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Company Name: YEWSHORE LTD Company Number: 08457703
Business Type: Other Years Trading: 2-3 years
Business Location: WARMINSTER ROAD

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All Assets Debenture - Fixed and floating charge created over all assets of applicant company

Est. Equity: 0.00

Personal Guarantee - PG from director and majority shareholder

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Cross Corporate Guarantee - CCG provided by Anzoff Limited

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Who are we?

Please note that this business is run and owned by the same director as Anzoff Limited

Monkton Combe Filling Station is the trading name of Yewshore Limited

The attached business plan and projections is a brief insite into the trading activities of MONKTON COMBE FILLING STATION , which is situated in Bath , Wiltshire

The business plan provides an interesting insight into trading as an Independent petrol filling station along with information on the plans and changes that we are looking to whilst growing the business


Monkton Combe Filling Station is located on the outskirts of Bath and occupies a prominent position on the A36 from Bath to Warminster . It is in close proximity to the Kennet and Avon Canal . The business was previously run as a “family business” for the previous four years . Monkton Combe Filling Station is an operational Forecourt business and is currently trading under the Texaco and Spar brands . The filling station benefits from both passing and local trade customers


The Murco brand agreement runs until June 2018 . We also have the Spar corporate image too . We trade on a non-contractual basis with Spar which gives us not just the benefit of a well know global brand but the flexibility to use alternative suppliers for better pricing . The current fuel solus agreement was put in place in July 2013 . The agreement enables the business to remain fully competitive as price support is received from 2 marker sites with 3 miles .


Due to the economic climate , fuel purchasing has become a fundamental cost in business and household expenditure that is now being micro analysed more than ever before . Within the Bath postcode , there are only 5 petrol filling stations , with Monkton Combe being one of them . There is little supermarket presence and this enables the site to be in line with its nearest competitors , whilst preserving extremely workable margins . Additionally , with the well recognised Spar branded convenience store , consumer confidence in the products sold is high . The area is an extremely affluent area and average transaction spend is circa 30% above the national average


We believed that there were areas of growth within the business . We felt that there were some disparities in shop pricing policies and we believed that we were be able to acquire better purchase pricing in all areas . We slowly raised retail to pricing over a period of 9-12 months to fall in line with standard industry pricing

The site , when we took over ,was branded with Texaco . However , we were able to obtain a better supply agreement . As there was still 1 year left on the Texaco agreement , we paid a termination fee ( *legal and professional in accounts to 31st March 2014 ) . However , this upfront cost would benefit over the term of the agreement through better pricing enabling us to be more competitive and achieve better margins

Additionally , the previous occupiers were working on a gross profit margin of 6.5% , which is well below industry standard . We , immediately knew that there were areas for growth . It was a matter of pin pointing them . Within 2 weeks , we knew that the petrol pumps were over dispensing through our internal controls . The “pump losses” were over £1000 per month – this was immediately rectified . Stock wastage was running at over £100 per week due to non stock rotation and lack of ordering control . Once again , this was rectified and now stock wastage runs at circa £15 per week and diligent price reductions are made to ensure this level is now consistent . Staffing levels were far beyond requirements . This solved itself as the business became a business

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Loan Offers

What is the loan for?


In December 2014 , we were notified that the A36 , the road we trade on , was to close for 16 weeks for urgent road repairs due to subsidence . This came as a major blow to us considering the hard work we had done transforming the business . On 2nd March 2015 , the road closed . We explored compensatory measures with both Highways England and the local council due to this closure but The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 prohibits compensation being paid due to road closures on the basis that no business is automatically entitled to passing traffic . We do , however , have an open insurance claim for Business Interruption and Loss of Profits but insurers being insurers ,they are proving difficult to deal with .The claim is for circa £50000 but we felt it prudent not to provide for this within the accounts.

