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07th Nov, 2014

What is the Future for Commercial Finance Brokers?

At the Finance Professional Show this week there was a lot of talk about regulation and the threat to the commercial finance broker market as it stands.

A seminar in the afternoon session attempted to identify the positive aspects of regulation for the broker industry.

Everyone understands that the level of detail required for regulation will be difficult for some brokers who are not used to it – that’s a given. Because of this, we should expect attrition in the market. However, the overriding message was that fear shouldn’t be the only emotion for brokers in the coming months.


18th Feb, 2014

More M&A Activity Spells Good News

Bank lending activity continues to generate considerable debate, but a recent upturn in Mergers & Acquisitions activity in the UK offers a ray of hope for brokers who are hoping to see their clients take a more positive attitude to growing their business.

There’s an ongoing debate about whether banks are lending or not. The banks say they are, business owners generally say they are not. Who is right? Well, in some ways it doesn’t matter what the banks are doing.

The reality of the situation is that there are many other options available to businesses who want to raise finance today than there were a few years ago. Asset finance, invoice finance, short term lending, and crowdfunding on an equity and debt basis are all viable options.

The appetite to invest

Perhaps the key question from the perspective of a commercial finance broker is whether a client has the appetite to invest in building their business. Recent years have seen business owners adopt a more cautious approach to invest in growing their businesses, whether this would be funded from their built up reserves or from obtaining a loan or equity finance.


22nd Oct, 2013

Non-Bank Lending to Small Businesses at Highest Level Since 2008

From the Financial Times 22/10/13:

Non-bank lending to small businesses has hit a five-year high, as more enterprises turn to alternative sources of credit such as peer-to-peer lenders and invoice financing.

With traditional bank lending in its fifth year of decline, the UK’s commercial finance brokers say they have arranged £10.5bn of credit for small and medium-sized enterprises in the past year. This marks the highest figure since 2008 and an annual rise of 17 per cent.

Meanwhile, asset-based lenders, who advance money against equipment or invoices, also reported their biggest annual total since 2008, rising 10 per cent to £17.4bn in the year to June.

The data, from industry associations, highlight the shift away from traditional bank lending to small business, which has shrunk by a quarter since 2011. SME funding through leasing and asset finance has more than doubled in the same period, according to the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers .

Its members also arranged £501m worth of loans through innovative channels such as peer-to-peer lenders, which match individuals to companies that want to borrow, a rise of 80 per cent.

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19th Jun, 2013

Press release: joins the NACFB

Peer-to-business lending platform,, has joined the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) as it strengthens its ties with the broker community.

To date, the majority of’s applications have come through commercial finance brokers and the platform is keen to increase its supply of deals to meet the demand of its lender community.


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