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About the Business

Company Name: FIST BUMP FOR SCIENCE LIMITED Company Number: 09735222
Business Type: EDUCATION Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location:

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Thomas Warrender

Est. Equity: 41000.00

Fixed Asset Debenture - First priority charge over fixed assets being purchased with this loan

Est. Equity: 12500.00

All Assets Debenture - First priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of the business

Est. Equity: 10000.00

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Losses Identified
This business has recorded losses in at least one of the last two financial years. See the finances tab for more information

Important Files

Who are we?

ReBS Disclosure

For the avoidance of any confusion, 'Medical Maverics' is the trading name / brand name of Fist Bump For Science Limited (the applicant company).

At Medical Mavericks we are opening the door to the world around the students we see, just enough so they can get a tantilising taste that will drive their ambition and inspire them to find out more. If they want it, they will kick down the door to open it further and do what ever it takes to run through it into a world they never thought possible. We inspire the next generation of medics and scientists by taking real medical and sports science equipment into schools, colleges & events all over the UK. We like to describe ourselves and the UK’s No 1, OMG, jaw dropping Careers, STEM & Sports Science Enrichment Experience for schools, colleges and events!

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The funding we are seeking, is to help set up 2 hubs away from our Wolverhampton base. One would be in Manchester and one would be in North East London. These hubs would not require offices as the logistics would be organised by our central office.

The new teams in these hubs would be able to work from home and only require a small van in flexible lease/ hire for 12 months at a time and a lock up for equipment. This would keep operating costs for each hub to a minimum.

The funding would be used to purchase equipment for the teams at a total of around £25k, with the remainder working capital for salary and expenses over the 1st year.

Looking at the rough calculations on the costs of a £50k loan over 5 years the re-payments would be between £1000-£1300 per month. Our average sale value is currently £1,400. So each new team would have to bring in one additional sale on top of our current run rate to cover the costs for the 1st year. Obviously after the 1st year, the targets for each hub would go up.

Having hubs in these locations would also help reduced some of our current costs of sales as we have to send teams from our central base to these locations which results in fuel, hotel and food costs... plus days lost in just travelling around.

Why consider investing?

Our bump in 2015 - Explained.

Over the summer of 2014 we were asked to submit a bid to take our mobile hospital and sports science lab to the middle east and be one of the showcase events for the Qatar Science Festival in March 2015 as well as the Abu Dhabi Science Festival November 2014. We had previously been booked and successfully delivered our workshops at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival in 2012, so we had confidence & experience of tendering and organising these types of events.

Both our bids were successful (individual organisers), but it required us to invest in our staffing and infrastructure up front as we needed a bigger team to deliver the event in March especially, plus our commitments in the UK throughout the early part of 2015. The equipment we would have been using at the festival would be sent in Sept and returned in December for Abu Dhabi Festival and then out again in January and returned in May, so we would have been a couple of teams down for nearly three quarters of a year.

We recruited 3 new workshop deliverers to add to our current 3 plus me, to start in Sept 2015.

We sought funding from Funding Tree of £25k to help purchase new kit and as well as provide some working capital.

As I said previously, as we had already worked with the organisers of the Abu Dhabi Festival we had great confidence in the event and process.

Just before the final completion details of the Abu Dhabi Science Festival were sent to us, they had a new event manager take over and the pulled our activities from the event. Although frustrating we could still cope with the financial burden we had taken on with our UK work coming through and the Qatar festival still going ahead.

In November we found out the Qatar Royal Family who were funding the festival, decided to postpone the whole event and then cancel it all together.

We were left with the costs of the new kit and new staff.

I took the decision to continue with the level of staffing as we believed our current work would help cover these costs.

We hit a quiet patch in Early 2015 that put pressures on our finances and we fell behind wth PAYE and VAT payments.

A major event we attended and delivered activities for (called Techno-Pop) also failed to pay the full invoice and ultimately the owners of that event went under.

