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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: Kempsey Goodison Limited Company Number: 06043406
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 6-10 years
Business Location: SOUTHAMPTON

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge created over all assets of applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Jonathan Charles Kempsey

Est. Equity: 0.00

2nd Charge on Residential Property - Second priority legal charge over personally-owned residential property

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

Kempsey Goodison Ltd owns and operates 4 Subway franchises in the New Forest district of Hampshire. The first store opened September 2007 in Totton and New Milton December 2008. The Company doubled in size during a busy 2014 by opening Hythe in July and Lymington in October. The flagship store of Totton was also fully refurbished in December.

We pride ourselves in serving an outstanding product and delivering great service to a weekly customer base of 5-7,000 customers, many of whom are regular repeat visitors forming the loyal base. The Company employees over 50 team members. These are predominantly of the job-starved demographic of 16 to 24 year olds. Sales in the New Forest increase April through to October, where with additional seasonal staff the team numbers will rise to around 75.

The Company is owned and operated in a hands-on manner by the Managing Director Jonny Kempsey, 35. Having always lived in the area, the business goal has been to have 5 stores in the major towns in the New Forest. Jonny has been Franchisee Of The Year in 2009, and was awarded the accolade again in November 2014. In addition, Jonny is the Chairman of the Regional Subway Advertising Board (Meridian) looking after a budget for 175 stores.

The four Kempsey Goodison Limited stores are all located in Hampshire at the following addresses:

- 3-5 Water Lane, Totton, SO40 3DF

- Units 6/7 The Marsh, Pylewell Road, Hythe, SO45 6AP

- 127-128 High Street, Lymington, SO41 9AQ

- Station Road (North), New Milton, BH25 6HY

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

We would like the loan to refinance some short term (1 and 2 year) higher interest facilities. All these agreements were entered in to in order to part fund two new Subway Stores in the New Forest in 2014. A High St. bank withdrew support at the last moment, leaving options – and time – limited. Whilst these agreements worked well in funding the builds and are being serviced through generated profits of the combined 4 Stores in the Company portfolio, it will be highly advantageous to the Company to have these agreements refinanced over 5 years leaving considerable spare cash flow.

The loan will be used for the following:

£10k- working Capital

£20k- Consolidate Merchant Money loan

£10k- Consolidate UBC loan.

15k Consolidate Ezbob loan

20k Consolidate Fleximize loan

The proposed £81,000 loan (forecast repayment cost of £2000-2100 per month) will save £6,500 per month on the existing repayment schedule – which is being met out of existing cash flow.

Why consider investing?

We have been trading 7 and half years making us well established in the New Forest. Our first two stores opened in 2007 and 2008, and two more in 2014.

The oldest store was also fully refurbished in December 2014. Turnover has increased every year which has helped us expand in to all our locations. Planning on opening 1 more shop, ideally in Ringwood, within the next 3 years, helping growth even more. All 4 stores are profitable with the 2 new stores looking to achieve double-digit growth each year for the next three consecutive years as customer awareness increases.


The loan is to be secured on 3 director guarantors, a 2nd charge on a personal property and a 2nd priority All Assets debenture behind HSBC for the Overdraft facility.

The Directors have a combined estimate net worth of £222k. Primarily through ownership of properties with a combined estimate value of £505 and equity of £217k.

The Second Charge will be placed on a personal property with an estimate value of £ 285k and equity of approximately £63k

01/12/2015£2,264.16£1,332.64£931.52 (7 days late)
01/02/2016£2,264.16£1,366.70£897.46 (7 days late)
01/03/2016£2,264.16£1,384.06£880.10 (21 days late)
01/05/2016£2,264.16£1,419.44£844.72 (17 days late)
01/06/2016£826.69£0.00£826.69Interest only
01/07/2016£2,264.16£1,437.47£826.69 (33 days late)
01/08/2016£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/09/2016£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/10/2016£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/11/2016£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/12/2016£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/01/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/02/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/03/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/04/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/05/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/06/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/07/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/08/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/09/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/10/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/11/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/12/2017£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/01/2018£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/02/2018£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/03/2018£808.44£0.00£808.44Interest only
01/04/2018£2,264.16£1,455.72£808.44533 days overdue
01/05/2018£2,264.16£1,474.21£789.95503 days overdue
01/06/2018£2,264.16£1,492.93£771.23472 days overdue
01/07/2018£2,264.16£1,511.89£752.27442 days overdue
01/08/2018£2,264.16£1,531.09£733.07411 days overdue
01/09/2018£2,264.16£1,550.54£713.62380 days overdue
01/10/2018£2,264.16£1,570.23£693.93350 days overdue
01/11/2018£2,264.16£1,590.17£673.99319 days overdue
01/12/2018£2,264.16£1,610.37£653.79289 days overdue
01/01/2019£2,264.16£1,630.82£633.34258 days overdue
01/02/2019£2,264.16£1,651.53£612.63227 days overdue
01/03/2019£2,264.16£1,672.50£591.66199 days overdue
01/04/2019£2,264.16£1,693.74£570.42168 days overdue
01/05/2019£2,264.16£1,715.26£548.90138 days overdue
01/06/2019£2,264.16£1,737.04£527.12107 days overdue
01/07/2019£2,264.16£1,759.10£505.0677 days overdue
01/08/2019£2,264.16£1,781.44£482.7246 days overdue
01/09/2019£2,264.16£1,804.06£460.1015 days overdue
01/10/2019£2,264.16£1,826.98£437.18Not Due
01/11/2019£2,264.16£1,850.18£413.98Not Due
01/12/2019£2,264.16£1,873.68£390.48Not Due
01/01/2020£2,264.16£1,897.47£366.69Not Due
01/02/2020£2,264.16£1,921.57£342.59Not Due
01/03/2020£2,264.16£1,945.97£318.19Not Due
01/04/2020£2,264.16£1,970.69£293.47Not Due
01/05/2020£2,264.16£1,995.71£268.45Not Due
01/06/2020£2,264.16£2,021.06£243.10Not Due
01/07/2020£2,264.16£2,046.73£217.43Not Due
01/08/2020£2,264.16£2,072.72£191.44Not Due
01/09/2020£2,264.16£2,099.04£165.12Not Due
01/10/2020£2,264.16£2,125.70£138.46Not Due
01/11/2020£2,264.16£2,152.70£111.46Not Due
01/12/2020£2,264.16£2,180.04£84.12Not Due
01/01/2021£2,264.16£2,207.72£56.44Not Due
01/02/2021£2,264.16£2,235.76£28.40Not Due