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Company Name: Senate Training Ltd Company Number: 03980435
Business Type: Business Services Years Trading: 4-5 years
Business Location: STOKE ON TRENT

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Who are we?

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Senate Training Ltd is a leading provider of bespoke training solutions, with a client base comprising of many blue chip companies, the security industry and public sector bodies. Our commitment to training excellence ensures that every Senate programme is developed to meet specific client requirements and delivers tangible business benefits on every occasion. Training can be delivered at our Training and Conference Centre or on site at client premises. Senate is an accredited centre with Edexcel, BTEC, and Skills for Security, City and Guilds, The Institute of Leadership and Management, and holds a Health and Safety Executive licence for the delivery of first aid courses.

Incorporated within the services offered is a security consultancy business.

We offer the complete security solution to give you maximum peace of mind.

Providing market-leading audit and consultancy services to Government Departments, blue chip companies and industry, Senate Consultancy can assess the effectiveness of every aspect of your security and establish where improvements can be made.

Directed by Paul Keeling, a security specialist with more than 30 years counter-terrorism experience and advisor to many specialist anti-terrorism agencies, Senate Consultancy is also fully conversant with the very latest criminal techniques.

In addition, we have a strategic partnership with a team of international security specialists who ensure that we’re informed about the very latest terrorist threats and new counter-terrorism measure

Previous Companies

Senate First Aid

Senate Auditing and Consulting

Senate Workplace Development

With regard to the companies above. Our previous accountants advised us that it would strategically sound to create separate companies for the different facets of the business. We soon discovered that this was really a mistake and should not of followed that advice and gone down that path.

As a result, we changed accounts and took recommendation and chose a local, well established firm of accountants. Our new accountants confirmed that a group of companies was not required and can often be a typical means of accountants increasing their fees and the costs associated would not be worthwhile. We took the new advice and stopped the group formation. We decided to dissolve the above companies. The only creditors were the Directors (Mr & Mrs Keeling) no company creditor was involved and apart from our own costs lost, nobody lost out.

We have made £83,421 profit for the year ending May 2105. Should take into account that we would have had even more profit but we have successfully completed a major building project work creating the shell of the National Control Centre for Carillon from the cash flow over the past 9 months. We are very pleased with the results this year. Our net worth is significant and we have successfully entered several tender processes and won where our financial forecast was seen to be very strong. The development of the Annex Building to its maximum capacity is an opportunity for generating significant income in the future. Without exception the existing and new clients wish to fully utilise the services offered at Senate House and Annex. The success in the past 12 months is shown below:

We have had major success securing several new contracts and the renewal of existing contracts as follows:

• 10 year contract with Carillon - facilitating their National Security Control Centre at Senate House

• Savills UK - facilitating their National Security Control Centre at Senate House

• Shaftesbury PLC - appointed as Security Advisors for this highly prestigious property company -London Westend

• Secured deliver of Emergency Management Preparedness training at The Shard - London

• Secured a new 3 year Contract with Hammerson - Delivery of Emergency Management Training across their shopping centre portfolio. Won the contract against tough competition.

• Renewal of Quintiles Ltd contract for the 12th year - a global contract where Senate operates services into 66 countries.

• Renewal of the Westfield UK contract

• Renewal of Cordant Contract for the 15th year (formally Advance Security Limited)

• Opening of Dance School at Senate House

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

Reason for funding

1 Creation of Hospitality Facilities for staff , clients and potential clients a profit-making Cafe area within the Senate Annex Building.

Note: Staff currently based in our main building include the following:

• 17 staff and 2 Directors working for Senate

• 6 staff working for Bouygues (shift patterns)

• 8 staff working for Carillon

We also provide hospitality services for training candidates and visitors to Senate, Bouygues and Carillion. On a busy day, it is possible for there to be 50 adults in the main building. We are currently about to embark on the delivery of a programme of dance and fitness classes in our new building, which will bring a regular flow of clients into the dance studio.

We have also received requests from clients in relation to the provision of conferencing facilities, due to the high standards of customer service our staff provide, and also due to the location of our new building, which has grounds that slope down to a private lake, and is situated in an enviable location, having generated enormous interest from clients and potential clients who can envisage using at as a venue for meetings and conferences.

In light of this, the current arrangement to bring in food and refreshments for training courses and meetings seems to be inadequate and costly. It would seem prudent to provide a small café / coffee shop which can accommodate the requirements of the following:

1. All those who come to work in Senate House, including those employed by Senate, Bouygues and Carillion

2. Candidates on training courses delivered in our main building, Senate House, and the new annexe building / the dance studio.

3. The increasing demands for the provision of lunches / refreshments for visitors, clients and potential clients of Senate, Bouygues and Carillion

4. The market identified for conferencing facilities for potential clients.

There is a consequent requirement to equip catering facilities to meet with the required standards and the small and large equipment required in order to support a basic lunch / snack menu. It is also anticipated that the provision of good quality coffee would be popular and would have the potential to increase profit margins considerably.

