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£84.52 +13.00% £95.51 9.29%
£50.71 +13.00% £57.30 9.29%
£42.26 +13.00% £47.75 9.29%
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About the Business

Company Name: HULL BOXES & PACKAGING LIMITED Company Number: 08516246
Business Type: Years Trading:
Business Location: Hull

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Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Richard Britton

Est. Equity: 2709.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Susan Winter

Est. Equity: 140000.00

All Assets Debenture - Second priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of the business

Est. Equity: 41348.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Below Average Business Credit Rating
A 3rd party credit rating agency has indicated that this business is above average risk.
May not produce Management Accounts
This company may not prepare management accounts on a regular basis

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Who are we?

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Hull Boxes and Packaging has raised money through previously. This new loan will be used to refinance the old loan. If you currently have Capital Outstanding on the existing loan you can transfer this to the new application, by making use of Transfer Bids.

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Hull Boxes and packaging offer Bespoke Packaging in short lead times to all fields of industries. Specialising in conversion of corrugated products both corrugated board and corrugated plastics.

We aim to buy and convert British manufactured products wherever possible for British Industry. The company operates out of over 30000SQ Feet of Production and Warehousing within its site based in Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire.

The company is well equipped and is very forward thinking and holds much knowledge within its production team. We don't believe we only just sell packaging materials but we give packaging solutions to many of our customers in a wide range of different industries.

Much has been going on and developed in the past 2 1/2 years at Hull Boxes & Packaging Ltd with company turnover being increased by some £450000 to a turnover now in excess of £1.55 million this is due to investment both in new machinery and new personnel along with improved procedures throughout the manufacturing processes.

We trained 2 new apprentices who both hold full time jobs and have added much needed youth and new ideas into both the administration and factory shop floor. We also brought in a factory manager to release Stuart to support me on development and customer service.

We have brought two further personnel into the finishing side of the business to keep up with the increase production output.

The new machinery and upgrade and new LED Lighting has given us an edge in the new markets we continue to exploit effectively. We have also brought in a New Forklift to help keep a cleaner working environment within the factory. There has been upgrades on all electrics and existing Machinery to improve production and open up new markets with add on value.

We now arrive at today and are looking forward to pushing forward and developing further growth within our existing customer base. Further to this we have identified markets which suit our equipment and skills which we can approach to supply knowing we have the skills to service. We continue strive in finding the add on value work and offering a personal service from the top to the bottom of the company.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

With growth comes cash flow challenges, and we have had to take out some short term debts to see us through when clients are delayed on paying. We have 2 loans including our remaining ReBS loan that we would like to refinance. These amount to around £22,210, total monthly repayments of £3844. We cover these every month, but feel the business would benefit greatly by refinancing them over a longer term and smaller monthly repayments. We also need some urgent repairs to our machinery before the Christmas rush. £5000.00 to fix the rollers and print analox for two machines. £2,000 clutch for 2 x TCY print machines. The rest of the money will be invested in seasonal stock as the Christmas turkey box orders start in August.

Why consider investing?

We have a 100% proven track record with RBS! Hull Boxes and Packaging took a loan from RBS about 2.5 years ago. The money from the investors has been put to great use, and the growth of our company has been amazing. We have increased our turnover by £500,000, and invested heavily into marketing, machines, our people and making our building more economical which is not only good for looking after our pennies, but also the environment. We have always paid RBS on time and we are delighted that we can re-approach the investors to help us develop our business further and increase our 12% growth margin month on month.


This loan is to be secured by way of Personal Guarantees and an All Assets Debenture.

A PG will be provided by the two company director, Richard Britton and Susan Winter. Mr Britton has an estimated net worth of around £3,000 derived from his ownership of his domestic residence, a property with an estimated value of £95,000 and £32,000 estimated equity. Ms Winter has an estimated net worth of £140,000 and owns a property with an estimated value of £182,000 with £171,000 estimated equity.

A debenture will also be taken over the applicant company. This will create a fixed and floating charge over all assets of the company. The debenture will be second in priority, and will sit behind the existing charge in favour of the business' factoring company.

01/10/2019£1,206.73£656.24£550.49Not Due
01/11/2019£1,206.73£664.80£541.93Not Due
01/12/2019£1,206.73£673.47£533.26Not Due
01/01/2020£1,206.73£682.25£524.48Not Due
01/02/2020£1,206.73£691.15£515.58Not Due
01/03/2020£1,206.73£700.17£506.56Not Due
01/04/2020£1,206.73£709.30£497.43Not Due
01/05/2020£1,206.73£718.56£488.17Not Due
01/06/2020£1,206.73£727.93£478.80Not Due
01/07/2020£1,206.73£737.43£469.30Not Due
01/08/2020£1,206.73£747.05£459.68Not Due
01/09/2020£1,206.73£756.79£449.94Not Due
01/10/2020£1,206.73£766.66£440.07Not Due
01/11/2020£1,206.73£776.66£430.07Not Due
01/12/2020£1,206.73£786.80£419.93Not Due
01/01/2021£1,206.73£797.06£409.67Not Due
01/02/2021£1,206.73£807.46£399.27Not Due
01/03/2021£1,206.73£817.99£388.74Not Due
01/04/2021£1,206.73£828.66£378.07Not Due
01/05/2021£1,206.73£839.47£367.26Not Due
01/06/2021£1,206.73£850.42£356.31Not Due
01/07/2021£1,206.73£861.52£345.21Not Due
01/08/2021£1,206.73£872.75£333.98Not Due
01/09/2021£1,206.73£884.14£322.59Not Due
01/10/2021£1,206.73£895.67£311.06Not Due
01/11/2021£1,206.73£907.36£299.37Not Due
01/12/2021£1,206.73£919.19£287.54Not Due
01/01/2022£1,206.73£931.18£275.55Not Due
01/02/2022£1,206.73£943.33£263.40Not Due
01/03/2022£1,206.73£955.64£251.09Not Due
01/04/2022£1,206.73£968.10£238.63Not Due
01/05/2022£1,206.73£980.73£226.00Not Due
01/06/2022£1,206.73£993.53£213.20Not Due
01/07/2022£1,206.73£1,006.49£200.24Not Due
01/08/2022£1,206.73£1,019.62£187.11Not Due
01/09/2022£1,206.73£1,032.92£173.81Not Due
01/10/2022£1,206.73£1,046.39£160.34Not Due
01/11/2022£1,206.73£1,060.04£146.69Not Due
01/12/2022£1,206.73£1,073.87£132.86Not Due
01/01/2023£1,206.73£1,087.88£118.85Not Due
01/02/2023£1,206.73£1,102.07£104.66Not Due
01/03/2023£1,206.73£1,116.45£90.28Not Due
01/04/2023£1,206.73£1,131.01£75.72Not Due
01/05/2023£1,206.73£1,145.76£60.97Not Due
01/06/2023£1,206.73£1,160.71£46.02Not Due
01/07/2023£1,206.73£1,175.85£30.88Not Due
01/08/2023£1,206.73£1,191.19£15.54Not Due