Accounts Integration

Keeping everyone informed

Producing up to date management accounts consumes valuable time that you’d rather spend running your business. That’s why we like to interface directly with online accounting systems. With your approval, we can automatically query your accounting system to receive financial information about the performance of your business, saving you the bother of producing reports.

Why do my lenders need to see my financial info?

Because we look after the interest of thousands of savers, we have a duty to track the performance of the organisations they lend to. This information is shared exclusively with the people that have lent you money so that they can take a decision about keeping your ‘loan part’ or selling it on the tertiary market (at a premium or discount).

Also your community of lenders are interested in the performance of your organisation, if they see a decline, they may look to help or do something about it.

What gets shared?

The policy surrounding the method of integration is simple. We’re not looking for customer or contact data, only summarised financial information, such as top-line sales, expenses and bottom line profits. We will only ever ‘read’ information.

My accounts aren’t always updated on time…

We recognise that the more ‘live’ the information the less accurate it is likely to be. That’s ok by us. We will query information on the 7th of each month for data pertaining to the previous month.

My business is seasonal & I don’t want my lenders to worry…

Your lenders are only concerned about underlying trends, such as the direction of the performance. We’ll do our best to present your information in a way that is clear to informing their decisions about what action to take, without them needing to consult you.

Is it mandatory?

Nope. It’s entirely optional, however we do give a preferential status and promotional label to organisations willing to use accounts integration. It also saves you needing to update us with management accounts every quarter.

What accounting systems can you work with?

None as yet! We’re busy working away on the first accounts system integration Xero. We will keep you informed about our progress.

I don’t have an online accounting system…

Unfortunately this will exclude you from being able to directly interface with us. We would recommend that you upgrade your accounts system to a solution like there are many accountants that we can recommend that will help you in this process.