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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: JRN Retail Group Ltd Company Number: NI612226
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: PORTADOWN

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Personal Guarantee - PG from [name of director(s)]

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

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JRN Retail Group Ltd trade as Nigel O’Hara.

Nigel O’Hara was established at 1 William Street in Portadown in 1985 and expanded over seven years ago to make the shop accessible from the main Market Street. The business remains family orientated with Brother Jon as Shop Manager, Son Richard as Internet Manager and Sister Alison as Sales Assistant.

Today, the Portadown store is going from strength to strength and offers a wide variety of brand name designer watches, jewellery and other gifts. We are official UK dealers for all our watch brands, providing full guarantees, boxes and instructions with every order. Our website has really taken off and we are now selling all over the world.

Our company ethos is to provide high-quality products at the best prices. Our helpful staff are experts in their trade and are willing to advise you on what purchase is right for you. We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service and eagerness to cater for each customer’s individual needs.

Our stock control department holds vast quantities of watches and jewellery to make sure there is a good selection to choose from and that clients receive.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan will be used to increase our marketing and website optimisation, helping us to be more competitive with our rivals, and in the long term making us less reliant on ‘pay per click’ advertising. There will also be some background work on the website to increase efficiency and security.

The loan will also help us increase our product range even further.

Why consider investing?

Solid growing company with excellent turnover and good profitability


The loan is to be secured by way of 2 director guarantees

The directors have an estimate combined net worth of £50k.

Director 1 owns 2 properties, one of which is 50% co-owned. The combined estimate value of these properties is £655k with the director holding approximately £279k equity.

Director 2 owns 2 properties, one of which is 50% co-owned. The combined estimate value of these properties is £300k, with the director holding approximately £32k equity

The directors also each have a 1/3rd share in a further property with an estimate value of £165k and combined equity of £12k

The directors have outstanding personal guarantees for both Funding Circle and Ratesetter loans

23/11/2015£1,230.41£541.07£689.34 (7 days late)
23/12/2015£1,230.41£548.53£681.881335 days overdue
23/01/2016£1,230.41£556.09£674.321304 days overdue
23/02/2016£1,230.41£563.75£666.651273 days overdue
23/03/2016£1,230.41£571.53£658.881244 days overdue
23/04/2016£1,230.41£579.41£651.001213 days overdue
23/05/2016£1,230.41£587.39£643.011183 days overdue
23/06/2016£1,230.41£595.49£634.911152 days overdue
23/07/2016£1,230.41£603.70£626.701122 days overdue
23/08/2016£1,230.41£612.03£618.381091 days overdue
23/09/2016£1,230.41£620.46£609.941060 days overdue
23/10/2016£1,230.41£629.02£601.391030 days overdue
23/11/2016£1,230.41£637.69£592.72999 days overdue
23/12/2016£1,230.41£646.48£583.93969 days overdue
23/01/2017£1,230.41£655.40£575.01938 days overdue
23/02/2017£1,230.41£664.43£565.98907 days overdue
23/03/2017£1,230.41£673.59£556.82879 days overdue
23/04/2017£1,230.41£682.88£547.53848 days overdue
23/05/2017£1,230.41£692.29£538.11818 days overdue
23/06/2017£1,230.41£701.84£528.57787 days overdue
23/07/2017£1,230.41£711.51£518.89757 days overdue
23/08/2017£1,230.41£721.32£509.08726 days overdue
23/09/2017£1,230.41£731.27£499.14695 days overdue
23/10/2017£1,230.41£741.35£489.06665 days overdue
23/11/2017£1,230.41£751.57£478.84634 days overdue
23/12/2017£1,230.41£761.93£468.48604 days overdue
23/01/2018£1,230.41£772.44£457.97573 days overdue
23/02/2018£1,230.41£783.09£447.32542 days overdue
23/03/2018£1,230.41£793.88£436.53514 days overdue
23/04/2018£1,230.41£804.83£425.58483 days overdue
23/05/2018£1,230.41£815.92£414.48453 days overdue
23/06/2018£1,230.41£827.17£403.23422 days overdue
23/07/2018£1,230.41£838.58£391.83392 days overdue
23/08/2018£1,230.41£850.14£380.27361 days overdue
23/09/2018£1,230.41£861.86£368.55330 days overdue
23/10/2018£1,230.41£873.74£356.67300 days overdue
23/11/2018£1,230.41£885.79£344.62269 days overdue
23/12/2018£1,230.41£898.00£332.41239 days overdue
23/01/2019£1,230.41£910.38£320.03208 days overdue
23/02/2019£1,230.41£922.93£307.48177 days overdue
23/03/2019£1,230.41£935.66£294.75149 days overdue
23/04/2019£1,230.41£948.56£281.85118 days overdue
23/05/2019£1,230.41£961.63£268.7788 days overdue
23/06/2019£1,230.41£974.89£255.5257 days overdue
23/07/2019£1,230.41£988.33£242.0827 days overdue
23/08/2019£1,230.41£1,001.96£228.45Not Due
23/09/2019£1,230.41£1,015.77£214.64Not Due
23/10/2019£1,230.41£1,029.78£200.63Not Due
23/11/2019£1,230.41£1,043.97£186.43Not Due
23/12/2019£1,230.41£1,058.37£172.04Not Due
23/01/2020£1,230.41£1,072.96£157.45Not Due
23/02/2020£1,230.41£1,087.75£142.66Not Due
23/03/2020£1,230.41£1,102.75£127.66Not Due
23/04/2020£1,230.41£1,117.95£112.46Not Due
23/05/2020£1,230.41£1,133.36£97.04Not Due
23/06/2020£1,230.41£1,148.99£81.42Not Due
23/07/2020£1,230.41£1,164.83£65.58Not Due
23/08/2020£1,230.41£1,180.89£49.52Not Due
23/09/2020£1,230.41£1,197.17£33.24Not Due
23/10/2020£1,230.41£1,213.67£16.73Not Due