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£97.27 +0.50% £97.76 7.78%
£48.63 +0.50% £48.88 7.78%
£19.45 +0.75% £19.60 7.67%
£48.63 +1.00% £49.12 7.57%
£19.45 +2.50% £19.94 6.93%

About the Business

Company Name: MSD SERVICING LIMITED Company Number: 10544987
Business Type: CONSTRUCTION Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: London

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mehdi Djendi

Est. Equity: 0.00

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge over all assets of MSD Servicing Limited

Est. Equity: 75695.40

Risk Indicators Identified:

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Who are we?

Founded in 2017, MSD Servicing Limited had humble beginnings. Myself being at the core of all operational aspects from initial site visits, design proposal, quotation, to implementation and project handover.

This direct approach to the business provided me with immense knowledge of the industry and enabled me to take crucial decisions that helped build our success.

Due to this experience, a target demographic was agreed on. This helped us focus our resources to generate leads and improve our customer retention.

With our target demographic in mind, it is crucial to our business that we continue providing quality services at competitive rates. This is not achieved easily, however, our industry knowledge and relations have aided towards dealing with this challenge.

What does the future look like?

A brief look at our performance allows us to see a gradual growth with £651000 generated in 2017-2018 and £980000 generated in 2018-2019. With this in mind we aim to increase revenue by 30% for 2019-2020. We aim to achieve this by targeting local wealthy investors and providing them with the quality of service and industry expertise that they expect.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

In order to implement our future goals, we need this loan to fund our marketing and PR efforts thus aiding our aim of expanding our customer portfolio and increasing our lead conversion rates. We foresee that this effort will generate numerous projects leading to increase in revenue and a return on investment.

Why consider investing?

In the short time of being established, MSD Servicing have established a strong portfolio of clientele mainly through word of mouth. We achieved this by having a great team with immense industry experience.

The said team operates in a professional and organised manner, ensuring low overheads and maximum revenue generation.

The requested investment will be utilised strategically and handled by our capable management team to ensure the funds are utilised correctly and where needed, to ensure a return on investment.


This loan will be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee and an All Asset Debenture.

A Personal Guarantee will be provided by Mehdi Djendi, the sole director. Mr Djendi is not a homeowner and has a minimal estimated net worth.

An All Asset Debenture will be taken over the applicant company. This will create a first priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of the business. Contained within the charge will be fixed assets of £307,968, stock of £22,250 and a debtor book with £48,259 outstanding (figures taken from the 2019 filed accounts).

02/09/2019£506.11£345.36£160.75Not Due
02/10/2019£506.11£347.64£158.47Not Due
02/11/2019£506.11£349.94£156.17Not Due
02/12/2019£506.11£352.25£153.86Not Due
02/01/2020£506.11£354.58£151.53Not Due
02/02/2020£506.11£356.93£149.19Not Due
02/03/2020£506.11£359.28£146.83Not Due
02/04/2020£506.11£361.66£144.45Not Due
02/05/2020£506.11£364.05£142.06Not Due
02/06/2020£506.11£366.46£139.65Not Due
02/07/2020£506.11£368.88£137.23Not Due
02/08/2020£506.11£371.32£134.79Not Due
02/09/2020£506.11£373.77£132.34Not Due
02/10/2020£506.11£376.24£129.87Not Due
02/11/2020£506.11£378.73£127.38Not Due
02/12/2020£506.11£381.24£124.88Not Due
02/01/2021£506.11£383.76£122.35Not Due
02/02/2021£506.11£386.29£119.82Not Due
02/03/2021£506.11£388.85£117.26Not Due
02/04/2021£506.11£391.42£114.69Not Due
02/05/2021£506.11£394.01£112.11Not Due
02/06/2021£506.11£396.61£109.50Not Due
02/07/2021£506.11£399.23£106.88Not Due
02/08/2021£506.11£401.87£104.24Not Due
02/09/2021£506.11£404.53£101.58Not Due
02/10/2021£506.11£407.20£98.91Not Due
02/11/2021£506.11£409.89£96.22Not Due
02/12/2021£506.11£412.60£93.51Not Due
02/01/2022£506.11£415.33£90.78Not Due
02/02/2022£506.11£418.08£88.03Not Due
02/03/2022£506.11£420.84£85.27Not Due
02/04/2022£506.11£423.62£82.49Not Due
02/05/2022£506.11£426.42£79.69Not Due
02/06/2022£506.11£429.24£76.87Not Due
02/07/2022£506.11£432.08£74.03Not Due
02/08/2022£506.11£434.94£71.17Not Due
02/09/2022£506.11£437.81£68.30Not Due
02/10/2022£506.11£440.71£65.40Not Due
02/11/2022£506.11£443.62£62.49Not Due
02/12/2022£506.11£446.55£59.56Not Due
02/01/2023£506.11£449.51£56.60Not Due
02/02/2023£506.11£452.48£53.63Not Due
02/03/2023£506.11£455.47£50.64Not Due
02/04/2023£506.11£458.48£47.63Not Due
02/05/2023£506.11£461.51£44.60Not Due
02/06/2023£506.11£464.56£41.55Not Due
02/07/2023£506.11£467.63£38.48Not Due
02/08/2023£506.11£470.73£35.39Not Due
02/09/2023£506.11£473.84£32.27Not Due
02/10/2023£506.11£476.97£29.14Not Due
02/11/2023£506.11£480.12£25.99Not Due
02/12/2023£506.11£483.30£22.81Not Due
02/01/2024£506.11£486.49£19.62Not Due
02/02/2024£506.11£489.71£16.40Not Due
02/03/2024£506.11£492.95£13.17Not Due
02/04/2024£506.11£496.20£9.91Not Due
02/05/2024£506.11£499.48£6.63Not Due
02/06/2024£506.11£502.79£3.32Not Due