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About the Business

Company Name: FITNESS EQUIPMENT HIRE LIMITED Company Number: 08212404
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: PONTYPRIDD

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge created over all assets of applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Debra Cooper

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

Fitness Equipment Hire has emerged as a front runner within the Commercial Leisure Industry.

We supply fitness equipment to many leading leisure facilities, professional sports teams and commercial gyms throughout the UK and Ireland.

The section of the business which has taken the business to the next level, is the unique ability we have to customise equipment and hire it to the customer on a contractual basis.

We offer a bespoke service which allows the customer free reign to achieve the look they want in their facilities.

Debra Cooper, aged 37 has worked in the Fitness/Leisure industry for 15 years, and has vast experience in the sales, management and delivery of large commercial orders.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The company seeks a loan to purchase and customise fitness equipment, to be used in the re-branding of an existing client’s gym facility. These will be rolled out over 50 of their sites throughout the UK and Ireland, on a hire basis over a 5 year period.

We are also looking to open a demonstration site to showcase the pieces to potential customers.

Why consider investing?

Fitness Equipment Hire Ltd have a proven track record within the industry. It has a large order in place from an existing reputable customer. It also has attractive filed accounts to show its track record.


The loan is to be secured by way of director guarantee, Personal Guarantee Insurance and an all assets debenture.

The director has an estimated net worth of £312k. This is primarily through ownership of 5 properties with an estimated combined value of £925k and approximate equity of £207k.

21/12/2015£2,499.51£1,005.62£1,493.89 (31 days late)
21/01/2016£2,499.51£1,022.10£1,477.41 (33 days late)
21/02/2016£2,499.51£1,038.86£1,460.65 (32 days late)
21/03/2016£2,499.51£1,055.88£1,443.63 (90 days late)
21/04/2016£2,499.51£1,073.19£1,426.321244 days overdue
21/05/2016£2,499.51£1,090.78£1,408.731214 days overdue
21/06/2016£2,499.51£1,108.66£1,390.851183 days overdue
21/07/2016£2,499.51£1,126.84£1,372.671153 days overdue
21/08/2016£2,499.51£1,145.31£1,354.201122 days overdue
21/09/2016£2,499.51£1,164.08£1,335.431091 days overdue
21/10/2016£2,499.51£1,183.16£1,316.351061 days overdue
21/11/2016£2,499.51£1,202.56£1,296.951030 days overdue
21/12/2016£2,499.51£1,222.27£1,277.241000 days overdue
21/01/2017£2,499.51£1,242.30£1,257.21969 days overdue
21/02/2017£2,499.51£1,262.67£1,236.84938 days overdue
21/03/2017£2,499.51£1,283.36£1,216.15910 days overdue
21/04/2017£2,499.51£1,304.40£1,195.11879 days overdue
21/05/2017£2,499.51£1,325.78£1,173.73849 days overdue
21/06/2017£2,499.51£1,347.51£1,152.00818 days overdue
21/07/2017£2,499.51£1,369.60£1,129.91788 days overdue
21/08/2017£2,499.51£1,392.05£1,107.46757 days overdue
21/09/2017£2,499.51£1,414.87£1,084.64726 days overdue
21/10/2017£2,499.51£1,438.06£1,061.45696 days overdue
21/11/2017£2,499.51£1,461.63£1,037.88665 days overdue
21/12/2017£2,499.51£1,485.59£1,013.92635 days overdue
21/01/2018£2,499.51£1,509.94£989.57604 days overdue
21/02/2018£2,499.51£1,534.69£964.82573 days overdue
21/03/2018£2,499.51£1,559.85£939.66545 days overdue
21/04/2018£2,499.51£1,585.42£914.09514 days overdue
21/05/2018£2,499.51£1,611.41£888.10484 days overdue
21/06/2018£2,499.51£1,637.82£861.69453 days overdue
21/07/2018£2,499.51£1,664.67£834.84423 days overdue
21/08/2018£2,499.51£1,691.95£807.56392 days overdue
21/09/2018£2,499.51£1,719.69£779.82361 days overdue
21/10/2018£2,499.51£1,747.87£751.64331 days overdue
21/11/2018£2,499.51£1,776.53£722.98300 days overdue
21/12/2018£2,499.51£1,805.65£693.86270 days overdue
21/01/2019£2,499.51£1,835.24£664.27239 days overdue
21/02/2019£2,499.51£1,865.33£634.18208 days overdue
21/03/2019£2,499.51£1,895.90£603.61180 days overdue
21/04/2019£2,499.51£1,926.98£572.53149 days overdue
21/05/2019£2,499.51£1,958.56£540.95119 days overdue
21/06/2019£2,499.51£1,990.67£508.8488 days overdue
21/07/2019£2,499.51£2,023.30£476.2158 days overdue
21/08/2019£2,499.51£2,056.46£443.0527 days overdue
21/09/2019£2,499.51£2,090.17£409.34Not Due
21/10/2019£2,499.51£2,124.43£375.08Not Due
21/11/2019£2,499.51£2,159.26£340.25Not Due
21/12/2019£2,499.51£2,194.65£304.86Not Due
21/01/2020£2,499.51£2,230.63£268.88Not Due
21/02/2020£2,499.51£2,267.19£232.32Not Due
21/03/2020£2,499.51£2,304.35£195.16Not Due
21/04/2020£2,499.51£2,342.12£157.39Not Due
21/05/2020£2,499.51£2,380.52£118.99Not Due
21/06/2020£2,499.51£2,419.54£79.97Not Due
21/07/2020£2,499.51£2,459.20£40.31Not Due