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Micro Loan Opportunities
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Price Buyer's
£19.80 +3.00% £20.40 18.58%
£99.02 +6.00% £104.96 17.23%
£49.51 +6.00% £52.48 17.23%
£99.02 +7.00% £105.95 16.79%
£49.51 +7.00% £52.97 16.79%

About the Business

Company Name: JPB INVESTMENTS LTD Company Number: 12034261
Business Type: EDUCATION Years Trading: More than 10 years
Business Location: Hampshire

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Jeremy Brown

Est. Equity: 56000.00

All Assets Debenture - First priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of SULTIP INVESTMENTS LIMITED

Est. Equity: 0.00

All Assets Debenture - First priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of JPB INVESTMENTS LTD

Est. Equity: 0.00

Corporate Guarantee - Corporate guarantee from operating company SULTIP INVESTMENTS LIMITED

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Low Security Coverage
The security offered on this loan is below desirable levels
Business acquisition
This loan is to fund a business acquisition. The experience of the purchasers should be considered.

Important Files

Who are we?

Jeremy Brown, a London based personal trainer is looking to acquire Sultip Investments Limited which operates Ecole de Pole, a well known, award winning name within the aerial fitness and pole dance training industry. Established in January 2010, EDP offers Pole Fitness & Strength to both men and women. This includes technique classes, choreography, flexibility, contortion, flexibility, aerial hoop, and handstand classes for beginners up to advanced, Classes are supplemented by open practice time and lots of different workshops every month.

The business trades from leased studios in North West London with a team of professional, qualified dance, circus and fitness instructors. They also host fun and exciting themed pole or burlesque Hen Parties, Birthday parties and a number of Pole Camps around the world including Thailand, Singapore & Europe

More information can be found at the company’s website,

The vehicle for this acquisition is JPB INVESTMENTS LTD.

Jeremy’s CV is uploaded together with his business plan.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

A gross purchase price of £82000 has been agreed to acquire the shares of the company. The purchase will, obviously, be “clean” with no outstanding liabilities, crown or otherwise carrying forward.

Jeremy has £42K in cash to introduce and seeks £40K plus fees by way of loan from the Rebuilding Society membership.

Last 3 years’ accounts for company are attached, but the headline information can be summarised as follows:

Year 7/2018 7/2017 7/2016 7/2015
Sales 179K 125K 136K 158K
GP 133K 59K 88K 107K
NPBT 66K 28K 1K 1K
Exceptionals (18.5K) 0K 0K 0K
Dividends 33K 27K 0K 38K
NCA 23K 1K 1K 1K
NW 23K 1K 2K 2K

Performance is, therefore, fairly consistent, reflecting, to an extent, the lifestyle of the current owners. Jeremy has plans to drive the business forward, per the outline business plan together with cash budget.

Why consider investing?

The company is buying an established business with steady historic financial performance.

The director is confident in his business plan and will provide a personal guarantee. Jeremy’s asset base consists of his residential property valued at £370K.

He has secured mortgages totalling £266K and other unsecured debt amounting to £46800 giving a net value to his PG of £57K.

An unlimited debenture over the company and all its assets which will pick up predominantly equipment, albeit notional in value and a small amount of running trade debt.


This loan will be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee, All Assets Debentures and a Corporate Guarantee.

A PG will be provided by the prospective director, Mr Jeremy Brown. Jeremy has an estimated net worth of £50,000 derived from his ownership of his residential property, a property with an estimated value of £370,000 (based on online estimates) and an estimated £104,000 equity.

First priority all asset debentures will also be taken over the applicant business (the holding company) JPB INVESTMENTS LTD, and Sultip Investments Limited (the operating company). This will pick up the notional amount of assets being purchased (equipment) and any running book debt / trade debt, the leasehold interest and any other assets of the businesses.

For completeness, a corporate guarantee for the loan will also be given by the operating company, Sultip Investments Limited, upon acquisition.

25/08/2019£1,126.45£426.69£699.76Not Due
25/09/2019£1,126.45£433.77£692.68Not Due
25/10/2019£1,126.45£440.97£685.48Not Due
25/11/2019£1,126.45£448.28£678.17Not Due
25/12/2019£1,126.45£455.72£670.73Not Due
25/01/2020£1,126.45£463.28£663.17Not Due
25/02/2020£1,126.45£470.97£655.48Not Due
25/03/2020£1,126.45£478.78£647.67Not Due
25/04/2020£1,126.45£486.72£639.73Not Due
25/05/2020£1,126.45£494.80£631.65Not Due
25/06/2020£1,126.45£503.00£623.45Not Due
25/07/2020£1,126.45£511.35£615.10Not Due
25/08/2020£1,126.45£519.83£606.62Not Due
25/09/2020£1,126.45£528.46£597.99Not Due
25/10/2020£1,126.45£537.22£589.23Not Due
25/11/2020£1,126.45£546.14£580.31Not Due
25/12/2020£1,126.45£555.20£571.25Not Due
25/01/2021£1,126.45£564.41£562.04Not Due
25/02/2021£1,126.45£573.77£552.68Not Due
25/03/2021£1,126.45£583.29£543.16Not Due
25/04/2021£1,126.45£592.97£533.48Not Due
25/05/2021£1,126.45£602.80£523.65Not Due
25/06/2021£1,126.45£612.80£513.65Not Due
25/07/2021£1,126.45£622.97£503.48Not Due
25/08/2021£1,126.45£633.30£493.15Not Due
25/09/2021£1,126.45£643.81£482.64Not Due
25/10/2021£1,126.45£654.49£471.96Not Due
25/11/2021£1,126.45£665.35£461.10Not Due
25/12/2021£1,126.45£676.39£450.06Not Due
25/01/2022£1,126.45£687.61£438.84Not Due
25/02/2022£1,126.45£699.02£427.43Not Due
25/03/2022£1,126.45£710.61£415.84Not Due
25/04/2022£1,126.45£722.40£404.05Not Due
25/05/2022£1,126.45£734.39£392.06Not Due
25/06/2022£1,126.45£746.57£379.88Not Due
25/07/2022£1,126.45£758.95£367.50Not Due
25/08/2022£1,126.45£771.55£354.90Not Due
25/09/2022£1,126.45£784.34£342.11Not Due
25/10/2022£1,126.45£797.36£329.09Not Due
25/11/2022£1,126.45£810.58£315.87Not Due
25/12/2022£1,126.45£824.03£302.42Not Due
25/01/2023£1,126.45£837.70£288.75Not Due
25/02/2023£1,126.45£851.60£274.85Not Due
25/03/2023£1,126.45£865.73£260.72Not Due
25/04/2023£1,126.45£880.09£246.36Not Due
25/05/2023£1,126.45£894.69£231.76Not Due
25/06/2023£1,126.45£909.53£216.92Not Due
25/07/2023£1,126.45£924.62£201.83Not Due
25/08/2023£1,126.45£939.96£186.49Not Due
25/09/2023£1,126.45£955.56£170.89Not Due
25/10/2023£1,126.45£971.41£155.04Not Due
25/11/2023£1,126.45£987.52£138.93Not Due
25/12/2023£1,126.45£1,003.91£122.54Not Due
25/01/2024£1,126.45£1,020.56£105.89Not Due
25/02/2024£1,126.45£1,037.49£88.96Not Due
25/03/2024£1,126.45£1,054.70£71.75Not Due
25/04/2024£1,126.45£1,072.20£54.25Not Due
25/05/2024£1,126.45£1,089.99£36.46Not Due
25/06/2024£1,126.45£1,108.07£18.38Not Due