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Thank you for your interest in running a crowdfunding platform…

The developers behind rebuildingsociety.com have over 12 years experience of web application development and design. With online banking, cloud based accounting systems and better online collaboration, there has never been a better time to evolve financial services to harness the efficiencies of the Internet.

Watch an existing customer, Lee Birkett of eMoneyUnion describe his journey to operating in the UK peer-to-peer lending market at our recent Crowdfunding Roadshow

We are positioned to serve the needs of financial organisations that seek to benefit from Peer to Business lending and other forms of crowdfunding. However if you are an entrepreneurial individual, you may be interested to know that rebuildingsociety.com is looking for people to run civic crowdlending platforms, read more here.

We have prepared a survey which helps to identify your high-level requirements. Questions are divided into four sections:

  • About you and your plans
  • Operational Support
  • Compliance Support (UK centric)
  • Marketing Support

Your responses will help determine the level of services, technology and support required to complement your existing skills and resources. The high level process for creating your solution is typically as follows:

  • Complete this survey
  • Initial consultation & presentation of high level proposal
  • RCNA consultation – Requirements Capture & Needs Analysis
  • Implementation – 2-8 weeks
  • Soft launch & testing 2-6 weeks
  • Early stage support & marketing
  • Ongoing support

In reading the questions that follow it is possible that you need to consult other team members, if you do not know the answers to any questions, just leave it for discussion in the initial consultation.

Please login or register before starting the survey. You will also need a password which you can get from any team member by calling the office on +44 113 8150 244

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