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£10.00 +2.50% £10.25 18.60%
£10.00 +2.80% £10.28 18.43%
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About the Business

Company Name: THE SOPER GROUP LIMITED Company Number: 03327072
Business Type: REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES Years Trading: More than 10 years
Business Location: Kingston Upon Hull

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Neil Soper

Est. Equity: 50000.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from Michael Soper

Est. Equity: 50000.00

Corporate Guarantee - Corporate Guarantee from the parent company, SOPER HOLDINGS LIMITED

Est. Equity: 0.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

Below Average Business Credit Rating
A 3rd party credit rating agency has indicated that this business is above average risk.
Low Operating Margin
This business may not be efficiently converting revenue into profit
Notable Dividends Taken
More than 50% of Net Profit has been taken as dividends within at least one of the assessed periods
Decreasing Profit
Recent financial reports indicate that this business has experienced declining profit
Late Filing at Companies House
Either the financial statements, annual return or confirmation statement is currently overdue at Companies House

Important Files

Who are we?

The Soper Group Ltd. are a Hull based Construction and Building Maintenance Company. We are a family owned and operated business established in the mid 1980’s and becoming a Limited Company in 1997 We have a strong and long established client base.
Having enjoyed controlled growth in a number of construction sectors over the last few years we are now in a strong position to continue this growth. We can also look to move into other construction sectors.

We offer a wide range of services that include but are not restricted to:
• Building projects
• Large and small refurbishment projects
• Planned and reactive maintenance
• Electrical installation, service and maintenance (NICEIC Approved Contractor)
• Gas and plumbing installation, service and maintenance (Gas Safe Registered)
• Manufactured Joinery (BWF Accredited)

We fully employ qualified staff in all the main trades removing reliance on sub contractors in delivering projects. When required we have an extensive range of specialist and approved sub contractors to call upon.

We are CHAS Accredited and the Health and Safety of our staff and others is at the centre of how we plan and carry out any projects in which we are involved.

Our Staff hold relevant qualifications in their trade and we continue to develop their skills with an ongoing training programme.

Our 92 employed staff includes Bricklayers, Plasterers, and Joiners, Electricians, Gas Engineers, Plumbers, Decorators, Floor layers and Bench joiners. We also have a highly motivated management, supervisory and administration colleagues who make sure the business runs effectively.

We operate from our own office and factory in the centre of Hull carrying out the majority of our work in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

With a client base including blue chip companies such as Smith and Nephew, Arco, Howden Joiners, ABP and Ideal Boilers along with local authority work for Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and NPS we enjoy a reliable steady income stream.

At the head of the business are three highly driven Directors who have combined experience in the construction industry of 90yrs. They bring very different and individual strengths, talents and ideas together to form a team that is balanced, flexible and decisive in its actions.

We have grown via the hard work and commitment of the Directors and staff and by putting customer satisfaction at the centre of everything that we do. We have a very good reputation with our clients and locally.
The Soper Group Ltd has seen its turnover grow to around £ 5 million per year. Although last year will show a turnover of nearer to £ 9 million which included our first venture into the new build market. This sudden increase in turnover did have a negative effect on the business stretching its resource and having a knock on effect on its profitability. We are still feeling the effects that this increase has had on our cash flow.
We also undertook a strategy of buying investment property under Soper Holdings a plan originally embarked upon with the support of our Bank. Our recent issues have been brought about predominantly by the Bank changing their appetite for supporting the projects they originally embarked upon with us, this left us exposed and having to take on much more expensive borrowing than we had expected from the initial plans made with our Bank.
The effect on both Holdings and the trading company Soper Group being putting further strain on cash flow and preventing the intercompany borrowing being repaid into the trading company.
We have a very healthy future as we continue within the trading group to enjoy a good amount of profitable work. This in conjunction with the stronger budgeting and cash management makes us satisfied that we can increase the profitability of our current work and use cost control to assist in securing additional work in the future.
Hull is an area that has great potential for growth and Construction is always an important part in an areas development.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan is to assist us in overcoming a temporary difficulty as explained above.
We have a strategy in place which is to sell the properties in Soper Holdings Ltd to release equity to repay the intercompany debt and to offload the expensive borrowing.
This is a strategy which will work, it will just take some time to achieve as it is entirely subject to the market. Some properties have already been sold with several offers on others already in place.

Why consider investing?

