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About the Business

Company Name: MADE'S BANANA FLOUR LIMITED Company Number: 11703554
Business Type: ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD SERICE ACTIVITIES Years Trading: Less than 2 years
Business Location: London

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About the Security

Security Offered:

All Assets Debenture - First priority fixed and floating charge over the applicant company The main asset of this business will be the stock it holds on premixes purchased and held for redistribution.

Est. Equity: 0.00

Corporate Guarantee - Corporate guarantee from the Singapore-based manufacturer of premixes

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

This listing contains disclosures from ReBS. Lenders are encouraged to read them in the profile tab
Unassessed Security
We have not assessed the value of the security
International group
Although the borrower company is a UK business, the group contains companies registered outside the UK. There is a risk with this structure that in times of difficulty the assets could be transferred overseas
No Personal Guarantee
No PG has been provided by the director. This means that a personal liability for the debt will not be created
Privately syndicated loan
This is a privately syndicated loan, crowdfunded by the business from known investors

Important Files

Who are we?

This is a private peer loan shared by the director of the business only with certain lenders. It has not gone through the same assessment of creditworthiness or security value that a publicly listed rebuildingsociety loan.

Made's Banana Flour Ltd is a newly established UK registered company. It has a license to distribute Made's Banana Flour products in the UK. It will apply a 25% margin to the cost of the premixes purchased from Singapore and retailers will be able to add 50% margin for resale of premixes. Food manufacturers should be able to generate 50% to 100% margin.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The company is raising debt capital principally to finance an inventory of market-ready products, initially a range of six gluten-free banana flour bakery pre-mixes. The pre-mixes are produced by the company's manufacturing partner in a state-of-the-art facility in Singapore and shipped to the UK. The products have a reassuringly long shelf-life.

Why consider investing?

All the products are certified and made to standards that exceed the EU food benchmarks. Margins for the products in the UK from manufactured/delivered price to wholesale are very healthy. The marketing opportunity in the UK for gluten-free and coeliac products is enormous and growing. Figures published in The Grocer in 2017 show a 40.1% growth to £806.1m in the gluten-free goods market in the year to July 16, 2017, following on from a 26.7% increase in the previous 12 months. In parallel with the Made's Banana Flour brand global roll-out, we will establish Made's Banana Flour in the UK as the trusted name in gluten-free baked goods.

06/07/2019£2,899.99£1,048.48£1,851.51 (10 days late)
06/08/2019£2,899.99£1,067.70£1,832.29 (8 days late)
06/09/2019£2,899.99£1,087.27£1,812.72Not Due
06/10/2019£2,899.99£1,107.20£1,792.79Not Due
06/11/2019£2,899.99£1,127.50£1,772.49Not Due
06/12/2019£2,899.99£1,148.17£1,751.82Not Due
06/01/2020£2,899.99£1,169.22£1,730.77Not Due
06/02/2020£2,899.99£1,190.66£1,709.33Not Due
06/03/2020£2,899.99£1,212.49£1,687.50Not Due
06/04/2020£2,899.99£1,234.72£1,665.27Not Due
06/05/2020£2,899.99£1,257.35£1,642.64Not Due
06/06/2020£2,899.99£1,280.41£1,619.58Not Due
06/07/2020£2,899.99£1,303.88£1,596.11Not Due
06/08/2020£2,899.99£1,327.78£1,572.21Not Due
06/09/2020£2,899.99£1,352.13£1,547.86Not Due
06/10/2020£2,899.99£1,376.92£1,523.07Not Due
06/11/2020£2,899.99£1,402.16£1,497.83Not Due
06/12/2020£2,899.99£1,427.87£1,472.12Not Due
06/01/2021£2,899.99£1,454.04£1,445.95Not Due
06/02/2021£2,899.99£1,480.70£1,419.29Not Due
06/03/2021£2,899.99£1,507.85£1,392.14Not Due
06/04/2021£2,899.99£1,535.49£1,364.50Not Due
06/05/2021£2,899.99£1,563.64£1,336.35Not Due
06/06/2021£2,899.99£1,592.31£1,307.68Not Due
06/07/2021£2,899.99£1,621.50£1,278.49Not Due
06/08/2021£2,899.99£1,651.23£1,248.76Not Due
06/09/2021£2,899.99£1,681.50£1,218.49Not Due
06/10/2021£2,899.99£1,712.33£1,187.66Not Due
06/11/2021£2,899.99£1,743.72£1,156.27Not Due
06/12/2021£2,899.99£1,775.69£1,124.30Not Due
06/01/2022£2,899.99£1,808.24£1,091.75Not Due
06/02/2022£2,899.99£1,841.39£1,058.60Not Due
06/03/2022£2,899.99£1,875.15£1,024.84Not Due
06/04/2022£2,899.99£1,909.53£990.46Not Due
06/05/2022£2,899.99£1,944.54£955.45Not Due
06/06/2022£2,899.99£1,980.19£919.80Not Due
06/07/2022£2,899.99£2,016.49£883.50Not Due
06/08/2022£2,899.99£2,053.46£846.53Not Due
06/09/2022£2,899.99£2,091.11£808.88Not Due
06/10/2022£2,899.99£2,129.45£770.54Not Due
06/11/2022£2,899.99£2,168.49£731.50Not Due
06/12/2022£2,899.99£2,208.24£691.75Not Due
06/01/2023£2,899.99£2,248.73£651.26Not Due
06/02/2023£2,899.99£2,289.95£610.04Not Due
06/03/2023£2,899.99£2,331.93£568.06Not Due
06/04/2023£2,899.99£2,374.69£525.30Not Due
06/05/2023£2,899.99£2,418.22£481.77Not Due
06/06/2023£2,899.99£2,462.56£437.43Not Due
06/07/2023£2,899.99£2,507.70£392.29Not Due
06/08/2023£2,899.99£2,553.68£346.31Not Due
06/09/2023£2,899.99£2,600.50£299.49Not Due
06/10/2023£2,899.99£2,648.17£251.82Not Due
06/11/2023£2,899.99£2,696.72£203.27Not Due
06/12/2023£2,899.99£2,746.16£153.83Not Due
06/01/2024£2,899.99£2,796.51£103.48Not Due
06/02/2024£2,899.99£2,847.78£52.21Not Due