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Company Name: CLEMENT PIERCE LTD Company Number: 08695408
Business Type: Recruitment Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: Solihull

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Who are we?

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Clement Pierce is a specialist recruitment consultancy/ executive search firm operating throughout the UK with an international focus primarily on Europe, Russia, The Middle East, North America and Asia.

We provide bespoke recruitment services such as Retained Search, Executive Search, Contract Recruitment to both our clients and candidates in the Engineering, Renewable Energy, Subsea, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, FMCG and Power sectors. Focusing predominantly on recruiting Sales, Business Development, Project Management, Operations, Contracting, Marketing, HSE, Engineers and Commercial roles from Management to Director & C Level.

We have a bespoke process that we use when working with our clients that sets us aside from our competitors. Brief, Asses, Proposal, Manage and Support – Please refer to the brochure attached for a more detailed overview. Using our brand values has supported the business in being successful to date to accomplish our aim; To be the best specialist recruitment company in our sectors by placing the right person in the right job, every time.

We treat our candidates and clients alike which also differs our brand from other competitors as we attract the best possible candidates to our business in doing so.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The purpose of this funding is to expand the business by taking on its first employee. The salary of this individual will be £40k P/A and so the full loan amount will be towards paying this individual on a monthly basis. The target employee will be a tried and tested recruitment consultant with 5 years’ + experience, ideally with good man management skills and exposure to a Blue Chip recruitment consultancy’s training regime. Coming from a Blue Chip company I will need to reassure any potential employee that any salary has been earmarked. Whilst the business can already support this, the funding in place would re-assure the selected individual that at least 6 months’ salary sat in a bank account whilst the individual becomes self supporting.

The individual would be employed as a Recruitment Manager and tasked with developing a team of consultants. This enables the self-billing Director to continue to generate revenue and have no distractions by managing a team. This will then maintain business income and once the Recruitment Manager is in place and invoicing with a minimum target of £100k billings. With the right person, we should see more realistic billings of between £150-200k.

It is imperative that the right individual is put in place for this role and having both recruitment and team management experience she has all the attributes to be successful in the role and the business.

The funding will not be used to support the business overheads or Director salary. It will be purely to entice the best possible employee to Clement Pierce and be a salary pot only. The current Director has billings in place with invoices being generated in June for £20,174.40 inc vat which will be seen in the business at the end of June. The Director also has a pipeline of current business which is estimated at a further £39,625 whereby I have terms agreed and final interviews happening. It is estimated that at least 50% of this will be invoice in July/August.

A 3 year term is sought only to minimise repayments in the early months.

Why consider investing?

Clement Pierce is an established business with 2 years trading history showing strong growth year on year. Furthermore it has a strong NET profit line which has been stable. The business has no bad debt, no late payments, no credit cards or loans (Only a £2k overdraft facility that is not being used currently), good credit history which has been amended in line with our 2015 year end accounts and has solid foundations and good structure in place to support the growth.

We have a strong brand presence in our sector, a good maintained website that receive in excess of 8-10k hits a month, branded good quality marketing material such as brochures and market slides, excellent office working facilities, fantastic attractive packages and bonus schemes to attract the very best recruitment professionals. A solid database of 25k candidate profiles, 23k client data record across multiple allowing the business to digest into profitable sectors when required.

The business has been run lean in order to keep low operating overheads under £1k Per Month as to maintain solid NET profit. We are strategic in our approach and utilise the best systems available in order to streamline our tasks. This enables us to maintain our strong customer service offering which retains and creates repeat business for us.

We have a very wide and truly global client base, all Multi £M Turn Over Businesses that we work with and continue to work with. We currently have 8 PSL’s in place (Preferred Supplier Lists) Agreements in place that support our business in which we continue to grow this portfolio.

A hands on Director with 5 years recruitment background along with 15 years Sales and Automotive background with consistent year on year self-billings. This has supported the business from its inception along with supporting x2 non performing directors that have now been removed. This has made space for taking on proven and motivated employees in order to develop the business to a £1M turn over by 2021. This would be done in phases, those being:

Phase 1: Current Office, next 12-24 months x1 Recruitment Manager, x2 Senior Consultants - £350-400k T/O, Net Profit £230k

Phase 2: New Office Facilities, Period 2018-2020, x1 Business Manager, x1 Recruitment Manager, x2 Senior Consultants, x2 Consultants - £550-600k T/O, £275-300k Net Profit

Phase 3: Period 2020-2022, x1 Associate Director, x1 Recruitment Manager, x4 Senior consultants, x3 Consultant £1M T/O, £350-400 Net Profit

This growth will be supported by the initial funding, but then from organic means using the business profits to expand further year on year. Both the Director and the recruitment manager will generate enough profit in order to accompany this growth.

With our current client base we have roles being sent to us that we are unable to service due to an employee required to service them. Therefore there is current business we are having to reject at the moment which would make an instant impact on the business turnover if we could have someone to service these.

We have a full Employee Handbook and Employee Contract in place which was developed and maintain by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors who supports our business from a HR perspective. This not only protects the business but provides clear procedures to its employees. We have other additional support in place to fund contractors as and when required via Sonovate, an invoice factoring firm.

As further contingency and should the business have a bad year, the Directors billings would cover both the employee salary, business overheads (inc funding payments) and Director salaries.


In terms of security for this facility, a director's PG is offered, backed by Personal Guarantee Insurance in the absence of any property behind the director himself. A debenture over the company's fixed and floating assets is also to be provided, picking up essentially the good book debts of the company.

01/12/2016£921.34£560.55£360.79 (11 days late)
01/08/2017£921.34£637.25£284.09 (7 days late)
01/09/2017£921.34£647.54£273.80 (7 days late)
01/11/2017£921.34£668.64£252.70 (21 days late)
01/12/2018£921.34£823.55£97.79 (10 days late)
01/01/2019£921.34£836.86£84.48 (66 days late)
01/02/2019£921.34£850.38£70.96 (35 days late)
01/03/2019£921.34£864.12£57.22 (7 days late)