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Company Name: INVASION CORP LTD Company Number: 07373495
Business Type: Travel Years Trading: 5-7 years
Business Location: Manchester

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2nd Charge Non Residential Property

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Previous Failed Businesses
One or more of the directors has been involved in a failed business
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The security offered on this loan is below desirable levels
High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity

Important Files

Who are we?

The Invasion brand was founded in 2008 with the purpose of organising Amazing, fun-filled and unforgettable experiences. It grew very quickly from a national social event company to a global organisation with a presence in every major continent around the world covering sectors from travel, recruitment, promotions, holidays and charity.

In Year one Invasion took 500 people on weekend city breaks; by the end of the current year over 8000 people will have shared Invasion travel experiences.

We are all Invaders at heart, embracing new leisure and work destinations; our mission at Invasion is to ensure that this travel experience is as Amazing as it can possibly be. We aim to unite fellow Invaders by helping to forge new friendships and promoting social cohesion, to ensure that everyone's Invasion experience is one filled with happy, long lasting memories and friendships to last a lifetime. We believe in the mantra "travel is the only thing that you can buy that makes you richer".

It is our mission to provide enriching experiences through our Invasion products.

Invasion offers support to young people looking for experiences of working abroad making an otherwise daunting experience rewarding and enriching.

The Invasion brand stands for adventure, fun, excellence, innovation, value for money and an amazing customer experience.

Travel with Invasion takes the form of City Breaks with 12 European destinations & Summer Trips to worldwide destinations. Work & Study including teaching and au pair work add to the Invasion travel possibilities with their worldwide travel abroad opportunities including amongst many others "AmeriCamp", "ThaiJobs" and "Malawivolunteers".

Recruiting the best candidates to deliver the company mission is an integral part of Invasion's success. Our employees are encouraged to find their "artist within" and to exhibit entrepreneurship skills, which we help foster by creating the right working conditions to allow ideas to be turned into reality. The skills that our employees are expected to exhibit include creativity, passion, an independent free spirit, leadership, vision, mental strength, a driving personality, modesty, initiative as well as a "can do" attitude.

Behind every brand, no matter how big or small, are empowered staff.

We invest heavily in our employees because we believe that if an organisation can build a great team, then they will build a great business.

The different Invasion brands form part of one big family rather than a hierarchy.

Each brand is empowered to run their own business activities yet the brands actively assist one another and work collectively. On of the core principals of Invasion is that "knowledge is power". The Invasion brands are on a shared journey, they learn together and they celebrate success together.

Invasion Corp Ltd is the trading company for all activities other than Ameri Camp trading under a separate legal entity Americamp Ltd

Invasion has a continuous improvement and collaborative philosophy. The team regularly create partnerships with others to combine knowledge, skills and expertise.

As the brands continue to grow and evolve the company recognises the importance of adapting to remain at the forefront of an ever changing marketplace. Invasion have a very effective marketing strategy and are rapidly building their brand with 16.8k followers on twitter @Invasion

The gap between the sublime and the ridiculous can be closed with only a single step.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

Invasion has just invested in a 3700 sq ft warehouse building. The loan will fund a refit of this space to provide office and showcase space. In addition a further £30 000 will be spent on an upgrade of the website.

Whilst the company is currently profitable the funds generated are required to fund existing working capital.

Additional investment by way of this loan application is required to fund growth.

Why consider investing?

Invasion has huge ambitions to grow and is powered by energetic and entrepreneurial individuals.

There is no limit to the number of destinations which can be reached by the Invasion brand and the company as a result has limitless growth possibilities.

The business model is very profitable with a strong balance sheet.

GM currently running at 40%.

The business model has had proven success and is a model which is easily scaleable given the directors empowering approach to employment.

Invasion has already successfully accessed finance from the The North West Fund 4 Micro Loans part of the European Regional Development Fund & has been successful in obtaining a commercial mortgage from HSBC for the new warehouse in Salford.

The purchase of the property will complete on on 18 May 2016, work will then commence on the office space with a view to occupying the property on 20 August 2016

ReBS Disclosure

There is a small error in note 9 to the July 2015 accounts in respect of share capital. The number of shares issued has not been update following the new share subscription that occurred in the year. However, the share capital is correct so this may not be material to a reading of the financial statements.


The loan is to be secured by 2 director guarantees, a 2nd charge on a commercial property and 2 corporate guarantees.

The directors have a combined estimate net worth of £59,550. One of the directors co-owns two properties with a combined estimate value of £273k and estimate combined equity of £65k.

The Second Charge will be on the new business premises as stated above. The property has an estimate value of £274k. the charge will be behind HSBC who are providing 70% of the purchase price.

Corporate Guarantee's from AmeriCamp and Invasion Events Ltd will also be offered.