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rebuildingsociety.com: We've been partnering with professional finance brokers since 2012.

Commercial Loans

  • 6-60 month terms
  • 2 years trading history
  • Average quarterly turnover £50,000+ for last 4 quarters
  • Ltd cos, LLPs, PLCs and social enterprises

Funded Quickly

  • Online application process
  • Most complete within 4-6 weeks of application
  • Fastest completion to date is just over a week
  • Helpful applications team

Rewarding Fees

  • 1.5% paid on completion of the loan
  • Summer special – 2% on loans listed before 13th September 2015
  • 90% of applications listed are successfully funded
  • £25k upwards

An innovative, rewarding form of finance

If you are an accountant, lawyer, broker or other business professional, we’re excited to work with you to bring finance to your clients. If you bring borrowers to the site, you earn a 1.5% commission on the funding requirement. You can also earn commissions for bringing lenders to the rebuildingsociety community. If you have the potential to introduce significant funds, please reach out to us directly. There is essentially no risk for introducers — you pay no fees, and you don’t face any penalties if a borrower you bring to the site defaults on its loan or is late in repayments. Please note that if you also use the site as a borrower or lender, you will pay the relevant fees for those activities.

Normally you will receive your commission within a week of loan completion. Just send us an invoice. Our team is responsive and courteous, and we deeply value our customers. You can monitor applications in your dashboard when logged into the site. If you are interested in a partnership/JV proposition or if you would like to license our technology for your own crowdfunding business, please visit www.whitelabelcrowd.fund

Introducer Spotlight John Hill, Genie Lending

“I have now been dealing with rebuildingsociety.com for over 2 years and have successfully placed quite a number of deals. The open and flexible nature of rebuildingsociety.com has really helped my clients achieve their required borrowing in a timely manner.

“As the platform grows I have seen more success and find the positive interaction with the lending community via the Q&A very refreshing.”

Borrowing Statistics

167Loans complete
£11.4mLent to UK businesses
12.9% gross rate for A-rated businesses
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