cargo Logistics at the International airport of N’Djamena for NATO and was also involved in the design of a new type of isotherm containers that neutralise interferences and protect electronic mobile phone parts devices during transportation.

BFML operates from leased premises in Canary Wharf delivering logistics consultancy to a range of international near governmental entities and private corporations. Its core activity is in providing a customised scientific solution (Management, Assessment, Operational Research study) to Complex logistics projects. Established in 2014, the company has worked for major organisations like NATO and DHL with its primary activities currently in mainland Africa and Kazakhstan. Further information can be found at

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

A loan of £80K is sought as BFM has recently won a 3m Euro annual contract over 5 years to deliver logistics services to a major infrastructure provider in Kazakstan , namely Kvadrat CM Limited. A copy of the contract has been furnished to Rebuilding Society.

Kvadrat CM is one of the biggest construction companies in Kazakhstan and BFML is to provide logistics services by leasing isotherm containers for transporting mainly all of their electrical and electronics equipment (for multimedia rooms) from their suppliers to the site.

In the ordinary course of things, a credit line would be facilitated against this contract, but the location and domicile of the counterparty makes raising insurance in the London markets impossible, thus this loan request.

The cash injected, repayable over 2 years, will be sued to part fund the initial months of work ahead of cashflow being generated from issued invoices.

Why consider investing?

Well established business with clearly defined place in the market attracting high ticket consultancy contracts from sizeable international organisations. A PG from Arnol Bah is offered with Arnol evidencing a net worth of £153K comprising equity in his residential property, owned jointly with his previous partner. An equitable charge over that property is also offered, albeit ranking behind other legal charges. A debenture over the company is also offered which will pick up debtors which will, at any one time, amount to well in excess of £500K.

Financials can be summarised as follows:

Year Filed 6/2017 Drafts 6/2018
T/O £5.899M £733K
GP £995K £585K
NPBT £278K £210K
NCA £262K £411K
NW £233K £391K

ReBS Disclosure

Lenders should be aware that this application was previously listed on the platform and has now been cancelled and relisted. The current application differs from the original request in the following ways:

The loan amount requested has been reduced from £55,000 to £28,820.

The security offered has been reduced as the equitable charge and debenture previously offered have not been offered for this smaller amount

The maximum bid rate has been increased from 18% to 20% due to the removal of the security discount.


This loan will be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee.

A PG will be provided by sole director Arnol Bah. Mr Bah has an estimated net worth of £150,000. This is derived from his ownership of his domestic residence, a property with an est value of £450,000 with 3 charges with a combined value of £309,618 outstanding.

07/08/2019£1,463.07£1,145.54£317.5312 days overdue
07/09/2019£1,463.07£1,164.37£298.70Not Due
07/10/2019£1,463.07£1,183.52£279.55Not Due
07/11/2019£1,463.07£1,202.98£260.09Not Due
07/12/2019£1,463.07£1,222.77£240.30Not Due
07/01/2020£1,463.07£1,242.87£220.20Not Due
07/02/2020£1,463.07£1,263.31£199.76Not Due
07/03/2020£1,463.07£1,284.09£178.98Not Due
07/04/2020£1,463.07£1,305.20£157.87Not Due
07/05/2020£1,463.07£1,326.67£136.40Not Due
07/06/2020£1,463.07£1,348.48£114.59Not Due
07/07/2020£1,463.07£1,370.66£92.41Not Due
07/08/2020£1,463.07£1,393.20£69.87Not Due
07/09/2020£1,463.07£1,416.11£46.96Not Due
07/10/2020£1,463.07£1,439.40£23.67Not Due