It was not financially viable to remain open , hence accounts to 31st March 2015 are 11 months worth of trade , but 12 months worth of expenditure . Unfortunately , we were still liable for rent , rates , staff costs and other ancillary charges during closure . Fortunately , the business had been built up to be on a firm enough footing to absorb these losses . The site reopened on 20th June 2015 and we have regained our trade relatively quickly . In fact , during August 2015 , our gallonage was higher than the previous year . We are currently negotiating with the local council in respect of rate relief and early indications relief is going to be given for the closed period based on the way petrol filling stations rateable values are assessed . I expect this to be formalised sometime in October 2015 .

During our closure , the total expenditure the business incurred totaled £20641 of which £13120 was attributable to the management accounts to 31st July 2015 Both myself and Jamie ( son and manager ) ran the site for one month with skeleton staff when the site re-opened to help the business get back to normal and no wages were drawn during closure


The monies we are looking to raise is £65000 over 48 months . Repayment of this is within the business capabilities.


£28000 for working capital . Having the flexibility for fuel purchases in an extremely volatile market has become of paramount importance .The interest charged will be more than covered by better purchasing ability for buying fuel The remaining £40000 is for the balance to part finance the purchase of an outside catering business . The business EBITDA is £45000 PA .



This is a brief insight into the trading activities of MUNCHKINS CAFÉ , which is situated in Weston super Mare , Somerset.

The business plan provides an interesting insight into trading as an Independent fast food retail outlet along with information on the plans and changes that we are looking to whilst growing the business


Munchkins Café is located approximately 30miles south of Bristol and occupies a prominent position on Weston Retail Park , Marchfields Way Weston super Mare . The business has operated successfully for 8 years and the vendor is looking to retire . The current vendor will continue to work with us for 6 months for continuity with customers and handover . The unit is fixed standing and has planning permission to trade . It also benefits from a mains electric feed and is securely locked overnight . Over the last few years , stricter controls have come into place and no other units will be allowed to trade at this site . Companies such as The Range , Bensons for Beds , B&M Bargains and Dunelm are located at the site which attracts strong footfall throughout the year along with local traffic


A new lease is being prepared for a 5 year term starting in October 2015 .


Through my other businesses , we will benefit from extremely competitive prices for all goods for re-sale plus the benefits of Sale and Return plus contribution to wastage which the business does not currently enjoy


We believe that there are still areas of growth within the business .

The business currently does not sell Ice Cream and only a selected soft drinks and confectionery . We will be purchasing High-Vis refrigeration for the soft drinks and Walls Maxi-Vision for Ice Cream .

We shall be having the unit “wrapped” to update the current fascia but shall keep the same name and use mostly the same suppliers as the food offered now is of a high quality standard and the good reputation that the business has will give us continuity

We will be leaving current pricing “as is” as mark upon cooked food and hot drinks are over 400% and hot drinks which in turn provide GP margins of 80%

The businesses current annual turnover is £78000 and Net profits are showing as £41000 .

We believe that we can increase this by c20% and no remuneration will be drawn in year 1

Why consider investing?


The loan is to be secured by a personal guarantee from the director ( supported by Personal Guarantee Insurance) as well as by an all Assets Debenture and a Corporate Guarantee between Anzoff limited and Yewshore Limited

The director has an estimate net worth of £300k. This is through ownership of a property with an est. value of £762,442 and equity of £300,013


Our strengths lie in the commercial brands that are currently on site . Renowned fuel and shop symbols give the consumer “ confidence” in purchasing . We will receive ongoing support from both fuel and shop suppliers . Current contractual supplies for fuel runs to June 2018 . Within the local area , there is very small supermarket presence which enables us to earn better margins . This enables the business to be competitive within the proximity . Additionally , it has been noted that during the first 6 months of the year , independent forecourt gallonage has risen . Media indicators believe that due to online food shopping , many consumers are beginning to use roadside forecourts as they no longer receive money off promotional vouchers . Additionally , consumers have moved away from the leading supermarket chains to discount chains who don’t ( and believe won’t) have petrol filling facilities . This has once again led to a fall in supermarket petrol sales . Marker sites are regularly noted to ensure our competitiveness is always maintained We target local businesses with our local account card bringing repeat business . This is done using company fuel cards where the credit risk is taken by our supplier . Most of our marketing equipment and media is provided by our suppliers .



