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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

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Company Name: Creative Building Maintenance Ltd Company Number: 08589017
Business Type: Building Services Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: swindon

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr Neilson

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

Creative Building Maintenance Ltd (CBM) was formed in July 2013 by Antony Neilson (Sole Director) who has been in the Office Fit-Out industry for the past 25 years.

The idea behind CBM was to offer its clients a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all its building & fit-out requirements from a specialist contractor, who would deliver well designed, quality and on time projects using quality materials and experienced, quality tradesmen all under one roof.

CBM have traded since July 2013 and filed 2 years of profitable accounts to date and have already started the current trading year 2015 / 2016 with an exceptional start and have orders in place for 2016 nearing £500,000.00 and with quotations totaling a further £2.5 million outstanding.

CBM have recently invested a significant amount of money into creating a new website, Google AdWords campaign, on site / off site SEO, email marketing together with local & national advertising and some other marketing material to clearly show the structure of the business and what it is capable of offering its clients.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The company is looking to raise additional finance to allow the growth already happening and recently put in place and for the projected growth by way of additional staffing, advertising, marketing & cash flow.

Why consider investing?

CBM have recently invested a significant amount of money into creating a new website, Google AdWords campaign, on site / off site SEO, email marketing together with local & national advertising and some other marketing material to clearly show the structure of the business and what it is capable of offering its clients.

CBM have also taken on a new business development manager, again to increase its new business sales and also to assist with looking after its existing clients, with further plans to increase it’s external sales force over the coming years.

We are also currently in the process of completing the ISO 9001 : 2015 accreditation and are hopeful this will be complete by the end of March 2016, this again showing our commitment of our quality procedures to our clients and also assisting us with securing further works with some of the larger client’s.

In July 2015 we appointed a new internal sales & marketing person to ensure we are proactively marketing the business on a regular basis to include weekly mail outs, emails, telesales, AdWords,, SEO, door2door marketing, local media advertising and social media advertising campaigns, this is already proving to be increasing the number of leads we are receiving each week.


This loan is to be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee, supported by Personal Guarantee Insurance an All Assets Debenture and a Corporate Guarantee from Neilson Building Supplies Limited.

The Personal Guarantee is to be provided by the sole Director of the company, who, despite owning a property in Spain, has a limited UK-based estimated net worth and as a result will support his Personal Guarantee with Personal Guarantee Insurance.

The loan will also be secured by an All Assets Debenture creative a fixed and floating charge over the assets of the business. This will grant a first ranking charge, as the existing charge in favour of Catalyst Business Finance will be redeemed and satisfied prior to draw down.

Rebs Disclosure

Attention is drawn to note 14 to the July 2015 accounts - Related Party Transactions. In particular the fact that a related party owes the applicant £117k and in the year to July 2015 £50k owing from related parties was written off as a bad debt.

08/07/2016£2,114.86£1,004.11£1,110.75 (7 days late)
08/08/2016£2,114.86£1,020.50£1,094.36 (10 days late)
08/09/2016£2,114.86£1,037.16£1,077.70 (11 days late)
08/10/2016£2,114.86£1,054.10£1,060.77 (13 days late)
08/11/2016£2,114.86£1,071.30£1,043.56 (13 days late)
21/12/2016£1,026.07£0.00£1,026.07Interest only
21/01/2017£1,026.07£0.00£1,026.07Interest only
21/02/2017£2,114.86£1,088.79£1,026.07910 days overdue
03/03/2017£2,114.86£1,106.57£1,008.30900 days overdue
03/04/2017£2,114.86£1,124.63£990.23869 days overdue
03/05/2017£2,114.86£1,142.99£971.87839 days overdue
03/06/2017£2,114.86£1,161.65£953.21808 days overdue
03/07/2017£2,114.86£1,180.62£934.25778 days overdue
03/08/2017£2,114.86£1,199.89£914.97747 days overdue
03/09/2017£2,114.86£1,219.48£895.39716 days overdue
03/10/2017£2,114.86£1,239.39£875.48686 days overdue
03/11/2017£2,114.86£1,259.62£855.25655 days overdue
03/12/2017£2,114.86£1,280.18£834.68625 days overdue
03/01/2018£2,114.86£1,301.08£813.78594 days overdue
03/02/2018£2,114.86£1,322.32£792.54563 days overdue
03/03/2018£2,114.86£1,343.91£770.96535 days overdue
03/04/2018£2,114.86£1,365.85£749.02504 days overdue
03/05/2018£2,114.86£1,388.14£726.72474 days overdue
03/06/2018£2,114.86£1,410.81£704.06443 days overdue
03/07/2018£2,114.86£1,433.84£681.03413 days overdue
03/08/2018£2,114.86£1,457.24£657.62382 days overdue
03/09/2018£2,114.86£1,481.03£633.83351 days overdue
03/10/2018£2,114.86£1,505.21£609.65321 days overdue
03/11/2018£2,114.86£1,529.78£585.08290 days overdue
03/12/2018£2,114.86£1,554.76£560.11260 days overdue
03/01/2019£2,114.86£1,580.14£534.72229 days overdue
03/02/2019£2,114.86£1,605.94£508.93198 days overdue
03/03/2019£2,114.86£1,632.15£482.71170 days overdue
03/04/2019£2,114.86£1,658.80£456.07139 days overdue
03/05/2019£2,114.86£1,685.88£428.99109 days overdue
03/06/2019£2,114.86£1,713.40£401.4678 days overdue
03/07/2019£2,114.86£1,741.37£373.4948 days overdue
03/08/2019£2,114.86£1,769.80£345.0717 days overdue
03/09/2019£2,114.86£1,798.69£316.17Not Due
03/10/2019£2,114.86£1,828.05£286.81Not Due
03/11/2019£2,114.86£1,857.90£256.97Not Due
03/12/2019£2,114.86£1,888.23£226.64Not Due
03/01/2020£2,114.86£1,919.05£195.81Not Due
03/02/2020£2,114.86£1,950.38£164.48Not Due
03/03/2020£2,114.86£1,982.22£132.64Not Due
03/04/2020£2,114.86£2,014.58£100.28Not Due
03/05/2020£2,114.86£2,047.47£67.40Not Due
03/06/2020£2,114.86£2,080.89£33.97Not Due