Accessing your money

When you transfer funds to us they are held in a segregated account. We display the amount on your dashboard as Funds (available) these can be withdrawn at any time or loaned out.

Your money is typically:

  • Available – can be withdrawn any time on request and will be processed the same day
  • Committed – have been offered to a loan opportunity, the auction must close before you can access your funds. If the loan is rejected by the borrower they will be returned to your Funds (Available) pot, if the loan completes your bids are turned into Micro Loans
  • Live – These funds have been loaned but can be accessed by selling your parts of the loan (referred to as a ‘micro loan’) to other lenders.

For regular returns / passive income

The best way to regularly access your money is to configure your preferred withdrawal option in your settings.

For occasional withdrawals

We understand the need to access your capital quickly. Available funds can be transferred to you the same day through faster payments.

Selling micro loans

You can select and sell micro loans at a premium or discount of up to 5%. Selling at a premium allows you to profit, whilst selling at a discount gives you to quicker access to your money.