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£70.44 +0.50% £70.79 16.69%
£62.61 +0.50% £62.92 16.69%
£39.13 +0.50% £39.33 16.69%
£195.66 +4.00% £203.49 14.57%
£39.13 +4.00% £40.70 14.57%

About the Business

Company Name: EJP BEAUTY LIMITED Company Number: 11054320
Business Type: OTHER SERVICE ACTIVITIES Years Trading: Less than 2 years
Business Location: Wokingham

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Emma Perrett

Est. Equity: 164238.00

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge over the applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge over the operating company

Est. Equity: 0.00

2nd Charge on Property - 2nd priority legal charge over domestic residence owned by the guarantor

Est. Equity: 170000.00

Corporate Guarantee - CG over the target and operating companies

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Marginal Growth
This company has shown low levels of growth over recent financial reporting periods
Business acquisition
This loan is to fund a business acquisition. The experience of the purchasers should be considered.
Decreasing turnover
Recent financial reports indicate that this business has experienced declining turnover

Important Files

Who are we?

This loan has benefited from a 3% reduction in the starting interest rate, due to the security offered in support of the loan. Find out more Here.

Emma Perrett , 20 years of experience in sales and sales management and 5 years specifically in the beauty and aesthetics industry, predominantly with L’Oreal, has the opportunity to acquire a single site beauty salon in Wokingham which has operated for 18 years.

The vehicle for this acquisition is E J P BEAUTY LIMITED, 100% owned by Emma will be buying the shares of Secret Beauty Limited, enabling the current owner to retire.

Comprehensive Business Planning documents are appended.

Emma has been looking for the right acquisition opportunity for the last 18 months having determined to leave her £80K+ PAYE role in order to create a business of lasting value.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

A gross purchase price of £150000 has been agreed to acquire the company. The purchase will, obviously, be “clean” with no outstanding liabilities, crown or otherwise carrying forward.

Emma seeks the sum of £100K, the balance of funds required including initial cashflow to be financed from cash savings and some assistance from family on a non interest bearing basis.

A new 15 year lease over the salon premises has been agreed with the landlord and will be signed contemporaneous with completion of the acquisition.

Secret Beauty has an established client base and the plan is to continue delivery of previous services, expanding the range to include injectables with immense growth opportunities. The company’s current website can be found at www.secretgardenbeauty.co.uk

Detailed accounts for the company are attached, but can be summarised as follows:

5/17 12/16 12/15 12/14 12/13
Sales 60K 157K 164K 161K 161K
NPBT (4K) (39K) 76K 48K 63K
Add Backs (Pension) 20k 91k 0 0 0
Adjusted NP 16K 52K 76K 48K 63K
NCA 46K 58K 109K 75K 73K
NW 87K 102K 158K 129K 131K

A detailed business plan together with cash budgets are included within the presentation. These effectively forecasts an uplift in topline sales to £234K. There is a requirement for only a modest salary for Emma in the first 12 months, per the forecasts.

Why consider investing?

The company is buying an established business with steady historic financial performance.

Emma Perrett is confident in her business plan.

She is happy to provide the following security package in order to facilitate the acquisition finance:

1. Personal guarantees from the director, supported by a second charge over her residential home, valued at £495K with an outstanding first mortgage with Santander in the sum of £323K. The latter have already verbally agreed to the creation of the second charge.

2. An unlimited debenture over the company and all its assets which will pick up predominantly stock.


This loan is to be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee from the Director, a corporate guarantee from , a second charge over a residential property and an all assets debenture over the company.

The director has an estimate net worth of £164k, this is through ownership of the property offered as security, which has an estimate value of £500k and estimate equity of £170k.

04/01/2019£1,181.60£0.00£1,181.60Interest only
04/09/2019£2,407.92£1,350.42£1,057.50Not Due
04/10/2019£2,407.92£1,369.14£1,038.78Not Due
04/11/2019£2,407.92£1,388.12£1,019.80Not Due
04/12/2019£2,407.92£1,407.37£1,000.55Not Due
04/01/2020£2,407.92£1,426.88£981.04Not Due
04/02/2020£2,407.92£1,446.67£961.25Not Due
04/03/2020£2,407.92£1,466.73£941.19Not Due
04/04/2020£2,407.92£1,487.06£920.86Not Due
04/05/2020£2,407.92£1,507.68£900.24Not Due
04/06/2020£2,407.92£1,528.59£879.33Not Due
04/07/2020£2,407.92£1,549.78£858.14Not Due
04/08/2020£2,407.92£1,571.27£836.65Not Due
04/09/2020£2,407.92£1,593.06£814.86Not Due
04/10/2020£2,407.92£1,615.15£792.77Not Due
04/11/2020£2,407.92£1,637.54£770.38Not Due
04/12/2020£2,407.92£1,660.25£747.67Not Due
04/01/2021£2,407.92£1,683.27£724.65Not Due
04/02/2021£2,407.92£1,706.61£701.31Not Due
04/03/2021£2,407.92£1,730.27£677.65Not Due
04/04/2021£2,407.92£1,754.26£653.66Not Due
04/05/2021£2,407.92£1,778.58£629.34Not Due
04/06/2021£2,407.92£1,803.24£604.68Not Due
04/07/2021£2,407.92£1,828.25£579.67Not Due
04/08/2021£2,407.92£1,853.60£554.32Not Due
04/09/2021£2,407.92£1,879.30£528.62Not Due
04/10/2021£2,407.92£1,905.36£502.56Not Due
04/11/2021£2,407.92£1,931.77£476.15Not Due
04/12/2021£2,407.92£1,958.56£449.36Not Due
04/01/2022£2,407.92£1,985.72£422.20Not Due
04/02/2022£2,407.92£2,013.25£394.67Not Due
04/03/2022£2,407.92£2,041.16£366.76Not Due
04/04/2022£2,407.92£2,069.46£338.46Not Due
04/05/2022£2,407.92£2,098.16£309.76Not Due
04/06/2022£2,407.92£2,127.25£280.67Not Due
04/07/2022£2,407.92£2,156.75£251.17Not Due
04/08/2022£2,407.92£2,186.65£221.27Not Due
04/09/2022£2,407.92£2,216.97£190.95Not Due
04/10/2022£2,407.92£2,247.71£160.21Not Due
04/11/2022£2,407.92£2,278.88£129.04Not Due
04/12/2022£2,407.92£2,310.47£97.45Not Due
04/01/2023£2,407.92£2,342.51£65.41Not Due
04/02/2023£2,407.92£2,374.99£32.93Not Due