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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

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Company Name: Direct Merchandise Limited Company Number: 7150367
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 6-10 years
Business Location: NETHER EDGE

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Personal Guarantee - PG from [name of director(s)]

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

The MD Simon Mohan started the business in 2010 from his home and £3000 saved from working in

His previous job at another promotional gifts company where he learned the business and gained some important clients

The first year t/o was £120K with a gross margin of 29%, he moved to an office and took on an account manager to help with sales ( Julian Sanz ) in the second year and in the third year appointed a sales support/order processing person using the local apprentice scheme ( Joe Marsh )

There has been steady growth year on year, with the focus more on building the business as an enterprise he started using the services of a business mentor ( MBC business solutions, Mark Chatterton ) , the development and hard work from this period now means that there is a clear understanding of all aspects of the business and what is required to grow i.e we log all the KPI’s in the business from how many leads come in and the conversion rate to our acquisition costs from our marketing spend.

We now have 6 staff – 4 sales and 2 sales support/order processing

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

We will be using the loan to grow the business, we have built a very strong sales process ( as outlined in why are we safe to lend to ) this gives us the confidence now to grow….with our data we can confidently predict that by adding an extra 2 sales people this will help us to increase our t/o to £1.9m by 2017/18 financial year ( 40% gross profit margin )

The money would be used for working capital for overseas orders that need to be paid up front, salaries and extra marketing required to generate the leads in the initial 6/9 months – after this time the sales people would then have enough potential business in their “book” to hit targets moving forward

Why consider investing?

We have been in business for 5 years now and have grown organically and have built up a loyal and secure customer base ( 70% of our business is repeat customers ordering 3 or more times ) we have a strong SEO and social media presence which keeps new enquiries coming in which then turns into repeat customers in the future….this sales method ensures we always have enough enquiries/orders

Although a small company we use reporting systems and processes that would be the envy of some corporations, we test and measure all data and only make decisions using the results


In July 2015 the director's loan from the company was £112622


The loan is to be secured by way of a personal guarantee form the director.

The director has an estimate net worth of £53k. This is based on ownership of a property with an estimate valeu of £180k and equity of approx. £53k.

06/02/2016£1,283.86£544.55£739.31 (10 days late)
06/08/2016£1,283.86£596.96£686.901136 days overdue
06/09/2016£1,283.86£606.17£677.681105 days overdue
06/10/2016£1,283.86£615.53£668.331075 days overdue
06/11/2016£1,283.86£625.03£658.831044 days overdue
06/12/2016£1,283.86£634.68£649.181014 days overdue
06/01/2017£1,283.86£644.47£639.39983 days overdue
06/02/2017£1,283.86£654.42£629.44952 days overdue
06/03/2017£1,283.86£664.52£619.34924 days overdue
06/04/2017£1,283.86£674.77£609.09893 days overdue
06/05/2017£1,283.86£685.19£598.67863 days overdue
06/06/2017£1,283.86£695.76£588.10832 days overdue
06/07/2017£1,283.86£706.50£577.36802 days overdue
06/08/2017£1,283.86£717.40£566.45771 days overdue
06/09/2017£1,283.86£728.47£555.38740 days overdue
06/10/2017£1,283.86£739.72£544.14710 days overdue
06/11/2017£1,283.86£751.13£532.72679 days overdue
06/12/2017£1,283.86£762.73£521.13649 days overdue
06/01/2018£1,283.86£774.50£509.36618 days overdue
06/02/2018£1,283.86£786.45£497.41587 days overdue
06/03/2018£1,283.86£798.59£485.27559 days overdue
06/04/2018£1,283.86£810.91£472.94528 days overdue
06/05/2018£1,283.86£823.43£460.43498 days overdue
06/06/2018£1,283.86£836.14£447.72467 days overdue
06/07/2018£1,283.86£849.04£434.82437 days overdue
06/08/2018£1,283.86£862.14£421.71406 days overdue
06/09/2018£1,283.86£875.45£408.41375 days overdue
06/10/2018£1,283.86£888.96£394.90345 days overdue
06/11/2018£1,283.86£902.68£381.18314 days overdue
06/12/2018£1,283.86£916.61£367.25284 days overdue
06/01/2019£1,283.86£930.76£353.10253 days overdue
06/02/2019£1,283.86£945.12£338.73222 days overdue
06/03/2019£1,283.86£959.71£324.15194 days overdue
06/04/2019£1,283.86£974.52£309.34163 days overdue
06/05/2019£1,283.86£989.56£294.30133 days overdue
06/06/2019£1,283.86£1,004.83£279.02102 days overdue
06/07/2019£1,283.86£1,020.34£263.5272 days overdue
06/08/2019£1,283.86£1,036.09£247.7741 days overdue
06/09/2019£1,283.86£1,052.08£231.7810 days overdue
06/10/2019£1,283.86£1,068.32£215.54Not Due
06/11/2019£1,283.86£1,084.80£199.05Not Due
06/12/2019£1,283.86£1,101.55£182.31Not Due
06/01/2020£1,283.86£1,118.55£165.31Not Due
06/02/2020£1,283.86£1,135.81£148.05Not Due
06/03/2020£1,283.86£1,153.34£130.52Not Due
06/04/2020£1,283.86£1,171.14£112.72Not Due
06/05/2020£1,283.86£1,189.21£94.64Not Due
06/06/2020£1,283.86£1,207.57£76.29Not Due
06/07/2020£1,283.86£1,226.20£57.65Not Due
06/08/2020£1,283.86£1,245.13£38.73Not Due
06/09/2020£1,283.86£1,264.34£19.51Not Due