We have a long established business with a strong relationships with our customer base of reliable “blue chip” customers. It is also a family business in which the Directors have worked hard and will continue to work hard. Younger family members are currently working in the business and are the future, having learnt their respective trades they are now taking on more responsibility. We have loyal, knowledgeable and trained staff and open relationships with our supply chain.
We have an investment portfolio that we aim to capitalise and repay the trading company.
We will then be able to concentrate on our strength.
Debt Servicing is proven and we would not enter into an agreement we could not fulfil.


This loan will be secured by way of two Personal Guarantees. PGs will be provided by the two directors, Neil and Michael Soper and a corporate guarantee from the parent company.

Michael has an estimated net worth of £400,000. This is derived from his ownership of five properties. His marital home, a property with an estimated £350,000 equity, three holiday lets with a combined equity of £600,000 and a BTL property with an estimated equity of £20,000. These properties are owned jointly with his spouse, giving a total estimated net worth of £400,000. The value of the PG on the overview page has been capped at £50,000.

Neil has an estimated net worth of £500,000. This is derived from his ownership of two properties. His domestic residence, a property with an estimated value of £1.7m and £1.25m estimated equity, and another property with an estimated £60,000 equity. These properties are jointly owned with his spouse, giving a total estimated net worth of £500,000. The value of the PG on the overview page has been capped at £50,000.

Finally, as the borrower company is a subsidiary, a corporate guarantee will be provided by the parent company, SOPER HOLDINGS LIMITED.

03/09/2019£1,583.16£730.79£852.37Not Due
03/10/2019£1,583.16£742.66£840.50Not Due
03/11/2019£1,583.16£754.71£828.45Not Due
03/12/2019£1,583.16£766.97£816.19Not Due
03/01/2020£1,583.16£779.42£803.74Not Due
03/02/2020£1,583.16£792.07£791.09Not Due
03/03/2020£1,583.16£804.93£778.23Not Due
03/04/2020£1,583.16£818.00£765.16Not Due
03/05/2020£1,583.16£831.28£751.88Not Due
03/06/2020£1,583.16£844.78£738.38Not Due
03/07/2020£1,583.16£858.50£724.66Not Due
03/08/2020£1,583.16£872.43£710.73Not Due
03/09/2020£1,583.16£886.60£696.56Not Due
03/10/2020£1,583.16£900.99£682.17Not Due
03/11/2020£1,583.16£915.62£667.54Not Due
03/12/2020£1,583.16£930.49£652.67Not Due
03/01/2021£1,583.16£945.59£637.57Not Due
03/02/2021£1,583.16£960.95£622.21Not Due
03/03/2021£1,583.16£976.55£606.61Not Due
03/04/2021£1,583.16£992.40£590.76Not Due
03/05/2021£1,583.16£1,008.51£574.65Not Due
03/06/2021£1,583.16£1,024.89£558.27Not Due
03/07/2021£1,583.16£1,041.53£541.63Not Due
03/08/2021£1,583.16£1,058.44£524.72Not Due
03/09/2021£1,583.16£1,075.62£507.54Not Due
03/10/2021£1,583.16£1,093.08£490.08Not Due
03/11/2021£1,583.16£1,110.83£472.33Not Due
03/12/2021£1,583.16£1,128.87£454.29Not Due
03/01/2022£1,583.16£1,147.19£435.97Not Due
03/02/2022£1,583.16£1,165.82£417.34Not Due
03/03/2022£1,583.16£1,184.75£398.41Not Due
03/04/2022£1,583.16£1,203.98£379.18Not Due
03/05/2022£1,583.16£1,223.53£359.63Not Due
03/06/2022£1,583.16£1,243.39£339.77Not Due
03/07/2022£1,583.16£1,263.58£319.58Not Due
03/08/2022£1,583.16£1,284.10£299.06Not Due
03/09/2022£1,583.16£1,304.94£278.22Not Due
03/10/2022£1,583.16£1,326.13£257.03Not Due
03/11/2022£1,583.16£1,347.66£235.50Not Due
03/12/2022£1,583.16£1,369.54£213.62Not Due
03/01/2023£1,583.16£1,391.78£191.38Not Due
03/02/2023£1,583.16£1,414.37£168.79Not Due
03/03/2023£1,583.16£1,437.34£145.82Not Due
03/04/2023£1,583.16£1,460.67£122.49Not Due
03/05/2023£1,583.16£1,484.39£98.77Not Due
03/06/2023£1,583.16£1,508.49£74.67Not Due
03/07/2023£1,583.16£1,532.98£50.18Not Due
03/08/2023£1,583.16£1,557.87£25.29Not Due