Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation n.e.c.

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About the Business

Company Name: VICARAGE VENTURES LIMITED Company Number: 07470077
Business Type: Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation n.e.c. Years Trading: 5-10 years
Business Location: Chippenham

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About the Security

Security Offered:

Personal Guarantee - PG from Matthew Dodson

Est. Equity: 50000.00

Risk Indicators Identified:

High Debt-to-Equity Ratio
This company has a higher than average level of company debt in relation to its equity
This business has been identified as being seasonal and as such may struggle to meet financial obligations in quiet seasons
Previous Failed Businesses
One or more of the directors has been involved in a failed business
This listing contains disclosures from ReBS. Lenders are encouraged to read them in the profile tab

Important Files

Who are we?

This is a returning borrower. The original loan will be refinanced with this loan. Lenders with capital outstanding on the original loan are invited to use Transfer Bids to transfer their capital to the new loan. You can view the original loan and repayment history here

Vicarage Ventures Ltd was formed in 2010 take over my sole trading business by the same name which had been trading for 10 years previously.

We provide services and equipment principally to companies where I am a director & shareholder. We also have a community biomass heating system at The Old Vicarage. This gives guaranteed inflation linked income for another 20 years. Try and make us more sustainable we also have 8 kW of solar electrical energy on the site.

We opportunistically trade in assets when we feel we can make a good profit.

I'm enclosing a brief CV of myself. More information can be found on my LinkedIn profile and the company’s website

In short I use my extensive experience and qualifications (I gained an honours degree in economics and accountancy and qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Certified Accountant. I was an FCA and FCCA) to build a portfolio of no more 10 companies where I feel I can add value and create value for the company and myself.

The company is currently invested in: Base Structures UK Ltd, O V Ventures Ltd T/A Productiv Delivery, BookBarn International Ltd, Oriental Rugs of Bath Ltd, Innate Investments Plc, Banana Boxers Ltd, Rail Sidings Ltd, Adendale Ltd, Mattwill Ltd, de Fossard Communications Ltd and Vicarage Ventures Ltd.

We are currently looking to use our good credit rating to continue to support Productive Delivery and Rail Sidings Ltd. This will result in the ability to successfully charge substantial monthly management charges from Vicarage Ventures Ltd to the respective companies. For example in 2016 we used a £25,000 facility from Just Cash Flow to finance Base Structures UK Ltd in its early stages and the fee income from that company since has exceeded £200,000. It is now very successful and profitable company with great potential and the balance sheet value well in excess of £500,000. We expect to make a profit in the current year to 30th of November 2019 of over £200,000. I expect a significantly better result from Rail Sidings Ltd where the projected income in the next 12 months will exceed £5 million and produce a profit of at least £2 million. The projections for Productive Delivery are even better.

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?

The loan will be used principally as working capital, which is used to make the investments to earn the income to cover ongoing running costs. We will also use part of the new funds to pay off our existing loan with ReBS.

Why consider investing?

We are a well established company with a good balance sheet and a good profit record. The sole director has considerable experience in turning companies around and creating substantial value, as well as masterminding successful start-ups.

I have been a director of over 120 companies over the last 35 years and inevitably some of these have failed and approximately 8 have gone into some form of insolvency. In the scheme of things this is extremely low percentage. Nonetheless it does not help my credit rating. This has caused a problem with some lenders. If we were in the USA which are more entrepreneurial minded it would be viewed as an asset rather than a liability!


The current ReBS loan from this borrower had to be refactored after the borrower failed to keep to the repayment schedule. Lenders are advised to view the original (now refactored) loan application and the repayment history and loan updates tab for more information. This can be viewed here


This loan will be secured by way of a Personal Guarantee.

A PG will be provided by the sole director, Mr Matthew Dodson. Matthew has an estimated net worth of £1.8m. This is primarily derived from his joint ownership of his domestic residence, a property with an estimated value of £2.5m with an estimated £1.85m estimated equity. The current value of this property has been estimated by the applicant following conversations with local estate agents. It is substantiated through the client's submission of an estate agent's valuation, dated March 2013, which estimates a guide price in the range of £2m to £2.25m. The assigned PG value has been capped at £50,000 on the security tab as per our policy.

