Business Lending Account

Lend surplus funds to other businesses

Our platform offers businesses the opportunity to use surplus funds to earn a passive income while simultaneously supporting regional enterprise.

There are limited opportunities for businesses with superfluous cash.

On, we offer enterprises the chance to earn interest while supporting companies that need finance. We actively encourage and facilitate mutual support among businesses, giving lenders the chance to support their industry, region and supply chain.

Users review the lending opportunities on our platform, choose from the businesses requesting funds, define the amount and rate at which they would like to lend, and upload funds, to be committed to the elected loan.

Lending via our regulated platform is a simple and straightforward process. Lenders can commit funds from their balance sheet and receive cash payments each month; of capital plus interest.

If your business needs the funds back, they can be liquidated through the sale of micro loans on the Secondary Marketplace, subject to demand. lenders receive 100% of the repayments made by borrowers because, unlike other platforms, we do not take a margin on the loan.

What are the Benefits?

Earn a passive income
on surplus funds

Manually choose from
the available lending
opportunities, or let BidPal
lend against your rules

Lend between £10
and the loan limit

Access your capital by
selling on the secondary

Support local

What are the Risks?

  • !Businesses may at times struggle to repay, or may default
  • !In the event of a default, you may lose unrepaid capital and interest

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