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28th Jan, 2015

Business Confidence at a Three-Year High – Now is the Time to Capitalise

As the first month of 2015 draws to a close, UK businesses are increasingly optimistic about the year ahead. A handful of surveys have pointed towards confidence in the British economy stemming from improving labour markets and falling inflation, indicative of a positive economic outlook. Here’s a summary of why business owners should look favourably on 2015 and gear up for growth.

Increasing sales and profits

A poll by accountancy group Grant Thornton revealed the UK was one of the most optimistic economies in the final quarter of 2014, with 68 percent of executives admitting confidence for the coming year. A survey of 1,500 businesses by Lloyds Banking Group reported that 43 percent of companies expect an increase in sales, orders and profits in the first half of 2015. Confidence has been reinforced by news that the UK’s economy grew by 2.6 percent in 2014, the fastest pace since 2007.  (more…)

18th Feb, 2014

More M&A Activity Spells Good News

Bank lending activity continues to generate considerable debate, but a recent upturn in Mergers & Acquisitions activity in the UK offers a ray of hope for brokers who are hoping to see their clients take a more positive attitude to growing their business.

There’s an ongoing debate about whether banks are lending or not. The banks say they are, business owners generally say they are not. Who is right? Well, in some ways it doesn’t matter what the banks are doing.

The reality of the situation is that there are many other options available to businesses who want to raise finance today than there were a few years ago. Asset finance, invoice finance, short term lending, and crowdfunding on an equity and debt basis are all viable options.

The appetite to invest

Perhaps the key question from the perspective of a commercial finance broker is whether a client has the appetite to invest in building their business. Recent years have seen business owners adopt a more cautious approach to invest in growing their businesses, whether this would be funded from their built up reserves or from obtaining a loan or equity finance.


07th Jan, 2013

Disintermediation in Banking is a Positive for Advisers

Here’s a letter from’s Julian Wells, published in Mortgage Strategy’s 7th January 2013 issue:

I was interested to read that Bank of England executive director of financial stability Andrew Haldane argue that increasing use of technology in organising loan finance could see intermediaries become “surplus links in the chain”.

In an interview with the Independent, Haldane said improvements and innovation in technology, such as peer-to-peer lending and crowd-funding sectors, could see execution-only become a “a more realistic possibility”.

He said: “With an information-based web, the disintermediated model of finance becomes a more realistic possibility.”

A number of brokers took exception to Haldane’s talk of disintermediation on Mortgage Strategy Online.

But I think there’s some confusion here – the term ‘intermediation’ means something different in the banking industry than it does to all of us.


06th Dec, 2012 Launches 1% Introducer Fee Incentive for Investment Advisers

Investment advisers can now earn a one per cent introducer fee when they refer clients who lend a minimum of £2k to businesses listed on, the peer-to-business lending platform.

Peer-to-peer and peer-to-business lending have emerged as growth markets as cash-rich individuals and advisers have recognised the value of lending to people and companies with the means to repay loans, as ISAs, pension funds and savings account returns have dwindled in the recession.

To date around £360m has been lent through the market* where lenders spread their risk by lending small amounts to many businesses that meet their risk appetite.

Managing director Daniel Rajkumar explains: “Lending to businesses is a market gathering momentum as it’s a short to medium term investment that adds diversity to an investment portfolio with high returns.

“Lenders on are lending money at rates in excess of ten per cent, which is a rate businesses are prepared to pay as they can’t access the funds through banks, despite being profitable and mature.

“If advisers have clients sitting on cash in low interest savings accounts, they should consider lending to businesses through as a way of better deploying that capital and this incentive shows we’re prepared to pay for their trusted advice as we build the market.” (more…)

06th Nov, 2012

Broker guide to crowdfunding

We were delighted to be featured in this article from Bridging & Commercial, published 6/10/2012

Broker guide to understanding crowdfunding

As a growing number of businesses turn to crowd funders as a route to source finance, B&C has taken a look at the alternative lenders offering these types of loans and specifically investigated the difference between crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending

02nd Oct, 2012

Crowdfunding: Social Loans and Finance?

Everyone knows the internet is a wonderful thing. It connects people who are relevant to each other through LinkedIn, Twitter and the myriad of other social platforms available. It has also given birth to crowdfunding where social loans are often referred to as peer to peer lending.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new practice in financial services and is introducing a social element to the basic principles of lending and borrowing. The best known crowdfunding brands have a peer to peer model where individuals lend and borrow to each other via online marketplaces. However, the area of the market that seems set for the biggest growth over the next few years is peer to business lending – whereby unsecured commercial loans are funded by a portfolio of investors drawn from all walks of life.

The demand is certainly there for this product. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, 40 per cent of businesses that have applied for finance this year have been turned down. Many of them no doubt are clients of advisers reading this blog. Crowdfunding offers those advisers the chance to find their clients a solution, and earn introducer fees along the way.


30th Aug, 2012

Press Release – Launches Introducer Channel

Issued 29th August 2012

CIntroducers to Crowdfundingrowdfunding platform launches introducer channel, the business crowdfunding platform, has launched an introducer channel that pays a 1.5 per cent fee on completed loans resulting from adviser referrals.

The firm has recently launched and operates in the alternative finance sector. It provides an online platform that connects businesses looking for finance with investors looking to achieve strong returns. Businesses submit their funding requirements to the site and are given a risk grading. Investors then pledge their funds and repayment conditions in a short time window with the best rates put forward as loans. (more…)

27th Aug, 2012

Diversification Benefits Can be Realised with a Helping Hand from the Crowd

Finance out of reach for SME'sTesco’s announcement that it is going to offer mortgages is the latest move in a series of high-profile diversifications in the financial services market as organisations look to leverage the strength of their brand to kick-start another.

Unlike Tesco, which boasts piles of cash and an almost limitless credit facility, many businesses with plans to diversify their offering will face a familiar hurdle – finance.   (more…)

21st Aug, 2012

Yorkshire Post talks to

This week we were proud to be featured in the Yorkshire Post. Bernard Ginns, the paper’s Business Editor, interviewed our founder Daniel Rajkumar.

‘Funds website aims to cash in as firm favourite’
Published in Yorkshire Post on Monday 20 August 2012

A YOUNG entrepreneur from Leeds is launching a new crowdfunding website to offer better returns to savers and help small businesses access desperately needed finance.

The fund-raising has valued the pre-revenue company at more than £2.5m, he told the Yorkshire Post.

31st Jul, 2012

FS Marketing Expert Joins rebuildingsociety

We are delighted to welcome Julian Wells to our growing team.

Based in Leeds, Julian has more than 15 years experience working in the financial services industry, having worked for organisations such as Nationwide, Boston Consulting Group, Merrill Lynch, and HML (part of Skipton Building Society). He will bring a significant amount of strategic marketing expertise to rebuildingsociety, where his initial focus will be on building and developing our affiliates channel in the IFA/adviser market.


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