12/10/2019£1,390.20£516.29£873.91Not Due
12/11/2019£1,390.20£524.89£865.31Not Due
12/12/2019£1,390.20£533.62£856.58Not Due
12/01/2020£1,390.20£542.51£847.69Not Due
12/02/2020£1,390.20£551.54£838.66Not Due
12/03/2020£1,390.20£560.72£829.48Not Due
12/04/2020£1,390.20£570.05£820.15Not Due
12/05/2020£1,390.20£579.54£810.66Not Due
12/06/2020£1,390.20£589.19£801.01Not Due
12/07/2020£1,390.20£599.00£791.20Not Due
12/08/2020£1,390.20£608.97£781.23Not Due
12/09/2020£1,390.20£619.10£771.10Not Due
12/10/2020£1,390.20£629.41£760.79Not Due
12/11/2020£1,390.20£639.89£750.31Not Due
12/12/2020£1,390.20£650.54£739.66Not Due
12/01/2021£1,390.20£661.37£728.83Not Due
12/02/2021£1,390.20£672.37£717.83Not Due
12/03/2021£1,390.20£683.57£706.63Not Due
12/04/2021£1,390.20£694.95£695.25Not Due
12/05/2021£1,390.20£706.51£683.69Not Due
12/06/2021£1,390.20£718.27£671.93Not Due
12/07/2021£1,390.20£730.23£659.97Not Due
12/08/2021£1,390.20£742.38£647.82Not Due
12/09/2021£1,390.20£754.74£635.46Not Due
12/10/2021£1,390.20£767.31£622.89Not Due
12/11/2021£1,390.20£780.08£610.12Not Due
12/12/2021£1,390.20£793.06£597.14Not Due
12/01/2022£1,390.20£806.26£583.94Not Due
12/02/2022£1,390.20£819.69£570.51Not Due
12/03/2022£1,390.20£833.33£556.87Not Due
12/04/2022£1,390.20£847.20£543.00Not Due
12/05/2022£1,390.20£861.30£528.90Not Due
12/06/2022£1,390.20£875.64£514.56Not Due
12/07/2022£1,390.20£890.22£499.98Not Due
12/08/2022£1,390.20£905.03£485.17Not Due
12/09/2022£1,390.20£920.10£470.10Not Due
12/10/2022£1,390.20£935.42£454.78Not Due
12/11/2022£1,390.20£950.99£439.21Not Due
12/12/2022£1,390.20£966.82£423.38Not Due
12/01/2023£1,390.20£982.91£407.29Not Due
12/02/2023£1,390.20£999.27£390.93Not Due
12/03/2023£1,390.20£1,015.90£374.30Not Due
12/04/2023£1,390.20£1,032.81£357.39Not Due
12/05/2023£1,390.20£1,050.01£340.19Not Due
12/06/2023£1,390.20£1,067.48£322.72Not Due
12/07/2023£1,390.20£1,085.25£304.95Not Due
12/08/2023£1,390.20£1,103.32£286.88Not Due
12/09/2023£1,390.20£1,121.68£268.52Not Due
12/10/2023£1,390.20£1,140.36£249.84Not Due
12/11/2023£1,390.20£1,159.34£230.86Not Due
12/12/2023£1,390.20£1,178.64£211.56Not Due
12/01/2024£1,390.20£1,198.26£191.94Not Due
12/02/2024£1,390.20£1,218.20£172.00Not Due
12/03/2024£1,390.20£1,238.48£151.72Not Due
12/04/2024£1,390.20£1,259.09£131.11Not Due
12/05/2024£1,390.20£1,280.05£110.15Not Due
12/06/2024£1,390.20£1,301.36£88.84Not Due
12/07/2024£1,390.20£1,323.02£67.18Not Due
12/08/2024£1,390.20£1,345.05£45.15Not Due
12/09/2024£1,390.20£1,367.43£22.77Not Due