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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: Scotland Electronics (International) Limited Company Number: sc113309
Business Type: Years Trading:
Business Location: Moray

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Personal Guarantee - PG from Mike Ramsay

Est. Equity: 0.00

Legal Charge - Second priority legal charge over Mike Ramsay\'s personal property

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

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Scotland Electronics International Ltd are specialists in the Design and Manufacture of High Performing Electronics for Harsh Environments. It provides client solutions across the Oil and Gas, Aerospace and Defence, and Industrial and Commercial sectors. The majority of our work is for blue chip companies. Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and BAE Systems are a few of our clients. We have recently won a contract in relation to one of our clients outsourcing £18M of work to the company. This will effectively increase our turnover seven fold over the next 3 to 4 years to approximately £21M.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan will have two main reasons, firstly it will be used to assist with cash flow as HIE has delayed payment of grant due to internal temporary budget constraints. We need an injection to assist with material supply continuity and employed labour costs.

The second reason is in preparation for the new contract to be started in the very near future as we will need to source office and production space and fund other set up costs as well as staff training in preparation for the contract starting.

Why consider investing?

Scotland Electronics has been trading successfully since 1979. Our clients are predominantly blue chip multi nationals and therefore our exposure to bad debt risk is minimal. We have a track record of engineering excellence in the sectors in which we operate. We are also have the support of Highland and Islands Enterprise. In the forthcoming year we will receive £700K of funding support.


the loan is to be secured by way of Directors guarantee and a second charge on the director's personal property

The Director has an estimate net worth of £275k, through ownership of is personal property

The 2nd charge will be on a personal property with an estimate value of £600k, and approximate equity of £280k

10/07/2015£2,953.99£1,315.90£1,638.09 (11 days late)
10/02/2016£2,953.99£1,448.41£1,505.58 (90 days late)
10/03/2016£1,485.60£0.00£1,485.60Interest only
10/04/2016£1,485.60£0.00£1,485.60Interest only
10/05/2016£1,485.60£0.00£1,485.60Interest only
10/06/2016£1,485.60£0.00£1,485.60Interest only
10/07/2016£1,485.60£0.00£1,485.60Interest only
10/08/2016£2,953.99£1,468.39£1,485.601104 days overdue
10/09/2016£2,953.99£1,488.66£1,465.331073 days overdue
10/10/2016£2,953.99£1,509.20£1,444.791043 days overdue
10/11/2016£2,953.99£1,530.03£1,423.961012 days overdue
10/12/2016£2,953.99£1,551.14£1,402.85982 days overdue
10/01/2017£2,953.99£1,572.55£1,381.44951 days overdue
10/02/2017£2,953.99£1,594.25£1,359.74920 days overdue
10/03/2017£2,953.99£1,616.25£1,337.74892 days overdue
10/04/2017£2,953.99£1,638.56£1,315.43861 days overdue
10/05/2017£2,953.99£1,661.17£1,292.82831 days overdue
10/06/2017£2,953.99£1,684.09£1,269.90800 days overdue
10/07/2017£2,953.99£1,707.33£1,246.66770 days overdue
10/08/2017£2,953.99£1,730.89£1,223.10739 days overdue
10/09/2017£2,953.99£1,754.78£1,199.21708 days overdue
10/10/2017£2,953.99£1,779.00£1,174.99678 days overdue
10/11/2017£2,953.99£1,803.55£1,150.44647 days overdue
10/12/2017£2,953.99£1,828.43£1,125.56617 days overdue
10/01/2018£2,953.99£1,853.67£1,100.32586 days overdue
10/02/2018£2,953.99£1,879.25£1,074.74555 days overdue
10/03/2018£2,953.99£1,905.18£1,048.81527 days overdue
10/04/2018£2,953.99£1,931.47£1,022.52496 days overdue
10/05/2018£2,953.99£1,958.13£995.86466 days overdue
10/06/2018£2,953.99£1,985.15£968.84435 days overdue
10/07/2018£2,953.99£2,012.54£941.45405 days overdue
10/08/2018£2,953.99£2,040.32£913.67374 days overdue
10/09/2018£2,953.99£2,068.47£885.52343 days overdue
10/10/2018£2,953.99£2,097.02£856.97313 days overdue
10/11/2018£2,953.99£2,125.96£828.03282 days overdue
10/12/2018£2,953.99£2,155.30£798.69252 days overdue
10/01/2019£2,953.99£2,185.04£768.95221 days overdue
10/02/2019£2,953.99£2,215.19£738.80190 days overdue
10/03/2019£2,953.99£2,245.76£708.23162 days overdue
10/04/2019£2,953.99£2,276.75£677.24131 days overdue
10/05/2019£2,953.99£2,308.17£645.82101 days overdue
10/06/2019£2,953.99£2,340.03£613.9670 days overdue
10/07/2019£2,953.99£2,372.32£581.6740 days overdue
10/08/2019£2,953.99£2,405.06£548.939 days overdue
10/09/2019£2,953.99£2,438.25£515.74Not Due
10/10/2019£2,953.99£2,471.89£482.10Not Due
10/11/2019£2,953.99£2,506.01£447.98Not Due
10/12/2019£2,953.99£2,540.59£413.40Not Due
10/01/2020£2,953.99£2,575.65£378.34Not Due
10/02/2020£2,953.99£2,611.19£342.80Not Due
10/03/2020£2,953.99£2,647.23£306.76Not Due
10/04/2020£2,953.99£2,683.76£270.23Not Due
10/05/2020£2,953.99£2,720.79£233.20Not Due
10/06/2020£2,953.99£2,758.34£195.65Not Due
10/07/2020£2,953.99£2,796.41£157.58Not Due
10/08/2020£2,953.99£2,835.00£118.99Not Due
10/09/2020£2,953.99£2,874.12£79.87Not Due
10/10/2020£2,953.99£2,913.78£40.21Not Due