By the summer of 2015 our financial situation was very difficult.

In June we had a visit from HMRC demanding payment of £16k of late payments. HMRC gave us 7 days to pay £16k, which we were not able to make.

We took advice on the situation, and as we knew we had a business that worked, it just had too many costs, we took the decision to liquidate the company before HMRC wound us up. If HMRC wound us up, the kit we had would have been sold for pennies as it is specialist and not many people can use it. We figured that if we restarted we could at least start again and contribute to the system once again, instead of walking away completely.

We came to an agreement with the liquidator regarding the equipment and I personally bought the equipment back.

Unfortunately we had to walk away from our debts with HRMC, office premises rent and the Funding Tree loan which had a company debenture and not a personal guarantee.

I had given a personal guarantee to 3 previous loans from previous years as we started and I have took on that debt and have continued to pay them down with one complete, one to complete in November and one in late 2019.

In addition the previous company had successfully paid down a £50,000 start up load from HSBC over 5 years (2008 to 2013).

Since starting again, we are just coming to the end of our 3rd year trading as a new company and have grown from around £150K to £175K and we are currently on £407k for the year with 6 weeks left to go.

Lessons Learnt / What we have put in place

- We have quarterly meetings with our accountant to discuss the quarter and look at any issues. My accountant is available on the phone at any time too.

- Our accountants do our book keeping so we can pull management reports on a weekly basis, something we never did before.

- We understand our turnover, Break Even points in much more detail than before. I have taken courses on financials and have a clearer understanding of that financial basics are and how these relate to monitoring and the success of the business.

- I and the whole of our new team know the turnover and break even targets, we all know the GP% as well as our profit targets. We all take responsibility for identifying any issues.

- From this we know how many enquiries & sales we need each week to hit our targets. We track these daily and can see if we are falling down on any of the key numbers

- We have a better team set up with distinct roles. Our core delivery team is made up of 4 delivers on a 1 year contract. We have a dedicated operations person, dedicated sales person and a part time admin / finance person. This allows me to run and manage the business more effectively than previously when I pretty much did everything.

- With VAT we have set up a separate bank account and each week we transfer the 20% of any invoices paid that week into it.

- We also put a small % of money aside into a profit account each month. We started at 2% of the income for the week and have moved this up by half a % each quarter up to a 5% level now. We use this cash for emergencies or kit purchases. Obviously our net profit is not 5%, but we are getting into the habit of putting money aside for a rainy day!

- I have a business mentor and I am part of a Mastermind group which I use a sounding board for new development ideas

- Extra delivers are taken on as freelancers and we have a bank of around 10 we can call on at different points in the year.

- We have flexible agreements with 2 of the 4 vans that we can end at any time. The other 2 are leased / HP as we do need a core transport infrastructure.

On reflection the decision to continue the level of staffing that we did have after the cancellation of the events was the wrong idea. My inexperience in financials and getting no real support or advise from my previous accountant also lead to the failure. I took full responsibility for what happened and would not have re-invested my own money and time in setting back up again if I didn't believe in what we are trying to do.

Moving Forward

We have invested in the team, operations, marketing, website and equipment this year from the increased turnover which has put us in a fantastic position for 2018/19.

This summer term (June to July) we will have visited around 120 schools or events. In previous years, we have delivered 120 events over a year... we have done this in 7 weeks this year!!!

We have been selected to help deliver activities as part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme around the UK, working with a dozen different hubs across the UK, including Hull, Essex, Manchester, Liverpool, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Sussex, Norfolk, Yorkshire and London. We have worked with these over the 2017/18 year and the funding for these events is set to continue until 2020.


The directors have disclosed that they have declared £18,000 of dividends in the period covered by the most recent Management Accounts (Sept 17 - Jun 18). This is included in the finances tab but may not be clear on the downloadable Management Information as these are not in statutory format.


The loan will be secured by way of a director's guarantee, an all-assets debenture and a fixed asset debenture.

