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£19.16 +5.00% £20.12 15.32%
£19.16 +5.50% £20.21 14.97%
£19.16 +6.00% £20.31 14.61%
£9.58 +8.00% £10.35 13.23%
£19.16 +8.90% £20.87 12.62%

About the Business

Company Name: TNR EXPORT PACKING LIMITED Company Number: SC469361
Business Type: MANUFACTURING Years Trading: 5-10 years
Business Location: Glasgow

About the Risk

Risk rating


Default rate


Bad debt rate


About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Mr Thomas Cochrane

Est. Equity: 22000.00

All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge over all assets of the applicant business

Est. Equity: 15000.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

May not produce Management Accounts
This company may not prepare management accounts on a regular basis
High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity
Below Average Business Credit Rating
A 3rd party credit rating agency has indicated that this business is above average risk.
High level of borrowings
This business has a high level of borrowings in relation to its turnover
Notable Dividends Taken
More than 50% of Net Profit has been taken as dividends within at least one of the assessed periods

Important Files

Who are we?

Established in 2012, We are the manufacturer of export packing, crate, pallets and industrial storage. Our main clients come from the Oil and Gas, Electrical and Mining industries.

Following recent growth we have moved premises and this has helped accelerate the business growth and we are winning more business, including some new long term contracts.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan is to allow us to purchase new stock and employ 2 new members of staff in order for us to meet the demands that the new contracts have presented. We anticipate that the new contracts will increase turnover by circa £15k per month to begin with, and as we bed in we will improve on this and also profitability.

Why consider investing?

As a business we have have grown steadily since we started and have always maintained excellent relationships with our creditors. We have strong relationships with our customers and established strong credit control procedures to keep cash flow strong.


This loan will be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee and Debenture.

A PG will be provided by the sole director, Mr Thomas Cochrane. Mr Cochrane has an estimated net worth of £22,000. This is derived from his sole ownership of his domestic residence, a property with an estimated value of £192,500 (derived from online estimates) and an estimated £30,000 of equity.

A debenture will also be taken over the applicant business. This will create a first priority fixed and floating charge over all assets of the business. The assets covered will be comprised of the stock being purchased with the loan proceeds, fixed assets (est £14,094) and the debtor book (est £64,126) according to their most recent filed accounts.

20/08/2019£986.73£581.95£404.780 days overdue
20/09/2019£986.73£591.05£395.68Not Due
20/10/2019£986.73£600.31£386.42Not Due
20/11/2019£986.73£609.70£377.03Not Due
20/12/2019£986.73£619.24£367.49Not Due
20/01/2020£986.73£628.94£357.79Not Due
20/02/2020£986.73£638.78£347.95Not Due
20/03/2020£986.73£648.78£337.95Not Due
20/04/2020£986.73£658.93£327.80Not Due
20/05/2020£986.73£669.24£317.49Not Due
20/06/2020£986.73£679.72£307.01Not Due
20/07/2020£986.73£690.36£296.37Not Due
20/08/2020£986.73£701.16£285.57Not Due
20/09/2020£986.73£712.14£274.59Not Due
20/10/2020£986.73£723.28£263.45Not Due
20/11/2020£986.73£734.60£252.13Not Due
20/12/2020£986.73£746.10£240.63Not Due
20/01/2021£986.73£757.78£228.95Not Due
20/02/2021£986.73£769.64£217.09Not Due
20/03/2021£986.73£781.68£205.05Not Due
20/04/2021£986.73£793.92£192.81Not Due
20/05/2021£986.73£806.34£180.39Not Due
20/06/2021£986.73£818.96£167.77Not Due
20/07/2021£986.73£831.78£154.95Not Due
20/08/2021£986.73£844.80£141.93Not Due
20/09/2021£986.73£858.02£128.71Not Due
20/10/2021£986.73£871.45£115.28Not Due
20/11/2021£986.73£885.09£101.64Not Due
20/12/2021£986.73£898.94£87.79Not Due
20/01/2022£986.73£913.01£73.72Not Due
20/02/2022£986.73£927.30£59.43Not Due
20/03/2022£986.73£941.81£44.92Not Due
20/04/2022£986.73£956.56£30.17Not Due
20/05/2022£986.73£971.53£15.20Not Due