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About the Business

Company Name: SUNDERLAND SUPER STORE LTD Company Number: 08163240
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: SUNDERLAND

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge created over all assets of applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from director and majority shareholder)

Est. Equity: 0.00

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Who are we?

Sunderland Superstore Limited is run by Saqib Siddique Mohammed and Tahir Naveed.

The company operates a convenience store, selling groceries, tobacco, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Opening hours are, as one might expect, extended from 8am to 9pm and the company, now well established, enjoying a great relationship with its customers, all of whom are from the immediate locale, predominantly from the local Asian community.

Since inception in 2012, the directors have taken the business to its current trading level which should see turnover exceed £800K this financial year, delivering growth of 30%+ in the last 12 months.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

£32K is sought to allow the company to begin to broaden its stock base, enabling it to diversify into new areas, predominantly focused on its existing client base, aiming to carry a wider range of spices, rices, exotic fruits and vegetables etc, all sourced in bulk directly from, for example, Pakistan.

It is forecast that with this new range, additional sales of £250K or more will follow, which, assuming a margin of 18% will result in extra gross contribution of " with resultant increase bottom line profit. Buying in bulk will enable the company to not only increase margin in certain key lines, but also facilitate a marketing campaign which will deepen the penetration of the company into its specific target customer base.

Why consider investing?

The company balance sheet remains weak following the first year's trading where significant losses were incurred. However, year on year, profits are now being returned and the company is very much on an upward trajectory.

Trade creditors are inconsequential and all preferred creditors, specifically HMRC, are up to date.

Whilst the directors do not own their own properties, neither has any debt and the business has only the most modest of debt in the balance sheet. To give added comfort to potential lenders, the company will grant a first debenture over company assets, picking up, in effect, any stock with the balance sheet and the directors are to arrange Personal Guarantee Insurance.

If it would give lenders comfort, then the directors' loan could be formally subordinated to the ReBS loan facility if funded.


The loan will be secured by way of all assets debenture and personal guarantee (backed with personal Guarantee Insurance)

25/09/2015£830.45£333.58£496.87 (11 days late)
25/11/2015£830.45£344.24£486.21 (7 days late)
25/12/2015£830.45£349.69£480.76 (34 days late)
25/02/2016£830.45£360.87£469.581271 days overdue
25/03/2016£830.45£366.59£463.861242 days overdue
25/04/2016£830.45£372.40£458.051211 days overdue
25/05/2016£830.45£378.30£452.151181 days overdue
25/06/2016£830.45£384.29£446.161150 days overdue
25/07/2016£830.45£390.39£440.061120 days overdue
25/08/2016£830.45£396.57£433.881089 days overdue
25/09/2016£830.45£402.86£427.591058 days overdue
25/10/2016£830.45£409.24£421.211028 days overdue
25/11/2016£830.45£415.73£414.72997 days overdue
25/12/2016£830.45£422.32£408.13967 days overdue
25/01/2017£830.45£429.01£401.44936 days overdue
25/02/2017£830.45£435.81£394.64905 days overdue
25/03/2017£830.45£442.72£387.73877 days overdue
25/04/2017£830.45£449.74£380.71846 days overdue
25/05/2017£830.45£456.87£373.58816 days overdue
25/06/2017£830.45£464.11£366.34785 days overdue
25/07/2017£830.45£471.46£358.99755 days overdue
25/08/2017£830.45£478.94£351.51724 days overdue
25/09/2017£830.45£486.53£343.92693 days overdue
25/10/2017£830.45£494.24£336.21663 days overdue
25/11/2017£830.45£502.07£328.38632 days overdue
25/12/2017£830.45£510.03£320.42602 days overdue
25/01/2018£830.45£518.11£312.34571 days overdue
25/02/2018£830.45£526.33£304.12540 days overdue
25/03/2018£830.45£534.67£295.78512 days overdue
25/04/2018£830.45£543.14£287.31481 days overdue
25/05/2018£830.45£551.75£278.70451 days overdue
25/06/2018£830.45£560.50£269.95420 days overdue
25/07/2018£830.45£569.38£261.07390 days overdue
25/08/2018£830.45£578.41£252.04359 days overdue
25/09/2018£830.45£587.57£242.88328 days overdue
25/10/2018£830.45£596.89£233.56298 days overdue
25/11/2018£830.45£606.35£224.10267 days overdue
25/12/2018£830.45£615.96£214.49237 days overdue
25/01/2019£830.45£625.72£204.73206 days overdue
25/02/2019£830.45£635.64£194.81175 days overdue
25/03/2019£830.45£645.71£184.74147 days overdue
25/04/2019£830.45£655.95£174.50116 days overdue
25/05/2019£830.45£666.35£164.1086 days overdue
25/06/2019£830.45£676.91£153.5455 days overdue
25/07/2019£830.45£687.64£142.8125 days overdue
25/08/2019£830.45£698.53£131.92Not Due
25/09/2019£830.45£709.61£120.84Not Due
25/10/2019£830.45£720.85£109.60Not Due
25/11/2019£830.45£732.28£98.17Not Due
25/12/2019£830.45£743.89£86.56Not Due
25/01/2020£830.45£755.68£74.77Not Due
25/02/2020£830.45£767.65£62.80Not Due
25/03/2020£830.45£779.82£50.63Not Due
25/04/2020£830.45£792.18£38.27Not Due
25/05/2020£830.45£804.74£25.71Not Due
25/06/2020£830.45£817.49£12.96Not Due