General FAQs

Who is behind is the brainchild of successful Leeds-based entrepreneur Daniel Rajkumar. Daniel began his entrepreneurial career over 10 years ago, building Web–Translations Ltd, a business that works with with leading corporations and organisations across the globe. Daniel identified this opportunity in 2000 and his vision for the need of companies for accurate communications in localised market languages  makes his company one of the UK market leaders.
After working with numerous start-ups, turnarounds and existing businesses looking to expand, Daniel realised that there was an opportunity to use the web to connect the entrepreneur to funds quicker and easier than the banks.

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What regulations apply? is regulated by the FCA.

Our license number is : 660958/1.

What is is an online peer-to-business lending platform, bringing together UK businesses looking for loans with individuals looking to make a better return than through their savings by lending to businesses.

How are you different from other crowdfunding sites? like other crowd funding platforms is committed to changing the way in which businesses gain access to funding, and to better the returns lenders receive on their savings. However, believes that we need to go one step further and create a mutually beneficial and sustainable link between businesses and the communities that they grew from and serve. prides itself on its ethical ethos, creative thinking and its innovative application of new ideas. Users at are actively encouraged to engage with the process, entrepreneurs encouraged to involve their lenders in the business and lenders to become ambassadors for the businesses to which they lend. In return, borrowers are encouraged to pay an interest premium to their more active stakeholder.

It’s a different way of doing business, but one we believe will ultimately benefit everyone involved.

What happens if you cease to trade?

Lender’s funds are held in a protected client account, which means the funds transferred to the platform are recognised as not being owned by the company. These can be easily returned to lenders.

If our platform were to fail or we become insolvent, we would undertake a Living Will plan, prior to insolvency where such action is in the best interests of all of the lenders. If this happens:

  •  you would not be able to sell any Loan Segments;
  •  you would receive distributions of funds to your external bank or building society account on a quarterly basis;
  •  you would receive quarterly statements of repayments and continue to receive annual statements (for tax purposes).

How do I control my privacy settings?

We take privacy concerns very seriously and respect that different people have different sensitivities with the use and visibility of their personal information.

You can now customise your profile to suite your preferences. This can be done by visiting your profile page. Simply select ‘settings’ from the drop down menu which appears on the top right of your screen under ‘Signed in as’. You will be redirected to your profile page, from where you will be able to alter both your general account and privacy settings.

What is your relationship with Be the Lender?

Be the Lender is a software client of It licenses’s software, but both are entirely separate businesses and share none of the same management team.