How to Lend

Lending money through is quick and easy. We’ve created a tutorial video that guides you through the various stages:

1. Register

Lending through rebuildingsociety’s platform involves risk, so only registered users can lend through the platform. This is to ensure that you fully understand and appreciate the risks involved.

If you haven’t already done so, please familiarise yourself with the risk involved in lending to small- and medium-sized loans, by clicking here.

Registering on the platform also creates an account. Through this account, you can lend funds to businesses or buy micro loans on our secondary market. You will also receive loan repayment and interest payments into your online account.

2. Transfer Funds for Lending

You must transfer funds by bank transfer to us before you can bid to lend. You can do this from the Dashboard. You will be asked to provide answers to security questions if you have not already done so, in order to safeguard your account and make sure only you have access to your money and personal details.

Please ensure that you include your user reference number in any bank transfer to us, as this will help us process your funds much more quickly.

When you transfer funds to us, they are held in a segregated account run by Barclays. We display the amount on your dashboard as Available Funds. These can be withdrawn at any time or loaned out.

3. Review Lending Opportunities

There are two ways to start lending to a business:

  • Review each loan listing individually and assess whether you want to lend. From the Profile page of each loan, you can review the company’s financials, view questions from other members and engage directly to ask your own.
  • Use our automatic bidding system. You should only use BidPal if you are an experienced lender, as your funds will automatically be assigned according to your risk preferences. This allows you to diversify easily and automatically, but means you forego your opportunity to ask questions of the borrower or carry out more extensive due diligence.

4. Offer to Lend

Once you’ve gathered enough information on a potential loan, just select the amount to lend, pick a suitable interest rate and click ‘Bid’. Remember, you cannot cancel a bid unless there is a significant change in the loan’s terms, so you should be sure about your decision.

5. Don’t Get Outbid

When a loan request is fully funded and is approaching its auction deadline, some lenders will look to outbid others by offering a lower interest rate. If you are outbid, your bid is cancelled and the credit returned to your available balance. You will be notified if this happens. If you choose to bid again, you’ll need to do so at a rate below the current highest mark, much like any other auction process.


  • Spread your bids across a number of different businesses. Small businesses are vulnerable to a number of different risks that could affect the repayment of your loan, this may result in the loss of some or all of your capital. We recommend that you reduce your risk by lending to a larger number of carefully selected businesses.
  • If you have been outbid, consider the interest rate that other lenders are offering and the risk you perceive to exist in the loan in order to decide whether to make a new bid.
  • Divest on the secondary market. Ensure you monitor your loans and consider divesting from the loan by selling it on at the secondary market.

Accessing your Money

Your money is typically:

Withdrawal Options

For regular returns / passive income

The best way to regularly access your money is to configure your preferred withdrawal option in your settings.

For occasional withdrawals

We understand the need to access your capital quickly. Available funds can be transferred to you the same day through faster payments.

Selling micro loans

You can select and sell micro loans at a premium or discount of up to 5%. Selling at a premium allows you to profit, whilst selling at a discount gives you quicker access to your money. Selling micro loans is subject to demand.
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