I have worked within the petrol forecourt industry since 1996 . I have managed , owned and traded 3 petrol forecourts at various intervals . I currently own 2 commercial properties which are leased out on lucrative commercial leases and actively run 1 leased site in the South West , in addition to Monkton Combe Garage . I am a management accountant by trade but have extensive knowledge of petrol retailing . I also have a consultancy business working as a “ trouble shooter” in under achieving companies .My expertise is in audit type evaluations and internal controls .


Martyn has worked on many projects with myself . He has worked within the petrol industry for 15 years being a franchise operator for BP . He also worked for 9 years with a national convenience store wholesaler and the business will benefit from his wholesale and retail experience .


Jamie passed his BTEC National Diploma in business studies with distinction . He is currently working as Assistant manager at another petrol filling station . Jamie is 21 and enthusiastic about the responsibility to work on key growth areas within the business . He was guided by both myself and Martyn . Jamie has run the site for the last 2 years and has developed into an extremely competent retailer


Legal – Chris Georgiou – Berry , Redmond and Robinson , Weston super Mare: locally based lawyers for conveyancing and contract law . On a commercial basis , advice on corporate matters would be through Cooleys LLP , an international legal firm , if the need arose using a Legal 500 representative

All accountancy and financial work would be undertaken by myself with additional financial and tax advice available though Mendip Accountancy , Clevedon .

Financial planning and advice will be through John Katsouris and Co ., a regulated company of Independent financial advisors


Within retailing , internal controls are of paramount importance , whether financial or logistical . industry figures quote that 70% of forecourt crime comes from staff and therefore enhanced systems will be put in place

The till system that we use is the industry recognised HTEC Hydrapos scanning system which links to HTEC RetCon forecourt retailing bespoke software . For accounting SageLine50 accounts software is used to provide further financial information along with Sage Payroll . Accounts information internally is updated on a daily basis with monthly and quarterly management information can be provided , integrating reports from the back office software and prime records . All VAT and PAYE is dealt with internally .

Being a petrol forecourt , Health and Safety is of prime importance and this is addressed using Fuel suppliers compliance manuals along with all other health and Safety procedures including COSHH for risk assessments

Previous Business

Fuel 24 Limited

Fuel 24 Limited had traded successfully and within all facilities from inception in September 2007 . It ran a leasehold petrol filling station in Weston super Mare . In late 2011 , in the midst of the global recession , there were big changes within the oil sector . Where suppliers used credit insurers to securitise their debt , the existing facilities were reduced literally overnight . The company had a 14 day credit facility for £150,000 which was reduced overnight to £50,000 . This put unneeded cash flow pressures on the business . The company asked existing bankers to help fill the imminent void which they did . However , this proved to be short lived and with the new facilities being on an demand overdraft facilities , they began reducing the facility ( and increasing charges)

Fuel 24 Ltd went into voluntary liquidation during December 2012. The decision to liquidate the company followed the failure of the company’s major supplier of nonfuel items, namely Charles Cheddar Ltd, leading that company to be placed into administration. When the company was placed into administration the administrators immediately sought to collect all legitimate credit balances that were with Charles Cheddar, leading to the requirements on Fuel 24 to immediately settle any outstanding invoices that were held with the company. Having sought independent advice , it was decided to that this was the only option.

At the time of the liquidation the major creditor of Fuel 24 Limited was myself .

I’m sure you will appreciate that the circumstances leading to Fuel 24 Ltd.’s liquidation was beyond my control but rather were as a result of the activities of other companies with whom i was trading. Further the fact that i was the major creditor at the time of the liquidation indicates that i was severely prejudiced by the whole situation, rather than seeking to use the liquidation as a means to avoid the company’s liabilities .

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