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This loan may be behind with its repayment schedule and so microloan trading has been suspended while we work to help the business recover its repayment form. Please see the Loan Updates tab for recent updates.

About the Business

Company Name: TRANSCAR TRADING LIMITED Company Number: 09440593
Business Type: OTHER SERVICE ACTIVITIES Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: Durham

About the Risk

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - Mr Harding is not a property owner

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - Mrs Harding is not a property owner

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - Mrs M Harding - Property owner, mother of director

Est. Equity: 191800.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

May not produce Management Accounts
This company may not prepare management accounts on a regular basis
Low Liquidity
This business has a lower than average ratio of liquid assets to current liabilities
High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity

Important Files

Who are we?

We are a vehicle and transport logistics company, head quarters in Darlington.

We collect and move vehicles predominately for Bristol Street Motors throughout their 97 locations throughout the U.K. We also deal with Riverside Car Sales based in Middlesborough, J & S motors in Exeter, and we also offer a cover service for Evans Halshaw. For your reference we have 10 vehicles, plus eighteen staff which is made up of 16 drivers, plus 2 admin staff.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

There are two reasons for cash, we want to expand the business and we have the opportunity to start work with Lookers Plc, to assist them expand their Nissan and Renault Division. Breakdown of 25k – 12.5k (staff costs to support the lookers contract) 12.5k ( hand held systems to go paperless).

Even though we are looking to expand we have identified that the contract for Bristol Street Motors gives us a great platform, but leaves us exposed. The lookers contract great for our reputation in the industry, expansion plus its adds balance to our debtors, so we are not as highly concentrated.

Why consider investing?

Lenders should consider us because we have a great business model, fantastic scope to expand. We know what we're good at and plan to stick to our market of Vehicle Logistics.

We are looking for support not just this year, but in the next few years to come from rebuildingsociety to support our growth. We welcome your investment and your questions.


The loan is to be supported by two director guarantees from Mr D and Mrs L Harding, as well as a 3rd party guarantee from Mrs M Harding, who is the mother of one of the directors.

The directors are not property owners.

The third party guarantor is a property owner, owning two properties, with a combined estimate value of £250k and an estimate equity level of £218k.

03/11/2017£766.45£283.80£482.65 (6 days late)
03/12/2017£766.45£288.42£478.03 (39 days late)
03/01/2018£766.45£293.11£473.34594 days overdue
03/02/2018£766.45£297.88£468.57563 days overdue
03/03/2018£766.45£302.73£463.72535 days overdue
03/04/2018£766.45£307.66£458.79504 days overdue
03/05/2018£766.45£312.66£453.79474 days overdue
03/06/2018£766.45£317.75£448.70443 days overdue
03/07/2018£766.45£322.92£443.53413 days overdue
03/08/2018£766.45£328.18£438.27382 days overdue
03/09/2018£766.45£333.52£432.93351 days overdue
03/10/2018£766.45£338.95£427.50321 days overdue
03/11/2018£766.45£344.47£421.98290 days overdue
03/12/2018£766.45£350.07£416.38260 days overdue
03/01/2019£766.45£355.77£410.68229 days overdue
03/02/2019£766.45£361.56£404.89198 days overdue
03/03/2019£766.45£367.45£399.00170 days overdue
03/04/2019£766.45£373.43£393.02139 days overdue
03/05/2019£766.45£379.50£386.95109 days overdue
03/06/2019£766.45£385.68£380.7778 days overdue
03/07/2019£766.45£391.96£374.4948 days overdue
03/08/2019£766.45£398.34£368.1117 days overdue
03/09/2019£766.45£404.82£361.63Not Due
03/10/2019£766.45£411.41£355.04Not Due
03/11/2019£766.45£418.11£348.34Not Due
03/12/2019£766.45£424.91£341.54Not Due
03/01/2020£766.45£431.83£334.62Not Due
03/02/2020£766.45£438.85£327.60Not Due
03/03/2020£766.45£446.00£320.45Not Due
03/04/2020£766.45£453.26£313.19Not Due
03/05/2020£766.45£460.63£305.82Not Due
03/06/2020£766.45£468.13£298.32Not Due
03/07/2020£766.45£475.75£290.70Not Due
03/08/2020£766.45£483.49£282.96Not Due
03/09/2020£766.45£491.36£275.09Not Due
03/10/2020£766.45£499.36£267.09Not Due
03/11/2020£766.45£507.49£258.96Not Due
03/12/2020£766.45£515.75£250.70Not Due
03/01/2021£766.45£524.14£242.31Not Due
03/02/2021£766.45£532.67£233.78Not Due
03/03/2021£766.45£541.34£225.11Not Due
03/04/2021£766.45£550.15£216.30Not Due
03/05/2021£766.45£559.11£207.34Not Due
03/06/2021£766.45£568.21£198.24Not Due
03/07/2021£766.45£577.45£189.00Not Due
03/08/2021£766.45£586.85£179.60Not Due
03/09/2021£766.45£596.40£170.05Not Due
03/10/2021£766.45£606.11£160.34Not Due
03/11/2021£766.45£615.97£150.48Not Due
03/12/2021£766.45£626.00£140.45Not Due
03/01/2022£766.45£636.19£130.26Not Due
03/02/2022£766.45£646.54£119.91Not Due
03/03/2022£766.45£657.07£109.38Not Due
03/04/2022£766.45£667.76£98.69Not Due
03/05/2022£766.45£678.63£87.82Not Due
03/06/2022£766.45£689.67£76.78Not Due
03/07/2022£766.45£700.90£65.55Not Due
03/08/2022£766.45£712.31£54.14Not Due
03/09/2022£766.45£723.90£42.55Not Due
03/10/2022£766.45£735.68£30.77Not Due