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£4.12 +1.50% £4.18 15.90%
£2.06 +1.50% £2.09 15.90%
£10.30 +4.60% £10.77 7.70%
£4.04 +4.25% £4.22 7.63%
£4.04 +4.45% £4.22 7.11%

About the Business

Company Name: LTT SME LTD Company Number: 06937713
Business Type: Technology Years Trading: 4-5 years
Business Location: LONDON

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All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge created over all assets of applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Director and majority shareholder

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

Lenders should be aware that this loan has recently been refactored. The original loan listing including the previous repayment schedule can be found here Our company provides bespoke datacentre and cloud services to SMEs across Europe. We generally provide a full turnkey service to our customers taking their concepts and turning them into reality irrespective whether solution requires programming, engineering or datacentre services. We focus on specific niches where we can draw on our twenty years of real world experience for the benefit of our customer.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

In 2013, we requested £100,000 from RBS members and the loan was funded a week or so later. Thanks to the support from RBS and its members, we completed our US acquisition on time and in budget. We subsequently came back and increased our borrowing to £150,000 and again RBS members came up trumps for us and we completed our European acquisition. We are hoping you will be able to do it again for us. Over the past six months we have consolidated our acquisitions and ready for the next period of growth - opening the doors to our datacentres and cloud computing facilities to small and medium businesses in Europe and the US. In order to do this in a controlled and managed fashion, we first need to increase our network capacity both in Europe and the US as we are approaching 80% utilisation on our backbone. This will require us to upgrade part of the equipment in our core network and also increase contracted capacity with our fibre operators. Secondly we intend to open a new datacentre in Stockholm, Sweden to address the surging demand from the Nordic region (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden) for our service. Many companies in this territory have a requirement to host their sensitive data within the region governed by the Helsinki Treaty. This currently limits the type of customer we can attract from this area. We have chosen Sweden as I have six years experience working there and have successfully opened datacentres in Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo in the late 1990’s. Simultaneously as we wrap up the upgrades and new build, we will have our marketing agency complete our public facing website and begin the marketing/PR operation. This will allow us to expand our market presence and begin bringing in customers organically rather than through word-of-mouth as it is today.

Why consider investing?

Historically our business has been built without loans or debts - we expanded organically and through self funding. In September last year, we borrowed £100,000 from Rebuilding Society members to complete an acquisition, which was completed on time, in budget and without any hiccups. We then increased our borrowing with RBS six months ago to £150,000 and again have completed our acquisition and roll-out on time and in budget. Additionaly we have one year’s perfect payment history with RBS. For the past six months we have been working on integrating our acquired businesses, streamlining the operation and growing our relationship with the customers we have acquired. This has delivered real dividends bringing us new customers through personal recommendations. We have again increased our asset base now circa £700k. Asset valuation is based on real-world market prices (eBay) rather than taking the full retail price and depreciating a few percent. Our asset value is very conservative and far exceeds the amount already borrowed and this additional £100k we are requesting leaves a surplus of approx £450k. Our turnover for the 9 months of fiscal year 2014 is 30% higher than the whole of fiscal year 2013; and profitability for the same nine-month period is nearly 2.5 times that of the whole fiscal year 2013. We have substantially exceeded our revenue and profitability projections. Our business model to acquire, integrate and streamline is working as we expected. Through our acquisitions we have been able to expand into new markets quickly and without the risk having to build a customer base in each market. I personally have 10+ years experience in the US market and 20+ years experience in the European market dating back to the dawn of the commercial Internet (1993). I have built a pan-European networks, rolled out datacentres acting as both the architect and project manager across these large deployments. I have specific market experience in Sweden having built three datacentres in Sweden in the late 90’s, delivered the first free internet service in the country and the first ISP to deliver local call access across Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Finland in 1995-1996. I do not foresee any issues opening our new datacentre. Sweden effectively closes during the summer months and comes back only in early September, we will want to get into our final lease negotiations whilst the landlord representatives are fresh and eager to start closing deals. On the network expansion, again I do not see any concerns. We will want to leverage the end of quarter/end of year coming up for many carriers at the end of this month. This will allow us to push for deeper discounts in return for commitments this month. Its common place to be able to obtain 30-40% additional discount during these periods. We already have soft-orders on the equipment required for the expansion, we have already secured substantial discounts on the equipment. In terms of asset security in US and EU – RBS is holding a debenture over the company. Recovering assets in the US is an extremely simple process. Given that the business is profitable, it could be sold by a broker as a going-concern and would generate considerably more than the raw asset value. These types of businesses are very easy to sell. Asset recovery in Europe/UK is just as easy – as the European courts will also accept bankruptcy proceedings from one member state to apply to assets in another member state via an European Enforcement Order (EC Reg 805/2004). So in the event of default, a winding up petition in the UK would be valid for recourse against the UK, Dutch Swedish and US assets. ReBSoc Note On Security Offered - The Personal Guarantee given by the Director is larger than the Directors current Net Assets. As such in the event of default the PG would not cover the outstanding debt. Security The loan is to be secured by a Personal guarantee and All Assets Debenture

28/08/2016£6,847.32£3,438.34£3,408.98 (12 days late)
28/03/2018£6,847.32£4,661.66£2,185.65 (6 days late)
28/05/2019£1,013.60£0.00£1,013.60Interest only
28/08/2019£823.66£0.00£823.66Interest only
28/09/2019£6,847.32£6,023.66£823.66Not Due
28/10/2019£6,847.32£6,120.94£726.38Not Due
28/11/2019£6,847.32£6,219.79£627.53Not Due
28/12/2019£6,847.32£6,320.23£527.09Not Due
28/01/2020£6,847.32£6,422.30£425.02Not Due
28/02/2020£6,847.32£6,526.02£321.30Not Due
28/03/2020£6,847.32£6,631.41£215.91Not Due
28/04/2020£6,847.32£6,738.50£108.82Not Due