Wholesale of other machinery and equipment

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Micro Loan Opportunities
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£30.20 +5.00% £31.71 13.85%
£30.20 +15.00% £34.73 8.14%
£7.55 +15.00% £8.68 8.14%

About the Business

Company Name: HENRY'S GARDEN LTD Company Number: 11079237
Business Type: Wholesale of other machinery and equipment Years Trading: Less than 2 years
Business Location: Coleford

About the Risk

Risk rating


Default rate


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About the Security

Security Offered:

2nd Charge Residential Property - Legal charge over domestic residence

Est. Equity: 90000.00

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge over E Buckland Garden Machinery LLP

Est. Equity: 26500.00

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge over Henry's Garden Limited

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mrs A Hughes

Est. Equity: 90000.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr M Hughes

Est. Equity: 0.00

Corporate Guarantee - Corporate guarantees from E Buckland Garden Machinery LLP and Henry's Garden Machinery

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Business acquisition
This loan is to fund a business acquisition. The experience of the purchasers should be considered.
Low Quick Ratio Score
The quick ratio is an indicator of a company’s short-term liquidity. The quick ratio measures a company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets
Marginal Growth
This company has shown low levels of growth over recent financial reporting periods
High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity

Important Files

Who are we?

Husband and wife team, Matthew and Annie Hughes are looking to acquire a well-established garden and agricultural machinery repair business operating in both commercial and domestic markets, buying the stock, trading name and goodwill of E Buckland Garden Machinery LLP and the currently dormant company Buckland Garden Machinery Limited, enabling the current owners to retire.

The vehicle for this acquisition is HENRY'S GARDEN LTD.

Matthew presently runs the business on a day to day basis for its current owners and has been offered advantageous terms to acquire it.

CVs for both are included in the Business Planning documents appended.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

A gross purchase price of £177,500 has been agreed to acquire the LLP. The purchase will be “clean” with no outstanding liabilities, crown or otherwise carrying forward.

£45,000 is to be paid at the outset and it is this sum that Matthew and Annie seek to finance, the residue being paid on a deferred consideration basis over 5 years on an interest only loan structure. No security is being taken by the vendors in this regard.

Established well over 40 years ago, Buckland Garden Machinery trades in the Gloucester area servicing the local community with a wide range of agricultural and horticultural machinery. The company’s website can be found at http://www.bucklandgardenmachinery.com/

Detailed accounts for the LLP are attached, but the P&L can be summarised as follows:

Year Sales GP GPM Overhead NPBT
10/17 £791K £205K 26% £159K £46K
12/16 £720K £139K 19% £95K £44K
12/15 £848K £126K 15% £99K £27K
12/14 £1090K £148K 14% £99K £27K

Performance is, therefore, a little inconsistent, reflecting, to an extent, the lifestyle of the current owners and their decision to retire a couple of years ago. Matthew’s impact on the business is most visible in terms of improved margin since he became involved and it is clear that top line sales are trending towards 2015 figures for the current financial year.

An outline business plan together with cash budgets is included in the presentation. These effectively forecast an uplift in topline sales to £875K, margin peaking at 27% and overhead excluding loan interest broadly in line with 2017.


There is a requirement for only a modest salary for both directors ( £20,000 in total ) with no dividend for either director in the first 12 months, per the forecasts.

Why consider investing?

The company is buying an established business with steady historic financial performance.

The directors are confident in their business plan and the existing owners have shown a large element of good faith in Matthew and Annie to continue the business with a very generous deferred consideration package.


Matthew and Annie are happy to provide the following security package in order to facilitate the acquisition finance:

1. Personal guarantees from both directors, supported by a second charge over their matrimonial home, valued at £190K with an outstanding first mortgage with Cheltenham & Gloucester in the sum of £94.5K. The latter have already verbally agreed to the creation of the second charge. A valuation report provided by the estate agent placing the full market value at £190,000 - £195,000 has been uploaded to the listing.

2. An unlimited debenture over the LLP and all of its assets and the holding company will be provided which will pick up predominantly stock and a small amount of trade debt together with corporate guarantees.

ReBS Disclosure

The target business - E Buckland Garden Machinery LLP - is not a company but a Limited Liability Partnership so any reference to shareholders should more appropriately be references to members and therefore shareholders' funds should be read as members' funds. An LLP is an incorporated entity so we have been able to check the 2015 and 2016 figures to those filed at Companies House.

01/09/2019£1,215.05£695.62£519.43Not Due
01/10/2019£1,215.05£705.39£509.66Not Due
01/11/2019£1,215.05£715.29£499.76Not Due
01/12/2019£1,215.05£725.33£489.72Not Due
01/01/2020£1,215.05£735.52£479.53Not Due
01/02/2020£1,215.05£745.85£469.20Not Due
01/03/2020£1,215.05£756.32£458.73Not Due
01/04/2020£1,215.05£766.94£448.11Not Due
01/05/2020£1,215.05£777.71£437.34Not Due
01/06/2020£1,215.05£788.63£426.42Not Due
01/07/2020£1,215.05£799.70£415.35Not Due
01/08/2020£1,215.05£810.93£404.12Not Due
01/09/2020£1,215.05£822.31£392.74Not Due
01/10/2020£1,215.05£833.86£381.19Not Due
01/11/2020£1,215.05£845.57£369.48Not Due
01/12/2020£1,215.05£857.44£357.61Not Due
01/01/2021£1,215.05£869.48£345.57Not Due
01/02/2021£1,215.05£881.69£333.36Not Due
01/03/2021£1,215.05£894.07£320.98Not Due
01/04/2021£1,215.05£906.62£308.43Not Due
01/05/2021£1,215.05£919.35£295.70Not Due
01/06/2021£1,215.05£932.26£282.79Not Due
01/07/2021£1,215.05£945.35£269.70Not Due
01/08/2021£1,215.05£958.63£256.42Not Due
01/09/2021£1,215.05£972.09£242.96Not Due
01/10/2021£1,215.05£985.74£229.31Not Due
01/11/2021£1,215.05£999.58£215.47Not Due
01/12/2021£1,215.05£1,013.61£201.44Not Due
01/01/2022£1,215.05£1,027.84£187.21Not Due
01/02/2022£1,215.05£1,042.28£172.77Not Due
01/03/2022£1,215.05£1,056.91£158.14Not Due
01/04/2022£1,215.05£1,071.75£143.30Not Due
01/05/2022£1,215.05£1,086.80£128.25Not Due
01/06/2022£1,215.05£1,102.06£112.99Not Due
01/07/2022£1,215.05£1,117.53£97.52Not Due
01/08/2022£1,215.05£1,133.22£81.83Not Due
01/09/2022£1,215.05£1,149.14£65.91Not Due
01/10/2022£1,215.05£1,165.27£49.78Not Due
01/11/2022£1,215.05£1,181.63£33.42Not Due
01/12/2022£1,215.05£1,198.22£16.83Not Due