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About the Business

Company Name: CONCEPT AUTOMOTIVE LIMITED Company Number: 04785653
Business Type: Motor Years Trading: More than 10 years
Business Location: Surbiton

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Security Offered:

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge created over all assets of applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Paul Bulloch

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Marginal Growth
This company has shown low levels of growth over recent financial reporting periods
Low Quick Ratio Score
The quick ratio is an indicator of a company’s short-term liquidity. The quick ratio measures a company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets
Notable Dividends Taken
More than 50% of Net Profit has been taken as dividends within at least one of the assessed periods

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Who are we?

Concept Automotive Limited is an established, multi-award winning automotive solutions provider. Trading as Concept Vehicle Leasing, we provide a range of innovative and flexible vehicle leasing, finance and fleet management services to Corporate Fleet, Small Businesses and Consumer clients on a UK Nationwide Basis.

Our primary service is for the provision of Business and Personal Contract Hire - a long term, contractual lease agreement, with a typical duration of 36 months. In relation to vehicle funding, we act as a direct finance intermediary on behalf of major banks and leasing financiers.

However, our range of services extends far beyond the initial sourcing and funding of a vehicle - we specialise in providing a fully "Outsourced Fleet Management" service to small fleet users and SME's.

Unique in our marketplace, we effectively provide small fleet users with a "Virtual Fleet Manager" where the size of their business vehicle fleet does not warrant employing this role directly. Our service is designed to support and manage drivers on behalf of our clients, in all aspects of running business vehicles - including vehicle maintenance, accident assistance, Duty of Care and Risk Management.

In addition, we provide a range of innovative Business Daily Rental and Short Term Leasing services.

Business Daily Rental provides our customers with the ability to take delivery of a car or van to almost any UK location within just 2 hours.

Whilst our Short Term Leasing service provides customers with a flexible lease solution, at a fraction of the cost of Daily Rental, for shorter term periods of just 30 days plus.

Above all, we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer experience we deliver. We’re accredited by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, and have been recognised with industry awards and commendations in 3 consecutive years.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

We operate in a substantial market sector, which is continuing to experience positive and sustained levels of growth. This is particularly true in relation to the SME Leasing Sector and also Personal Car Leasing, which is now becoming a more “main-steam” product in the UK.

Our ability to provide a fully outsourced fleet management service to the Small Fleet / SME Sector is now starting to gain traction, and in 2015 we spent considerable time and resources in recruiting the right team members to ensure we have the right skills within the business to support our growth.

In addition, we’ve been working on a comprehensive branding exercise, to ensure our brand coveys the right message, and accurately reflects the diverse nature of the products and services we offer.

Whilst maintaining the established “Concept Vehicle Leasing” brand and image, we’re working to “Freshen and Modernise” our brand, creating 5 “Sub Brands” to further promote our core “Growth” business areas which are:

• Business Vehicle Leasing

• Personal Vehicle Leasing

• Van Leasing

• Electric Vehicle Leasing

• Short Term Leasing

• Small Fleet Management

The early part of 2016 will see our Brand Refresh being launched and implemented, all of which requires working capital. Later in 2016, we’ll be looking to further expand our Sales / Account Management team in order to support our continued growth.

We’re looking to raise funds to support our working capital requirements, to support our branding project, recruitment and training of our staff, and also to reduce interest charges on other working capital funding which would be repaid in full by this facility.

Why consider investing?

We’ve operated in our market sector for well over a decade, and have a huge amount of experience within our Management Team.

During this time, we’ve achieved widespread recognition through London Business Awards, along with key industry awards, as judged by our industry peers.

Accredited by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, we abide by a strict code of conduct. We’re also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, requiring that we have proper systems and controls in place to ensure a safe and sustainable business model.

As detailed in our “Roadmap for Success” our ultimate aim is to become one of the most successful and trusted businesses in our market sector.

We have a track record for achieving revenue and profitability growth. In 2015, we achieved 7% growth in Revenue, and a 69% improvement in Operating Profit. Our 2016 forecasts reflect revenue growth of 23% and growth in Operating Profit of a further 64%.


At December 2015 the company was owed £86,479 by the directors and a further £27,115 by an associated firm in which P D Bulloch is a partner.


The loan is to be secured by way of a directors guarantee as well as an all assets debenture

Director's Estimated Net Worth £47,331 through ownership of a Property with an est value of £200k, and est Equity of £70k

12/02/2019£282.80£0.00£282.80Interest only
12/03/2019£282.80£0.00£282.80Interest only
12/04/2019£282.80£0.00£282.80Interest only
12/05/2019£282.80£0.00£282.80Interest only
12/06/2019£282.80£0.00£282.80Interest only
12/07/2019£1,434.45£1,151.65£282.8066 days overdue
12/08/2019£1,434.45£1,169.85£264.5935 days overdue
09/12/2019£1,434.45£1,188.35£246.10Not Due
10/12/2019£1,434.45£1,207.13£227.31Not Due
11/12/2019£1,434.45£1,226.21£208.23Not Due
12/12/2019£1,434.45£1,245.60£188.85Not Due
12/01/2020£1,434.45£1,265.29£169.16Not Due
12/02/2020£1,434.45£1,285.29£149.15Not Due
12/03/2020£1,434.45£1,305.61£128.84Not Due
12/04/2020£1,434.45£1,326.25£108.20Not Due
12/05/2020£1,434.45£1,347.22£87.23Not Due
12/06/2020£1,434.45£1,368.51£65.93Not Due
12/07/2020£1,434.45£1,390.15£44.30Not Due
12/08/2020£1,434.45£1,412.12£22.32Not Due