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Company Name: Mcc Building Services Limited Company Number: SC300671
Business Type: Building Services Years Trading: 6-10 years
Business Location: DUNFERMLINE

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Alastair John McCarry

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Who are we?

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From private housing contracts to Blue Chip commercial projects, we are experts in the entire range of internal and external finishing work packages. We work from a small Blue Chip customer base, our passion for quality keeps them coming back. Our management team have over 30 years experience.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The funding is requires to fund labour costs for taking on new contracts.

Why consider investing?

MCC have expanded by 70% over the last 2 years to circa £3m turnover. This has been a 100% general growth with a small Blue Chip customer base. Recent contract awards from our existing base equate to circa 90% of this years projected turnover for 2015. Alistair McCarry has a great reputation. MCC has been approached to tender for contracts by more Blue Chip companies who are aware and impressed by MCC. Opportunities are here to increase turnover to £5m in 2 years with a low risk client portfolio with respect to security of monies due.

Notes on Directors previous businesses

THE PETER WALKER GROUP: PWG were a multi discipline construction group. Mr McCarry joined the company in 1979 as an Assistant QS & progressed to Deputy Group MD in 1998.

Within the Group Mr McCarry was the MD for two of the operating companies ( PW Specialist Trades & Gyplok) having established & developed both companies to circa £25m turnover.

Both Companies traded profitably .

There was another operating company within the Group (Peter walker construction) which was not trading profitably . This led to the current owners of PWG (the walker family) to approach Mr McCarry to buy the group . Mr McCarry bought the Company in 2001 .

Initially the intention was to close the construction division but due to a decision to enter the development market it was decided that it would be beneficial to carry out their own construction work hence the decision was taken to expand the division to a level commensurate with their overhead. After a period of expansion it became apparent that there was issues with both the inherited & subsequent Work In progress .

Decision was taken to contract the Construction division & only undertake 'negotiated' contracts. The contraction of their turnover exposed the magnitude of the Work in Progress overcharge with a resultant detrimental effect on the balance sheet & the groups cash flow .

Although both PW specialist trades & Gyplok were profitable as their largest client was PWConstruction and there was Group guarantees in place the company was placed in receivership in 2006.

GYPLOK LTD: AMcC & Tom Dalgleish bought Gyplok from the receiver in 2006. The intention was to 'cherry pick' the PWST/Gyplok contracts . Company expanded/operated profitably . Majority of clients were 'blue chip' developers. Unfortunately the recession impacted significantly on Gyploks turnover with the developers putting the majority of projects on hold. The drop in turnover was exacerbated by a major dispute contract.

Gyplok took Muir Construction to adjudication & after a protracted adjudication procedure won their case (circa £500k award) . Muir refused to pay . Gyplok were then faced with the option of undertaking a protracted (and costly)legal process to obtain enforcement of the award or agreeing to a significantly reduced settlement. Tom D was the principle funder of Gyplok and with the depressed and uncertain state of the market he took the decision to pull his funding .

MCC BUILDING SERVICES LTD: Existing Gyplok contracts were taken over by MCC . Client base was primarily Taylor Wimpey,Persimmon,McCarthy & stone & cruden Homes. All contracts were Private Housing contracts which were low risk/non adversarial by nature. Fundamental pre requisites of MCC's procurement policy are;

(1) Financial strength/inherent security of payment of client.

(2) Simplicity of contract with 'minimal' risk of dispute,

Within the remit there is considerable room for 'generic' growth therein increasing the turnover/resultant gross profit to generate a significant net profit without increasing the risk profile of the company.

In Summary the fundamental business principles of MCC is to avoid the pitfalls of procuring a turnover commensurate with a large overhead with the inherent customer base that is the catalyst to contractual disputes. Hence contracts are procured to only 'blue chip' clients who AMcC has worked for under 'partnering' agreements over the last 25 years.


The loan is to be secured by way of Directors guarantee

The director has an estimate net worth of £113,700, primarily from equity of approximately £175k in a property with an estimate value of £800k