A PG will be provided by the company director, Mr Thomas Warrender. Mr Warrender has an estimated net worth of £42,000 derived from his ownership of his domestic residence, a property with an estimated value of £135,000 with an estimated £70,000 equity.

A debenture will be provided, creating a fixed charge over the fixed assets being purchased with these loan proceeds. A list of assets being purchased is attached to the listing for the reference of our lenders. The assets have a combined purchase price (new) of £25,000.

An all asset debenture will also be granted over the company, creating a fixed and floating charge over all fixed and current assets of the business. In addition to the assets listed above, these mainly comprise of the debtor book, which has a value of roughly £20,000.

10/08/2019£706.58£0.00£706.58Interest only
10/09/2019£1,307.75£601.17£706.586 days overdue
10/10/2019£1,307.75£610.59£697.16Not Due
10/11/2019£1,307.75£620.16£687.59Not Due
10/12/2019£1,307.75£629.87£677.88Not Due
10/01/2020£1,307.75£639.74£668.01Not Due
10/02/2020£1,307.75£649.76£657.99Not Due
10/03/2020£1,307.75£659.94£647.81Not Due
10/04/2020£1,307.75£670.28£637.47Not Due
10/05/2020£1,307.75£680.78£626.97Not Due
10/06/2020£1,307.75£691.44£616.31Not Due
10/07/2020£1,307.75£702.27£605.48Not Due
10/08/2020£1,307.75£713.27£594.48Not Due
10/09/2020£1,307.75£724.45£583.30Not Due
10/10/2020£1,307.75£735.79£571.96Not Due
10/11/2020£1,307.75£747.32£560.43Not Due
10/12/2020£1,307.75£759.03£548.72Not Due
10/01/2021£1,307.75£770.92£536.83Not Due
10/02/2021£1,307.75£782.99£524.76Not Due
10/03/2021£1,307.75£795.26£512.49Not Due
10/04/2021£1,307.75£807.72£500.03Not Due
10/05/2021£1,307.75£820.37£487.38Not Due
10/06/2021£1,307.75£833.22£474.53Not Due
10/07/2021£1,307.75£846.27£461.48Not Due
10/08/2021£1,307.75£859.53£448.22Not Due
10/09/2021£1,307.75£873.00£434.75Not Due
10/10/2021£1,307.75£886.67£421.08Not Due
10/11/2021£1,307.75£900.56£407.19Not Due
10/12/2021£1,307.75£914.67£393.08Not Due
10/01/2022£1,307.75£929.00£378.75Not Due
10/02/2022£1,307.75£943.55£364.20Not Due
10/03/2022£1,307.75£958.33£349.42Not Due
10/04/2022£1,307.75£973.34£334.41Not Due
10/05/2022£1,307.75£988.59£319.16Not Due
10/06/2022£1,307.75£1,004.07£303.68Not Due
10/07/2022£1,307.75£1,019.80£287.95Not Due
10/08/2022£1,307.75£1,035.78£271.97Not Due
10/09/2022£1,307.75£1,052.00£255.75Not Due
10/10/2022£1,307.75£1,068.48£239.27Not Due
10/11/2022£1,307.75£1,085.22£222.53Not Due
10/12/2022£1,307.75£1,102.22£205.53Not Due
10/01/2023£1,307.75£1,119.49£188.26Not Due
10/02/2023£1,307.75£1,137.02£170.73Not Due
10/03/2023£1,307.75£1,154.84£152.91Not Due
10/04/2023£1,307.75£1,172.93£134.82Not Due
10/05/2023£1,307.75£1,191.30£116.45Not Due
10/06/2023£1,307.75£1,209.96£97.79Not Due
10/07/2023£1,307.75£1,228.92£78.83Not Due
10/08/2023£1,307.75£1,248.17£59.58Not Due
10/09/2023£1,307.75£1,267.72£40.03Not Due
10/10/2023£1,307.75£1,287.58£20.17Not Due