Other human health activities

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£97.85 +0.50% £98.34 16.63%
£48.93 +0.50% £49.17 16.63%
£97.85 +1.00% £98.83 16.27%
£19.57 +2.00% £19.96 15.55%
£19.57 +2.50% £20.06 15.20%

About the Business

Company Name: L&N SERVICES LIMITED Company Number: 07317918
Business Type: Other human health activities Years Trading: 5-10 years
Business Location: York

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr John Hollins [£0 value assigned as an equitable charge is also offered]

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mrs Hollins [£0 value assigned as an equitable charge is also offered]

Est. Equity: 0.00

Legal Charge - Second priority legal charge over the property owned by the director

Est. Equity: 70000.00

All Assets Debenture - Second priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of the applicant business

Est. Equity: 0.00

All Assets Debenture - Second priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of the holding company, MARTON HOLDINGS LIMITED (11209267)

Est. Equity: 0.00

Corporate Guarantee - CG from the holding company, MARTON HOLDINGS LIMITED (11209267)

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

May not produce Management Accounts
This company may not prepare management accounts on a regular basis
High level of borrowings
This business has a high level of borrowings in relation to its turnover
High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity
Marginal Growth
This company has shown low levels of growth over recent financial reporting periods
Low Operating Margin
This business may not be efficiently converting revenue into profit
Director/s has a poor personal credit history
A director/s have previous blemishes on their personal credit report

Important Files

Who are we?

L&N Services trade as Bluebird Care (York) and deliver homecare and support services throughout the York City Council area which includes Clifton Moor, Acomb, Rawcliffe, Skelton, Dunnington, Strensall, Wigginton, Haxby, Heworth, Holgate, Fulford, Copmanthorpe, Osbaldwick, Woodthorpe, Huntington, Bishopthorpe.

Bluebird Care UK first opened its doors in 2004 as a small family business dedicated to providing high quality homecare services.It has now grown into a leading care at home provider, delivering around 20,000 visits each day right across the country. Our commitment to delivering the services you want, how you want them, in the comfort of your own home is stronger now than ever. Bluebird branches are all franchised and are the largest provider of private homecare in the UK. The growth potential for the sector is huge, the number of older people, the main market for care, will increase dramatically over the next fifteen years and the government is on the verge of announcing new plans to assist with funding.

Bluebird Care (York) opened their offices in March 2011 delivering home care within a matter of days. We are part of the successful Bluebird Care network which has over 200 offices in the UK and Ireland and we provide a full range of care services from shopping and companionship to full personal care including live-in care to the York area.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

Funds are required in order to fund the ongoing growth of the company, we intend recruit and train new staff to our exacting standards, purchase Pool Cars so that we can ensure staff and patients have safe reliable transport and to invest in our online technology, improving our website. There are opportunities to increase the geographical coverage outside the City Of York area.

Why consider investing?


This loan will be secured by way of Personal Guarantees, an All Assets Debenture and a second priority property charge.

A PG will be provided by the sole director, Mr John Hollins and his wife. The guarantors have a combined estimated net worth of £10,000 derived from their joint-ownership of a property with an estimated £70,000 equity. No value has been assigned to the PGs as an equitable charge is also being offered over this property.

A legal charge will be taken over the above mentioned property. The property is a domestic residence with an estimated value of £500,000 and £70,000 estimated equity to be covered by our charge.The charge will be second in priority and will sit behind the directors' mortgage..

Debentures will be taken over the applicant business and operating company, L&N Services Limited and the holding company, Marton Holdings Limited. This will create second priority fixed and floating charges over all assets of both businesses, sitting behind the existing charge in favour of HSBC. The assets comprise of fixed assets (computers, office equipment and fixtures and fittings) with a book value of around £8,000, plus a debtor book with around £38,000 outstanding (figures taken from the Dec 18 management accounts). As the debenture will be second priority, no realisable value has been assigned. It will however still confer the normal debenture powers, which include secured creditor status and the ability to appoint administrators.

To complete the security package, a corporate guarantee for the debt will also be provided by the holding company, Marton Holdings Limited.

11/10/2019£2,672.15£1,637.25£1,034.90Not Due
11/11/2019£2,672.15£1,660.33£1,011.82Not Due
11/12/2019£2,672.15£1,683.73£988.42Not Due
11/01/2020£2,672.15£1,707.46£964.69Not Due
11/02/2020£2,672.15£1,731.53£940.62Not Due
11/03/2020£2,672.15£1,755.93£916.22Not Due
11/04/2020£2,672.15£1,780.68£891.47Not Due
11/05/2020£2,672.15£1,805.78£866.37Not Due
11/06/2020£2,672.15£1,831.23£840.92Not Due
11/07/2020£2,672.15£1,857.04£815.11Not Due
11/08/2020£2,672.15£1,883.21£788.94Not Due
11/09/2020£2,672.15£1,909.76£762.39Not Due
11/10/2020£2,672.15£1,936.67£735.48Not Due
11/11/2020£2,672.15£1,963.97£708.18Not Due
11/12/2020£2,672.15£1,991.65£680.50Not Due
11/01/2021£2,672.15£2,019.72£652.43Not Due
11/02/2021£2,672.15£2,048.19£623.96Not Due
11/03/2021£2,672.15£2,077.06£595.09Not Due
11/04/2021£2,672.15£2,106.33£565.82Not Due
11/05/2021£2,672.15£2,136.02£536.13Not Due
11/06/2021£2,672.15£2,166.13£506.02Not Due
11/07/2021£2,672.15£2,196.66£475.49Not Due
11/08/2021£2,672.15£2,227.62£444.53Not Due
11/09/2021£2,672.15£2,259.02£413.13Not Due
11/10/2021£2,672.15£2,290.86£381.29Not Due
11/11/2021£2,672.15£2,323.14£349.01Not Due
11/12/2021£2,672.15£2,355.89£316.26Not Due
11/01/2022£2,672.15£2,389.09£283.06Not Due
11/02/2022£2,672.15£2,422.77£249.38Not Due
11/03/2022£2,672.15£2,456.91£215.24Not Due
11/04/2022£2,672.15£2,491.54£180.61Not Due
11/05/2022£2,672.15£2,526.66£145.49Not Due
11/06/2022£2,672.15£2,562.27£109.88Not Due
11/07/2022£2,672.15£2,598.38£73.77Not Due
11/08/2022£2,672.15£2,635.01£37.14Not Due