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About the Business

Company Name: FIRST NATURAL BRANDS LTD Company Number: 01814713
Business Type: MANUFACTURING Years Trading: More than 10 years
Business Location: West Sussex

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Privately syndicated loan
This is a privately syndicated loan, crowdfunded by the business from known investors
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Important Files

Who are we?

The business has grown by over 45% last year. The business has invested heavily in its operating capabilities and management. The budget for the current year is to grow to £8.4million of sales with existing customers. We have already achieved growth of 39% in quarter 1 of this year to £1.7million in the quarter. We already have forwards orders totalling £850K for Quarter 2.

Loan disclosure:

The company has an invoice finance facility with HSBC Bank plc with a limit of £1.5million

The company has a trade line facility to fund the import of goods with HSBC with a limit of £0.4million

The company has term loans with HSBC totalling £90,000 with 3 years to run. These are being repaid monthly.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The funds will be used as follows:

a. Investment in stock for pro forma purchases with suppliers, in particular: Ungerer £42,000 ; MG Wax €60,000; Simply Cartons £50,000; FG Curtis £30,000.

b. As the business has grown, it has required increased working capital support to support this growth. As it is already profitable, debt will be repaid out of existing profitability. Our debt ratios comfortably demonstrate the debt repayment. The funding shortfall is not likely to happen again as we are investing more in existing product lines and limiting new product lines. In addition, we are seeking to refinance in the long term to ensure increased liquidity.

c. In the event there was no growth, the business would not require the incremental capital.

d. In the event there is interest, we will overfund to a maximum of £300,000

Why consider investing?

The business has always repaid it’s loans and capital. With a strong growing customer base and increased profitability we believe this represents an attractive opportunity. The Company has Net Assets of over £1.5million before the debt issue and therefore considerable headroom.