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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: ITS PROJECTS LIMITED Company Number: 04731727
Business Type: Business Services Years Trading: More than 10 years
Business Location: reading

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Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mark Grigg

Est. Equity: 490000.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Gareth Jones

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Bruce Taylor

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Graham Waldron

Est. Equity: 0.00

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge over ITS Projects Limited

Est. Equity: 70000.00

Cross Corporate Guarantee - CCG from parent co Leman St Holdings

Est. Equity: 70000.00

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Who are we?

For over 35 years ITS Projects has been working with clients and their designers to optimise the working space available. Our experience extends to all business sectors including commercial offices, retail, education, health and numerous public and local authority buildings.

Our reputation has been developed by offering the highest quality materials combined with a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen. Each project that we undertake has a contracts director who takes responsibility for liaising with our clients to ensure that our clients’ vision is realised. This approach has proven successful over many years as it gives our clients one point of contact who takes responsibility from concept to completion.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

A number of large orders have been won, each in value from £500,000 to £950,000 and so to be both in the position to take on these jobs and maximize profit we seek to purchase new machinery as well as order materials in advance with cash to increase profit margins.

Why consider investing?

Our reputation is based on offering the highest quality materials combined with the skills of a professional team of craftsmen. Our aim is to help clients explore and realise their project ideas, from the most simple to the most imaginative. ITS Projects are dedicated to the principles of quality, value and service and we have established a reputation for excellent craftsmanship coupled with a high level of service from Concept to Completion. For well over 35 years we have specialised in the installation of partitioning and suspended ceilings systems. In recent years we have expanded our services to offer electrical installations, flooring works, partition and joinery works and term contract maintenance services.

Every project, whether in a small office, a complete refurbishment, or a relocation involving space planning, we can source the requirements. If we need to commission specialist contractors, we only use those who meet our exacting standards. We control the project from start to finish through our Concept to Completion management package, thereby providing peace of mind for the clients and taking away the need for them to deal with a number of contractors, especially on large and complex projects.

We are mindful that clients need to work with tight financial parameters. Our aim, therefore, is to help the client realise the full potential of the project by creating cost effective solutions to meet the clients’ needs.

Leon Summers Leon founded the business in 1976 and continues to provide guidance as our Chairman. He has been extensively involved in the interiors sector of the UK construction industry and is particularly passionate about skills training. Inevitably, this skills focus has become intrinsic to the ITS culture.

Bruce Taylor

Bruce has over 26 years of service with ITS and has risen through the ranks to become our Managing Director. Bruce has a broad range of clients and a specialism in the education sector.

Graham Waldron

Graham is an ITS success story having worked his way up from “the tools” to his current position of Contracts Director. This experience makes Graham invaluable when considering the practical application of a design.

Mark Grigg

Mark has been managing fit-out and refurbishment contracts for many years. In addition to his fit out portfolio he leads our maintenance division.


This loan is to be secured by way of Personal Guarantees from the company directors, as well as an all-assets debenture over the applicant company and a cross-corporate guarantee from the parent company.

Mr Jones has an estimated net worth of £500,000 arising primarily from approximately £495,000 equity in his personal dwelling, which has an estimated value of £750,000.

The all-assets debenture will create a fixed and floating charge over all assets of the target company. The cross-corporate guarantee will be provided from Leman St Holdings, which is the parent company of this group structure.

25/10/2016£1,231.46£540.48£690.98 (13 days late)
25/11/2016£1,231.46£547.95£683.51 (14 days late)
25/03/2017£1,231.46£578.87£652.59 (16 days late)
25/05/2018£1,231.46£701.51£529.96479 days overdue
25/06/2018£1,231.46£711.20£520.26448 days overdue
25/07/2018£1,231.46£721.03£510.43418 days overdue
25/08/2018£1,231.46£730.99£500.47387 days overdue
25/09/2018£1,231.46£741.10£490.37356 days overdue
25/10/2018£1,231.46£751.34£480.12326 days overdue
25/11/2018£1,231.46£761.72£469.74295 days overdue
25/12/2018£1,231.46£772.25£459.21265 days overdue
25/01/2019£1,231.46£782.92£448.54234 days overdue
25/02/2019£1,231.46£793.74£437.72203 days overdue
25/03/2019£1,231.46£804.71£426.75175 days overdue
25/04/2019£1,231.46£815.83£415.63144 days overdue
25/05/2019£1,231.46£827.10£404.36114 days overdue
25/06/2019£1,231.46£838.53£392.9383 days overdue
25/07/2019£1,231.46£850.12£381.3453 days overdue
25/08/2019£1,231.46£861.87£369.5922 days overdue
25/09/2019£1,231.46£873.78£357.68Not Due
25/10/2019£1,231.46£885.86£345.60Not Due
25/11/2019£1,231.46£898.10£333.36Not Due
25/12/2019£1,231.46£910.51£320.95Not Due
25/01/2020£1,231.46£923.09£308.37Not Due
25/02/2020£1,231.46£935.85£295.61Not Due
25/03/2020£1,231.46£948.78£282.68Not Due
25/04/2020£1,231.46£961.90£269.57Not Due
25/05/2020£1,231.46£975.19£256.27Not Due
25/06/2020£1,231.46£988.67£242.80Not Due
25/07/2020£1,231.46£1,002.33£229.13Not Due
25/08/2020£1,231.46£1,016.18£215.28Not Due
25/09/2020£1,231.46£1,030.22£201.24Not Due
25/10/2020£1,231.46£1,044.46£187.00Not Due
25/11/2020£1,231.46£1,058.90£172.57Not Due
25/12/2020£1,231.46£1,073.53£157.93Not Due
25/01/2021£1,231.46£1,088.36£143.10Not Due
25/02/2021£1,231.46£1,103.41£128.06Not Due
25/03/2021£1,231.46£1,118.65£112.81Not Due
25/04/2021£1,231.46£1,134.11£97.35Not Due
25/05/2021£1,231.46£1,149.79£81.67Not Due
25/06/2021£1,231.46£1,165.68£65.79Not Due
25/07/2021£1,231.46£1,181.79£49.68Not Due
25/08/2021£1,231.46£1,198.12£33.34Not Due
25/09/2021£1,231.46£1,214.68£16.79Not Due