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About the Business

Company Name: QUICK LINK CONSULTANCY LTD Company Number: 07574466
Business Type: INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION Years Trading: 5-10 years
Business Location: Essex

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Manish Mittal

Est. Equity: 157000.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Shweta Mittal

Est. Equity: 157000.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Losses Identified
This business has recorded losses in at least one of the last two financial years. See the finances tab for more information
High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity
This listing contains disclosures from ReBS. Lenders are encouraged to read them in the profile tab
No Personal Guarantee
No PG has been provided by the director. This means that a personal liability for the debt will not be created
Below Average Business Credit Rating
A 3rd party credit rating agency has indicated that this business is above average risk.

Important Files

Who are we?

We are an IT company focused on financial services sector. We started in 2011 and current have a team of 70 working in the UK. We provide software solutions and consulting services and our clients are banks, insurance companies and companies working in this sector. All our clients are large organisations and we have long term contracts with them. We have steadily grown in last 7 years and expect the same growth in the next few years.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

We do IT consulting work - so we bill our clients on T&M basis. As our consultants are on our PAYE; salaries have to be paid first and the invoices are paid later. We also have to hire staff first and them send them for billing. The loan is to fund the working capital and assist us in managing our operations smoothly.

Why consider investing?

We would also like to use our current situation in evolving a relationship with a funding organisations. The nature of our business is such that we hire teams first and bill them later - so such a relationship would be mutually beneficial in long run. We can hire more staff and hence grow revenue more easily and build up credibility with a funding organisation in long run - so then can trust us more in future requirements.


The applicant originally applied for £150,000. Following review, it was decided that this total loan amount would be split in two. £100,000 will be sought from stakeholders of the business including the director and shareholders. An additional £57,500 will be sought from ReBS lenders.

The private peer loan from the stakeholders of the business will be UNSECURED. To meet our security criteria and so as not to dilute the security coverage, the Personal Guarantee liability will only extend to the £57,500 that is being requested from rebuildingsociety.com lenders.


The private portion of this loan (£100,000 funded by existing business stakeholders) will not be covered by any security.

The £57,000 contribution being sought from ReBS lenders will be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee from the two directors and shareholders, Mr Manish Mittal and Ms Shweta Mittal.

Manish and Shweta have a combined estimated net worth of £314,700. They are the joint owners of 2 properties - their personal residence, a property with an estimated value of £450,000 and £200,000 equity and a second BTL property with an estimated value of £400,000 and £150,000 estimated equity.