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Company Name: PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE LTD Company Number: 08326229
Business Type: HUMAN HEALTH AND SOCIAL WORK ACTIVITIE Years Trading: 3-5 years
Business Location: Vale of Glamorgan

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr Stuart Barrow

Est. Equity: 0.00

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High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity

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Who are we?

Promoting Independence LTD is primarily an Occupational Therapy company specialising in provision of Occupational Therapy services directly to Housing Associations in Wales, particularly adaptation recommendations for their disabled tenants.

In 2015 OTAC - The Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference was born to provide an industry event for Occupational Therapists to attend and learn about adaptations and equipment they can supply to their clients. The event is free to attend, however, the conference is totally funded through exhibitors paying £300.00 plus VAT per square metre for their stand (average stand value £1200 + VAT).

Our 2015 OTAC was so successful in 2016 we launched two events, Cardiff OTAC and Reading OTAC and brought on a member of staff to support the business growth and doubling of turnover. Again we sold out and actually had to turn away delegates and exhibitors.

2017 we have an event in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales (Cardiff and Dublin have taken place), Reading and Edinburgh are booked for this year. Check out for further details. Turnover for this year because of OTAC and our main Occupational Therapy work has doubled to a predicted 300k, 2016 was £110k. I hired an Sales and Marketing Manager January 2017 who manages all the stand sales for the OTAC events now and we have been using virtual assistants to support our events to date.

2018 we have 10 OTAC events with an anticipated revenue of £720k plus VAT and to date with a soft launch we have an order book of over 100k for 2018.

Early 2017 we took out a storage contract and paid 9 months in advance to house conference and events equipment, for example, leaflet stands, tables, chairs that we have also started hiring out to OTAC exhibitors. Anticipated revenue for this arm of the business (Cardiff Expo Services) is 10k in 2017 and 50k in 2018. New website due September 2017.

July 4th 2017 saw the first IPRE (Independent Practice and Recruitment Expo) in Cardiff which was a new event we launched for Health Care professionals with multi millionaire James "Jimbo" Sinclair as our headline speaker which was a huge success. As a result 2018 we will have another IPRE in Reading, Hilton a hotel we have used twice for OTAC events. 2019 we will have 2 IPRE events and then 2020 will have an IPRE in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales with an expected income of 250k plus VAT. (300k Total).

Revenues for Promoting Independence are expected to exceed 1.2 Million in 2018, 1.5 Million in 2019 and 2.0 Million in 2020.

As a result of our phenomenal growth and business plan our team of three needs to grow further, relocate to larger offices and invest further in stock and equipment for our events.

We are interviewing for an Executive Assistant 24th and 25th July 2017 to support the Managing Director and are going out to advert in August for a Social Media assistant to handle all our Social Media channels and commence utilising our CRM on a weekly business alongside writing blogs.

July 2017 a new contract was awarded for supporting a company with their Occupational Therapy input (6 months - Value 9k). 2 Days a Month Input.

September 2017 sees Managing Director Stuart Barrow commence a 12 month contract with an industry magazine as an expert consultant to the trade and disability manufacturer market, again raising the profile of our events and Occupational Therapy business.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The money will be used for the following:

1. Secure and kit out new offices for our growing team.

2. Secure marketing in three industry magazines and reserve five conference stand at industry events.

3. To purchase a transit van and sign write it for transporting conference and events equipment for our events and for the growth of Cardiff Expo Service when we hire out our equipment to businesses within 30 miles of our office.

4. To purchase more conference and events equipment required for our events to reduce need to pay out to hire them ourselves, which in turn allows us to then hire the equipment out ourselves through Cardiff Expo Services.

5. To develop a news OTAC website which enables exhibitors to book their stands online.

6. Cash flow whilst staff numbers are increased and growth within the business occurs.

Why consider investing?

As an Occupational Therapist with almost 20 years experience within the industry not only is Promoting Independence LTD the largest Occupational Therapy company in Wales, its the most respected in our industry for adaptation based assessments and training.

The Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference (OTAC) has proved so popular and influential within our industry the Royal College of Occupational Therapists exhibit with us and have written a glowing testimonial for us to utilise in our media.

We have been working with our main Housing Association for three years now securing hundreds of Occupational Therapy assessments and regular income each month. December 2016 we won a contract with 50 assessments for a Cardiff based Housing Association and as a result of their experience we have carried out further assessments in 2017 and in July 2017 have secured another 15 assessments from the supplier.

This money will provide the necessary capital to grow, develop the practice and events arm of the business and increase employment within the local area from our current three staff members to five.


This loan will be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee provided by Mr Stuart Barrow.

Mr Barrow has an estimated net worth of £60,000. He is the owner of his domestic residence, a property with a value estimated by the applicant to be £325,000 and £209,900 outstanding on his mortgage. Online estimates place the value of the property at £261,000. It was purchased for £220,000 in July 2008. The property is owned jointly with his spouse.

ReBS Disclosure

Lenders should be aware of the discrepancy between the reserves in the statutory accounts which are shown as £399 and the reserves in the management accounts which are shown as £2199. Both of these figures should be the same. Such a discrepancy is usually caused by the accountant’s year end adjustments not being entered into the applicants bookkeeping system. As such lenders are asked to give consideration to the weight that they place upon the management accounts.

30/09/2019£1,369.26£1,128.49£240.77Not Due
30/10/2019£1,369.26£1,146.82£222.44Not Due
30/11/2019£1,369.26£1,165.45£203.81Not Due
30/12/2019£1,369.26£1,184.39£184.87Not Due
30/01/2020£1,369.26£1,203.63£165.63Not Due
01/03/2020£1,369.26£1,223.19£146.07Not Due
30/03/2020£1,369.26£1,243.06£126.20Not Due
30/04/2020£1,369.26£1,263.26£106.00Not Due
30/05/2020£1,369.26£1,283.78£85.48Not Due
30/06/2020£1,369.26£1,304.64£64.62Not Due
30/07/2020£1,369.26£1,325.83£43.43Not Due
30/08/2020£1,369.26£1,347.37£21.89Not Due