International Partners is an independent p2p platform with a proven track record for delivering technological and operational solutions in the P2P industry under the White Label Crowdfunding brand, which is a sister company to rebuildingsociety.

We’ve invested over 10,000 hours into development, design, testing and project management, resulting in world-class p2p finance technology.

As the global phenomenon of peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding gathers paces and credibility, we offer people looking to set up in the market a solution that is proven and continuously improved.

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International Operational Variations

Live Partnership Opportunity - German Market

We have been granted an exemption from BaFin to operate a platform in Germany. We’ve already built a holding webpage and a brand concept and just need the right person to drive the business forward in an exciting new market.

If you’re interested in becoming our German partner and can demonstrate the aptitude and experience to create a successful joint venture, please get in touch: