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About the Business

Company Name: PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE LTD Company Number: 08326229
Business Type: Other human health activities Years Trading: 5-10 years
Business Location: Cardiff

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Stuart Barrow

Est. Equity: 367000.00

2nd Charge on residential property - Charge over rental property

Est. Equity: 90000.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity
Notable Dividends Taken
More than 50% of Net Profit has been taken as dividends within at least one of the assessed periods

Important Files

Who are we?

This is a returning borrower. The original loan was financed in August 2017. You can view the original loan profile here . If you have remaining capital outstanding on this loan you can transfer this capital to the new loan using Transfer Bids.

We are a private Occupational Therapy company who also run events for Occupational Therapists.

Promoting Independence is a company with a difference. We cater for individuals who through disability or illness could do with some help to overcome perhaps an environmental barrier or assist with a task that has been causing some difficulty.

We are a family based company small enough to care, but large enough to matter. Our director has over ten year’s expertise in Occupational Therapy within Local Authorities across the UK, with expertise in Equipment, Moving and Handling and Housing.

We’ve run nine events in 2019 and have a growth plan to run 10 in 2020 which we’ve launched and sold over 100 stands are are starting to invoice deposits for.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The money will be used to refinance, marketing campaign, employ a new in house marketing executive and an in house accounts assistant. Also, to develop a new event we’re launching next month officially to commence February 2020.

Why consider investing?

We are a great business developing our services across wales and expect to grow significantly over the next five years.


This loan is to be secured by way of a directors guarantee. The director has an estimate net worth of £367k. The guarantee will be accompanied by a 2nd charge over a rental property. The property has an estimate equity of £90k and an estimate value of £295k. The property is let on a 12 month serviced contract with corporate clients in place

14/10/2019£1,679.81£760.36£919.45Not Due
14/11/2019£1,679.81£770.47£909.34Not Due
14/12/2019£1,679.81£780.72£899.09Not Due
14/01/2020£1,679.81£791.10£888.71Not Due
14/02/2020£1,679.81£801.62£878.19Not Due
14/03/2020£1,679.81£812.28£867.53Not Due
14/04/2020£1,679.81£823.08£856.73Not Due
14/05/2020£1,679.81£834.03£845.78Not Due
14/06/2020£1,679.81£845.12£834.69Not Due
14/07/2020£1,679.81£856.36£823.45Not Due
14/08/2020£1,679.81£867.75£812.06Not Due
14/09/2020£1,679.81£879.29£800.52Not Due
14/10/2020£1,679.81£890.98£788.83Not Due
14/11/2020£1,679.81£902.83£776.98Not Due
14/12/2020£1,679.81£914.84£764.97Not Due
14/01/2021£1,679.81£927.00£752.81Not Due
14/02/2021£1,679.81£939.33£740.48Not Due
14/03/2021£1,679.81£951.82£727.99Not Due
14/04/2021£1,679.81£964.48£715.33Not Due
14/05/2021£1,679.81£977.30£702.51Not Due
14/06/2021£1,679.81£990.30£689.51Not Due
14/07/2021£1,679.81£1,003.47£676.34Not Due
14/08/2021£1,679.81£1,016.81£663.00Not Due
14/09/2021£1,679.81£1,030.34£649.47Not Due
14/10/2021£1,679.81£1,044.04£635.77Not Due
14/11/2021£1,679.81£1,057.92£621.89Not Due
14/12/2021£1,679.81£1,071.99£607.82Not Due
14/01/2022£1,679.81£1,086.25£593.56Not Due
14/02/2022£1,679.81£1,100.69£579.12Not Due
14/03/2022£1,679.81£1,115.33£564.48Not Due
14/04/2022£1,679.81£1,130.16£549.65Not Due
14/05/2022£1,679.81£1,145.19£534.62Not Due
14/06/2022£1,679.81£1,160.42£519.39Not Due
14/07/2022£1,679.81£1,175.85£503.96Not Due
14/08/2022£1,679.81£1,191.49£488.32Not Due
14/09/2022£1,679.81£1,207.33£472.48Not Due
14/10/2022£1,679.81£1,223.39£456.42Not Due
14/11/2022£1,679.81£1,239.66£440.15Not Due
14/12/2022£1,679.81£1,256.14£423.67Not Due
14/01/2023£1,679.81£1,272.85£406.96Not Due
14/02/2023£1,679.81£1,289.77£390.04Not Due
14/03/2023£1,679.81£1,306.92£372.89Not Due
14/04/2023£1,679.81£1,324.30£355.51Not Due
14/05/2023£1,679.81£1,341.91£337.90Not Due
14/06/2023£1,679.81£1,359.76£320.05Not Due
14/07/2023£1,679.81£1,377.84£301.97Not Due
14/08/2023£1,679.81£1,396.17£283.64Not Due
14/09/2023£1,679.81£1,414.73£265.08Not Due
14/10/2023£1,679.81£1,433.55£246.26Not Due
14/11/2023£1,679.81£1,452.61£227.20Not Due
14/12/2023£1,679.81£1,471.93£207.88Not Due
14/01/2024£1,679.81£1,491.50£188.31Not Due
14/02/2024£1,679.81£1,511.33£168.48Not Due
14/03/2024£1,679.81£1,531.43£148.38Not Due
14/04/2024£1,679.81£1,551.80£128.01Not Due
14/05/2024£1,679.81£1,572.43£107.38Not Due
14/06/2024£1,679.81£1,593.35£86.46Not Due
14/07/2024£1,679.81£1,614.53£65.28Not Due
14/08/2024£1,679.81£1,636.00£43.81Not Due
14/09/2024£1,679.81£1,657.76£22.05Not Due