Have a Director's Loan on the balance sheet? Looking to invest in your business this year?

Reduce your risk and secure your position with the Director's Loan Account Innovative Finance ISA

All the benefits of a standard ISA

Put your Director's Loan into a hybrid ISA product (annual allowances apply); your business uses the money, you receive the interest.

Formalised friends and family loans

Friends and family wanting to invest in your business can also receive tax-free interest on their investment.

HMRC-approved; greater liquidity

Interest payments are not taxed, and your business saves on corporation tax, all thanks to the Innovative Finance ISA.

Take control of your money

Make your Director's Loan work for you and for your business. You decide how your company uses the money without giving away any equity.

Flexible and Simple

You decide how much to lend, and you set the interest rate. Choose from interest-only or amortising loans. Existing cash or shares ISAs can be easily transferred in.

A more secure Director's Loan

Director's Loans have a low priority for repayment; a formalised loan agreement gives higher legal priority for repayment.

Capital at risk. Not FSCS protected. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.


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