Get Connected

We want to keep our costs as low as possible and so we are using online marketing as much as possible. With your participation, we can help spread the message further about who we are and how we work more efficiently than a bank. If you share our values, we would appreciate your help by allowing our website to send occasional messages on your behalf, to your facebook, LinkedIn and twitter connections. The messages are automated and don’t contain specific financial information.

For example: “I’ve just offered to lend to X company on”

By connecting your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts we will give you bonus Trust Points. You’ll earn 100 points for connecting each account and 2 points each time you share something.

You can earn 300 points just by connecting to these 3 networks:


We’ll limit any messages to:

  • 1 per day on Facebook
  • 1 per week on LinkedIn
  • 2 per day on twitter


This will help us to grow and so we’ll reward you when it comes to sharing the profits within the trust. The more points you have the more you earn!

It’s very simple and engaging. We hope you like it & get all your friends involved.