Promoting my Loan

We believe the word of mouth is the best form of marketing and in this case if you’re able to bring on friends, family and contacts to support your loan, it all becomes much cheaper…

Once your requirement is fully offered by the sum of all bids, then bidders compete over the interest rate. So the more lenders that pledge to lend you money the lower the interest rate will be that you have to pay. Plus, you can be paying interest to people that support you in other ways, rather than just your bank.

Strategies to promote your loan

Write & distribute a press release
Write a story about why you have turned to to fund your business growth plans. The local media are likely to run the story which will help you to generate press and publicity for your loan listing.
Use Social Media to promote your loan
This is a great way to attract potential lenders to your application. You can directly engage with people online with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by posting a link to your loan listing.
Invite friends & family to join
We often turn to our friends and family for support. Even if they each just lend £10 it all adds up!
Invite staff, suppliers, customers and others to lend
People like to support local trade. If your business does good in the community then others should be willing to support it.