Join us in supporting small businesses - anyone can be an Introducer!

up to 10% commission for a business loan referral
£50 commission for a lender referral
£50 or 20% of the margin for a Director's Loan Account ISA

Share with your network and earn great commissions, whether you're a Lender, Borrower or Advisor!

Introduce businesses
for loans of £25k+

Refer new lenders
who invest £1000+

Introduce directors for our Director's Loan Account ISA

Over £95k in commissions paid out

Join us! Share
with your network

Lenders and borrowers who love can act as ambassadors, earning rewards along the way.

Industry influencers, online communities and content publishers can educate the marketplace about P2P lending.

Professional advisors, such as commercial finance brokers and accountants, can refer their clients for business loans or Director's Loan Account ISAs, as well as lender accounts.

  • Spread the word to your friends and family
  • Different types of finance for your clients
  • Quick finance for your clients, with a human approach
  • Get paid your commissions quickly without hassle

How It Works


Want to introduce a lender?

Visit our Introducer Zone page to get your referral code.

You can even choose to share your commission with the person you're referring!

£50 commission when a referral lends their first £1000


Want to submit a loan application on behalf of a client?

Register as an Introducer, and then get in touch with our team; how much you're involved is up to you!

If you assist with the whole process you can set your commission up to 10%

1% commission on completion if you have not assisted throughout the application process


Would you like to set up a Director's Loan Account ISA for a client?

Introducers can earn either £100 as a single payment or 20% of the margin for Director's Loan Account ISAs


Interested in working with us in another capacity?

If you'd like to share us with your network in some other way, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you

Resources you can share

We've created a variety of resources for you to share with your network.

With creative marketing collateral, it's easy to get your message across!

If you want to create your own content to share, it must be reviewed by prior to publication or distribution. Please send promotions to for approval.

Ready to get started?

Start sharing and earning commissions! We pay out commissions for introductions to Borrowers, Lenders and Director's Loan Account ISA clients where the loan completes, and where lenders invest £1000 or more. Check out our FAQs for more information.