2 Investment Required – current / existing contracts

We have entered into a partnership agreement with Carillon which involves the provision of a secure national control room inside our main building. The requirement is to comply with all the standards required for NSI accreditation for a Category 2 Gold Alarm Receiving Centre. This has already been achieved in partnership with another client (Bouygues) who operate within a similar facility in our main building. This will require considerable investment including the following:

1. Software Bold Gemini Alarm Monitoring Platform - major investment on a software platform that has the capability of receiving alarm signals from across the UK

2.CCTV Monitoring Equipment

3. Project Management - to enable alarm call signalling into the new Control Centre

4. Research and development into the provision of new on-line training courses

The market demands and contractual requirements for on-line training programmes are increasing rapidly. This obviously is labour intensive, and the requirements for additional support staff are becoming urgent. Investment in on-line tools and professional services

5. A new office and workshop for our IT team.

As there is a considerable requirement for the design and delivery of on-line learning programmes as indicated above, our current IT office cannot accommodate our entire team, and in addition, space is required for a workshop area. We plan to move our IT staff across into the new annex building but this will require investment into equipment which would include the following:

1. A multi core cable to be laid between the existing and new building with subsequent work needed on the car park surface

2. New desks and office furniture etc

3. Secure storage facility

4. Access control system to be extended from the main building

The existing Rebuildingsociety loan will be repaid from this loan.

Why consider investing?

Senate Training Ltd is a well-established company who is growing year on year. We have secured a number of new contracts with major organisations including government departments which increases our strength. We have never defaulted on any loan or credit agreement. All decisions to borrow money are not taken lightly and we would never enter into an agreement that we could not fulfil


The negative cost of £12636 in the P&L to May 2015 relates to maintenance was to do with the control room 2 construction and has been classified wrong on our nominal ledger, this is something we have made the accountant aware of, who is going to correct it when he completes the final accounts. It does not reflect a true loss

The Accounts displayed in the Financials tab to May 2015, are not yet finalised accounts.


The loan is to be secured by way of all Asset debenture and and personal guarantee from the directors.

The directors have an estimate net worth of approximately £552k. This is through ownership of 3 properties with a combined estimate value of £1.5m and equity of approx £655k.

11/08/2016£3,948.25£1,749.82£2,198.43 (12 days late)
11/01/2017£3,948.25£1,898.17£2,050.08 (30 days late)
11/06/2017£3,948.25£2,059.09£1,889.16 (15 days late)
11/11/2017£3,948.25£2,233.66£1,714.59 (6 days late)
11/01/2018£3,948.25£2,307.56£1,640.69 (8 days late)
11/02/2018£3,948.25£2,345.43£1,602.82 (12 days late)
11/03/2018£3,948.25£2,383.91£1,564.34 (10 days late)
11/05/2018£3,948.25£2,462.79£1,485.46 (13 days late)
11/06/2018£3,948.25£2,503.20£1,445.05 (36 days late)
11/07/2018£3,948.25£2,544.27£1,403.98 (26 days late)
11/08/2018£3,948.25£2,586.02£1,362.23 (44 days late)
11/09/2018£3,948.25£2,628.45£1,319.80 (31 days late)
11/12/2018£3,948.25£2,759.97£1,188.28 (9 days late)
11/01/2019£3,948.25£2,805.26£1,142.99 (14 days late)
11/02/2019£3,948.25£2,851.29£1,096.96 (14 days late)
11/03/2019£3,948.25£2,898.07£1,050.18 (15 days late)
11/04/2019£3,948.25£2,945.62£1,002.63 (13 days late)
11/05/2019£3,948.25£2,993.96£954.29 (12 days late)
11/06/2019£905.17£0.00£905.17Interest only
11/07/2019£905.17£0.00£905.17Interest only
11/08/2019£3,948.25£3,043.08£905.179 days overdue
11/09/2019£3,948.25£3,093.01£855.24Not Due
11/10/2019£3,948.25£3,143.76£804.49Not Due
11/11/2019£3,948.25£3,195.35£752.90Not Due
11/12/2019£3,948.25£3,247.78£700.47Not Due
11/01/2020£3,948.25£3,301.07£647.18Not Due
11/02/2020£3,948.25£3,355.23£593.02Not Due
11/03/2020£3,948.25£3,410.29£537.96Not Due
11/04/2020£3,948.25£3,466.25£482.00Not Due
11/05/2020£3,948.25£3,523.12£425.13Not Due
11/06/2020£3,948.25£3,580.93£367.32Not Due
11/07/2020£3,948.25£3,639.69£308.56Not Due
11/08/2020£3,948.25£3,699.41£248.84Not Due
11/09/2020£3,948.25£3,760.11£188.14Not Due
11/10/2020£3,948.25£3,821.81£126.44Not Due
11/11/2020£3,948.25£3,884.52£63.73Not Due