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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: Perfectionist Projects Limited Company Number: 06818583
Business Type: Business Services Years Trading: 5-10 years
Business Location: POLEGATE

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - Done (PG from director and majority shareholder)

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

High level of borrowings
This business has a high level of borrowings in relation to its turnover
Previous Failed Businesses
One or more of the directors has been involved in a failed business
Below Average Business Credit Rating
A 3rd party credit rating agency has indicated that this business is above average risk.
Notable Dividends Taken
More than 50% of Net Profit has been taken as dividends within at least one of the assessed periods

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Who are we?

Perfectionist Projects Ltd has been established since 2009 as a nationwide signage company with head office in Polegate, East Sussex. The team of signage experts collectively have 300 years’ signage and re-branding experience. PPL customers include local and national shop owners, sign trade clients, designers and architects through to corporate accounts with blue chip companies and with service offering being the same for all – professional signage solutions at very competitive rates.

"Claire Hardy founded Perfectionist Projects in 2009 with a vision to offer freelance, flexible resource to the signage and re-branding industry; utilizing hundreds of global contracts made during her 15 years working for Plums Signs, Collins Signs and Hawes Signs. Claire has hands on experience starting in the industry as a production controller in 1994 moving to become a Purchasing Manager responsible for £5M annual spend, stock holding and supplier network.

The core team has more than 300 years experience in executing CI rebrand programs for blue chip clients. Claire's experience includes: Project Manager for Hawes Signs - managing re-branding roll out programs for Nissan GB, Toyota GB, Iveco and Topaz Petroleum.

Since founding PPL Claire has been involved in a number of re-branding programs for blue chip clients within retail, pharmaceutical, supermarket, petroleum and financial market sectors on behalf of trade clients. Claire's experience from both the supply and demand sides of the business givers a solid foundation for directing Perfectionist Projects successfully towards their business goals, which is undoubtedly the reason the business has developed into the company it is today.

Claire is supported by Steven Heales – Operations Director. Steve Joined the team in 2011 to support a major petroleum re-branding project in a technical site surveyor capacity, then went onto carry out site supervision responsibilities. This field experience built upon Steve’s previous experience in site project management of new build electrical construction projects for companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals. Steve is qualified to NVQ Level 3 16th Edition Electrical Installations and has CSCS, UKATA, UKPIA, IPAF and PASMA certification, which together qualifies him to be able to manage the operational side of the business."

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The funds sought are to be used for working capital / expansion purposes. This year has seen a strong growth as a result of continued business development activities, resulting in turnover increase of 226% to 2015, which was a direct result of increasing the number of installation crews in the field from 1 in 2014 to 8 today. This is based on the levels of inquiries we take along side the increase of installations teams. The funds sought will enable the installation crew to increase further, thereby enabling a greater number of projects to executed, thus achieving target t/o of 2.5M by 2017

Why consider investing?

PPL has been established 7 years and has built a sound reputation providing a flexible resource to the signage and re-branding industry. The business has grown from 240k in Feb 2014 to 929k to Feb 2015; Profits of 22k. 10 Months MI to Dec 15 confirm t/o 1M with NP of 43k - which demonstrate the serviceability of the requested loan.

Rebs Disclosure

At February 2014 the dividends stood at £12,200


This loan is to be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee provided by the Director of the company.

The director has an estimate net worth of £79,600, this is based on a personal property with an Est. Value of £295k and Est. Equity of £95k.

13/04/2018£604.11£383.18£220.93 (66 days late)
13/05/2018£604.11£388.20£215.91 (65 days late)
13/06/2018£210.83£0.00£210.83Interest only
13/07/2018£210.83£0.00£210.83Interest only
13/08/2018£210.83£0.00£210.83Interest only
13/10/2018£604.11£398.43£205.68338 days overdue
13/11/2018£604.11£403.65£200.46307 days overdue
13/12/2018£604.11£408.93£195.18277 days overdue
13/01/2019£604.11£414.29£189.82246 days overdue
13/02/2019£604.11£419.71£184.40215 days overdue
13/03/2019£604.11£425.20£178.91187 days overdue
13/04/2019£604.11£430.77£173.34156 days overdue
13/05/2019£604.11£436.41£167.70126 days overdue
13/06/2019£604.11£442.12£161.9995 days overdue
13/07/2019£604.11£447.91£156.2065 days overdue
13/08/2019£604.11£453.78£150.3334 days overdue
13/09/2019£604.11£459.72£144.393 days overdue
13/10/2019£604.11£465.73£138.38Not Due
13/11/2019£604.11£471.83£132.28Not Due
13/12/2019£604.11£478.01£126.10Not Due
13/01/2020£604.11£484.27£119.84Not Due
13/02/2020£604.11£490.61£113.50Not Due
13/03/2020£604.11£497.03£107.08Not Due
13/04/2020£604.11£503.54£100.57Not Due
13/05/2020£604.11£510.13£93.98Not Due
13/06/2020£604.11£516.81£87.30Not Due
13/07/2020£604.11£523.57£80.54Not Due
13/08/2020£604.11£530.43£73.68Not Due
13/09/2020£604.11£537.37£66.74Not Due
13/10/2020£604.11£544.41£59.70Not Due
13/11/2020£604.11£551.53£52.58Not Due
13/12/2020£604.11£558.75£45.36Not Due
13/01/2021£604.11£566.07£38.04Not Due
13/02/2021£604.11£573.48£30.63Not Due
13/03/2021£604.11£580.99£23.12Not Due
13/04/2021£604.11£588.59£15.52Not Due
13/05/2021£604.11£596.30£7.81Not Due